Your NZ  is for discussing New Zealand social  issues and politics, for debating, informing and getting feedback from anyone who is interested in participating.

Reason, Reasonable, Robust

This blog won’t be politically moderated – that means any political views can be expressed.

It is open to any political party or organisation to use – please email if you want to guest post, or if you want posting rights (subject to conditions).

Please maintain reasonable standards of behaviour. Rude obnoxious or disruptive posts  may be warned or deleted.

  • A reasonable standard of etiquette should be maintained, post as you would speak to someone face to face
  • All posts must comply with all New Zealand laws – eg name suppression and libel.

Try to stay more or less on topic. If you have other things you wish to discuss:

  • See if there is another topic that is appropriate
  • If there’s no other appropriate topic post in a current topic but mark it as a separate issue
  • Request a new topic (this make take a wee while to put up)
  • Submit a guest post – acceptance and timing is  at the discretion of the blog manager

Please report any posts you don’t think are appropriate, or send any suggestions or submit guest posts to our e-mail.


027 327 3468

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  1. Brian Mkjnight

     /  December 1, 2013

    Do NewZealand a favour ,fold your tent and go somewhere else

  2. Karen

     /  July 8, 2014

    Saw this debate between Jester and your mates over at the standard unfold last night. Considering your history with these bully boys I thought it may provide you with a laugh.


  3. Cherylanne Horvath

     /  August 24, 2014

    I feel really sorry that some people out there go the distance to destroy property near Steve Taylors home and his family and children disgusting we should feel safe in our homes what is wrong with people. :(

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