Same old

lprent blinked again. Or he rushed into a typical lecture/ban in defence of one of his regular dirty abusers without checking things out properly.

Commenting at The Standard is always knife edge, but sometimes it’s necessary to standing up for principle and challenge unprincipled behaviour. So the outcome was as predictable as it was worth it.

Te Reo Putake is a long time abuser. This time was fairly typical, taking a part quote and totally misrepresenting it.

That’s common with a number of commenters at The Standard but now Te Reo Putake has stepped up to author level he needs to know that changes things. If he continues to behave like an abusive arse in commenting that can’t help but reflect on his posts.

It looks like Prentice might have jumped the gun, He belatedly sort of reprimanded TRP

[lprent: It is a valid point. But FFS phrase the responses better. I don’t like cleaning up reaction messes. ]

So that’s what TRP gets for repeated abuse. And this is what I got.

[lprent: Indeed. What a pain in the arse thing to see on moderation sweep at the end of hot day.

I really don’t like people attacking my authors for any reason. But I really find it objectionable to see it when the idiot critic (ie you) neither links to an example of whatever they are moaning about nor explains what it is so that I can look at the issue. That is lying by omission in my book – something that in my mind characterises your usual writing style.

Don’t ever target my authors again with unsubstantiated and unlinked smearing as a tactic. To me that appears to be what you are doing here. It takes us too much work to get them up and running to let some foolish dickhead use them for target practice.

Yes he wound you up. Complain to me or in general. Don’t target authors personally because I really really need them more than I need you.

The next time that I see you do this kind of deliberate targeting, I will boot you off for a year.

But banned one month only because TRP was winding you up. ]

So authors can “wind people up” (Standard code for lie and abuse) and they are unchallengeable, untouchable, even if their comments have nothing to do with their posts.

And despite making a big thing about how he was different to Martyn Bradbury because he allows rights of replies my response (titled  Right of reply to lprent – Can I exercise a right of reply?) disappeared as quickly as a Daily Blog comment.

A bit hypocritical considering:

I have pointed out before that Bomber Bradbury is wee bit unsuited to the two way dialogue of the blogs. A fragile prima donna who doesn’t like to be contradicted by the people he gallantly slags off in his routine piques of bitchy ranting.

Consider this comment by Scoop editor Alastair Thompson complaining about a unpublished comment at The Daily Blog in a post about his organisation.

From The prince and the pea

“The two way dialogue of the blogs” is a bit rich when you see what lprent allows and doesn’t allow.

But anyway I’m happy to have a break from there anyway.


In a day where The Standard demonstrated some of it’s stupidest – and then kept repeating their stupidity – this would have to be one of the funniest and least self aware exchanges.


What a bunch of dicks you lot are.
Twisting words to suit your own means. Don’t pack a sissy next time Paddy G does it then.
Grow up dick heads

  • One Anonymous Bloke


    This started with Racist George’s attempt to twist my words: my comment at 6, his response at 6.1.

    He fell right into the obvious trap I set for him in return, and the community had a little fun at his expense.

    I think you protesteth too much, lady.

Racist George’ is one of the many ongoing attempts at trying to do I’m not really sure what, and ironically started from the deliberate twisting of words (which is a very common pastime there).

The obvious trap is that some there like OAB keep opening theirs and keep falling in it. Why? Following their blog master’s example.

In response to Aaron asking “Iprent, why do you feel the need to be so offensive?”

I like being offensive when I answer a comment that I find offensive in some manner. I call it the reflective principle.

The Standard – where you can be proud of being offensive. When they’re not being offensive amongst themselves they complain about how offensive John Key is. Really.

Calling all this infantile is probably unfair to infants.

Mindless pack animals

A quote from the person who is always right (leftly correct):

lprent at The Standard:

FFS. Why we want to be poodles for politicians or a political party?

We are mindless pack animals like many of the fools on the right.

Never a truer word was typed carelessly.


Note the comment below mine.

UPDATE: lprent has corrected:

FFS: Why we want to be poodles for politicians or a political party? We are not mindless pack animals like many of the fools on the right.

Edit: Thanks PG. I dropped a word…. :twisted:

In response to me me asking if he meant to say it like that:

No. Definitely not. Its the damn weather and getting to sleep in this muggy summer.

Bloody hell I must be tired to have missed that.

What mindless pack animal would make a mistake like that?

Just joking, sort of – I’ll suggest it was a Freudian slip.

In case it gets deleted

Commenting at The Standard is always precarious, knowing that deletes and bans can be doled out at any time while lprent and other commenters abuse with impunity. An insidious imbalance of power.

No one deemed ‘enemy’ is immune.

Naki man:

“What team rules did Catton break, alwyn?”

How about treason
ungrateful [Deleted – we have standards even if you and Plunkett do not – MS], that about sums it up.

Calling her an ‘ungrateful cow’ was deemed to be beneath The Standard standards. But Lynn Prentice soon demonstarted that there are double standards. In response:

Oh piss off you complete jerk.

To allow people to have the opportunity to state what their opinions are is exactly why I volunteered into the army.

Having gutless stupid gits like you slagging off people because they speak their mind is exactly why I would like to kick bigoted arseholes like you and Sean Plunket out of my country.

You are a stupid dickhead..

He joined the army to protect his right to slag people off with he edit/ban finger hovering?

In his next breath he took aim at me:

Sean Plunket is in my opinion a rather stupid arsehole, a blowhard who clearly is incapable of thinking, and the type of fuckwit bigot who makes me ashamed of ever having put on uniform to defend him.

He is an absolute disgrace of a kiwi. My bet is that he has never bothered to do much for his country. He appears to be the type of shiftless bastard who only ever helped himself – a neolib fuckwit. Hopefully he will rot in hell.

And you are not much better.

I don’t know if Plunket fought for his country to protect the right to abuse people. I suspect Prentice didn’t exactly fight for his country either. He certainly doesn’t fight for free speech.

It’s a cardinal sin (a breech or blog policy) to criticise authorsd and moderators at The Standard and I’ve been banned before for criticising their abusive double standards and abuse of power.

I’ve always used YourNZ to put things on public record that are at risk of disappearing elsewhere so that’s what I’m doing here.

Reference Taxpayers Union Press Release on Eleanor Catton


And Paul is appropriately promiment there. He must have been on their stalker roster last night. Seven times on that one thread he tried to disrupt me. And he did similar with others, including targetting Wayne Mapp. Attack and disrupt and  blame the target for derailing the thread. Ironically his first hit was “Warning. Peter George is attempting to derail the thread.” He’s learnt that off others, it’s a Standard tactic.

Such is free speech on The Standard.

Prentice: “To allow people to have the opportunity to state what their opinions are is exactly why I volunteered into the army.”

He must have spent his time in the Army peeling spuds, he certainly doesn’t seem to have learn anything about abuse of power or free speech.

Petty punctuation ban

While Whale Oil seem to have pulled back a bit from their draconian banning regime to try and get back a few commenters and hits to keep their advertisers happy The Standard seems to be getting even more petty, which is off considering they are currently looking at how to build the blog.

A new author at The Standard, stargazer, posted in their preferred style, using no capitalisation in it’s not censorship, it’s market forces

A number of people commented on the lack of capitals, some supporting it and some pointing out non-standard punctuation affected readability for many people.

So it seemed like a reasonable and civil discussion. But one comment attracted special attention – music4menz said:

It is great to have a new poster on TS but I wonder whether an effort might be made to ensure that the clarity of the writing is a little better than the above offering. I guess that the choice not to capitalise is a ‘personal’ idiosyncratic style thing, but it is actually difficult to fully comprehend some of STARGAZER’S train of thought when there are multiple grammatical errors as well.

What is it, in any case, with the non use of capital letters?

That also seemed reasonable and civil. But the heavy hand of ‘moderation’ hit:

[lprent: Personal preference. We don’t have style guidelines. Just tools. Stargazer has always used lower case and who am I to deny an author (who wants to write).

In any case read the policy about how we regard attacking authors or trying to define the rules here. Take a banned week to read it.

Be advised that I start doubling rapidly for whining about authors. ]

That’s over the top, even by Prentice’s standard.

Even stargazer joined the discussion without seeming to have any problem with the criticisms.

sorry, it is mostly speed, especially when i’m at work & don’t have much time. mostly people seem to manage ok, but if it becomes a big issue for many people , i’ll consider changing.

Capitalising would hardly affect speed. It would appear to be just a habit, or more likely a deliberate signature style. It’s their choice to reduce readability so they appear distinctive.

But  even after stargazer was obviously untroubled by criticisms Prentice was unrepentant.

Do what you want to do. But hey, I get get to ban if people whine….

Don’t let the opinions of others deny me these small pleasures :twisted:

His blog, his choice.

They are currently exploring ways of improving The Standard. Prentice posted recently:

Cost saving and developing social structure inside the site is a lot easier and a damn sight more interesting to me than being bothered running around raising money to go pro. If someone else wants to do it, then I’d probably help bootstrap it just as we did for many left blogs – including The Daily Blog.

But either way, I suspect that we’ll keep pushing our audience upwards. I’d also expect that Bomber will keep carping from his strange world.

It’s a strange world at The Standard where “Developing social structure inside the site” seems to conflict with”these small pleasures” and “But hey, I get get to ban if people whine”.

A lot of whining at The Standard goes unbanned – Prentice often leads by example. If you’re inside the preferred “social structure” you can whine with impunity, but if not you’re likely to get turfed out. Hard to see how this will “keep pushing audience upward”.

The success of The Standard owes a lot to Prentice. The limits to it’s success also owes a lot to Prentice,

One petty punctuation ban for music4menz, one giant limitation for a better Standard.

Prentice versus Campbell and The Nation continued

After posting a very grumpy Scott Campbell: Liar on The Nation at The Standard Lyn Prentice continued his attack on Scott Campbell on Twitter.

@lprent (first reacting to me):

The lying Scott is reticent. Still no attacks at site either. All Fiction?

You still are “factchecker”. Why don’t you look for attacks? Or too lazy?

I suggested working collaboratively with The Standard (and other blogs) on fact checking and in response they bitterly attacked me, and continue to attack me on it, so I might not be that inclined to fact check for them.

No evidence? Responsibility is on the side of the assertor. They attacked.

Sound like Slater. Gives others private address. Hysterical on own privacy.

Who’s hysterical? He should be careful accusing others of sounding like Slater.

But you frequently play the weeping victim yourself with no real cause

Who’s weeping?

@SCampbellMedia then joined in:

Been working. Said no names. I respect the 3 people. Also said Beehive posted..

If I’m wrong, who was Batman? FYI I’ve got no links to a party.

So the brave @lprent turned his attack to him.

What post were you attacked in. Or are you just a gutkess lying spinner?


Loads of references to gallery of which I was a member. Whos lying? Who was Batman


Bruce Wayne, wasn’t it?


Mike Williams was Batman

@lprent returns as grumpy as ever.

So point to some attacks. Basically you are full of bloody useless lies.


You claimed there were posts about you, and that’s how you knew.


There are none. Not about Scott, tv3, or radio live. Lies.

I get the impression that the gallery were being suckers

That I am unsure of. The authors were pissed about HFee

So no evidence? You go for diversion. You really are a complete arsehole.

One might think that last comment is a bit ironic.

Is The Standard following Whale Oil’s example?

Over the last few months Whale Oil has transformed from a relatively open forum to a tightly controlled and orchestrated self advertisement.

The Standard is proposing seems to be also considering a major makeover – see Guest post: What now for the Standard? and The Standard on Facebook:

A number of authors met during the weekend to discuss The Standard and what can be done to improve it. Changes and improvements should be rolled out within the next few weeks.

One of the simpler ones is a dedicated Facebook page to be used to broadcast new posts. The page is here. Feel free to like it.

And thanks to Ad for his guest post on the future of the Standard which generated a lot of very helpful discussion and feedback.

Part of that makeover is a shift to deleting unwelcome comments, despite this claim on Sunday when lprent posted:

Unlike Cameron Slater, who removes posts and even comments for politically or legally expedient reasons, we don’t remove comments or posts which have gone up on the site and passed initial moderation.

Which is kinda ironic considering this on the same thread:

[deleted as being diversonary]

[lprent: The claim was made by Scott Campbell that posts attacking journalists were written. They were not. You are trying diversion. Do not comment on my post again or I will ban you from the site. ]

And today on Key calls Slater’s bluff:


[lprent: I can’t see any evidence one way or another. That topic is off-limits unless I see a credible link. ]



[lprent: I can’t see any evidence one way or another. That topic is off-limits unless I see a credible link. ]

And on Supping with the Devil (more irony in the title):


[lprent: Why would we be interested in awards? We never apply for them. Anyway, permanent ban for being a dickhead troll. ]

Looks a lot like following Whale Oil’s example (apart from not being keen on awards, Slater is hoping to win another tonight).

It seems an odd approach to try and grow a blog by draconian pruning of it’s branches.

The Standard versus Scott Campbell and The Nation

Scott Campbell ws on the panel on The Nation on Saturday and a comment he made about The Standard has provoked a reaction from some, including lprent who has posted Scott Campbell: Liar on The Nation.

On The Nation this weekend, Scott Campbell, in a discussion about the fallout from Dirty Politics, said:-

I won’t drop anyone name in it. But the beehive under Helen Clark were writing posts on The Standard. This used to happen. They used to write posts against journalists, I know because I was one of them that they used to write posts against. It has happened in and around the beehive for a long time.

I think that the difference here is that it was SIS details….

I think that this claim is just complete bullshit. Both because I know where the posts were coming from during that time and who they were referencing.

Evidence of this claim should show up in the text of the site, and it doesn’t.

Now personally, I can’t remember Scott Campbell coming up on this site. In fact I can’t remember him at all. But I really don’t bother remembering journalists much unless they write or present something of value.

Prentice did some name searching and “long scan of the comments” and didn’t find any evidence came to:

Conclusion – Scott Campbell is deliberately lying.

There is absolutely no evidence at all that there were any attacks on Scott Campbell, TV3 News, or even Radio Live at The Standard during the Clark government.

That’s not correct. Prentice hasn’t found or produced any evidence. It doesn’t mean there isn’t any.

Scott Campbell just displayed that he was more than just a simple liar on the Nation. As a PR dick, he’d have to know what he was doing.

If Campbell was wrong to could be for a number of reasons, including incorrect or mixed up recollection. Prentice has no evidence that Campbell was lying, nor if any incorrect claim was deliberate – it sounds like it was an off the cuff comment in response to another point made in the panel discussion.

Campbell was questioned about his claims on Twitter:

ScottCampbell-StandardBut this completely misses the main point that Campbell was making on The Nation – “the beehive under Helen Clark were writing posts on The Standard. This used to happen.”

And Campbell adds on Twitter:

Three people who blogged there I know well.

With a Standard policy of not disclosing the identities of authors writing under pseudonyms that’s something that will be difficult to refute.

And it’s worth looking at the lead in comments on The Panel, which show that Campbell was comparing current collusion with bloggers to something that’s been going on for yonks.

This came from an Interview with Bill English.

Lisa Owen: Okay, well, I want to just finish with a couple of very quick questions – two quick questions – for you. Nicky Hager – now, John Key and various National ministers says he was a left-wing conspiracy theorist and accused him of making stuff up. Well, it seems that he was right, so does your party owe him an apology?

Bill English: No, not at all. If Nicky Hager is horrified that journalists and bloggers talk to politicians and political staff about politics, then he lives on a different planet than everyone who’s done politics for a hundred years.

The panel discussion began:

Lisa Own: Nicky if I can come to you first, Bill English there saying the Gwyn report just shows us what…the normal business of politics.


Scott Campbell: I think where Bill’s trying to play this from a PR perspective, he said well that the information wasn’t leaked, ah or it was only parts of it and this has happened forever. Ah it has happened for a long time in and around Parliament. SIS details might be not have been passed on to journalists but details are given to journalists all the time.

Lisa Owen: He’s right isn’t he Nicky? Information, you know, information is passed on to journalists all the time, that’s how we get stories.

Nicky Hager: That’s right, but lets just look at what the Gwyn report said because it actually went beyond what my book said.

What it said was that the PM’s office, because they were in charge of SIS matters ’cause he was the minister of the SIS, new about information that could be used to embarrass Phil Goff.

It says specifically in the report. Then the, this staff member, this senior staff member asked Jason Ede to get hold of Cameron Slater, to talk to him about how to write an Official Information request, and then…

Lisa Owen: …to get hold of a journalist, so I don’t think it was specified that it was Slater, in fact that staff member expressed some surprise  that it was actually Slater he’d gone to…

That waters down Hager’s argument that it was deliberate campaign with Slater run from the top, with the Prime Minister’s involvement.

Nicky Hager: …the point I’m coming to is, and then it says that Jason Ede drafted blog posts for Cameron Slater about the issue. Now I don’t think that most people, Huntly or elsewhere,  would think that it was normal for the Prime Minister’s staff to be drafting attack things during an election campaign against their opponents…

Isn’t that one of the jobs of party PR?

…and giving it to an attack blogger, and not admitting there involvement in that.

So collusion between the Prime Minister’s office a blogger was Hager’s primary point here. Next as quoted by Prentice:

Scott Campbell: I won’t drop anyone name in it. But the beehive under Helen Clark were writing posts on The Standard. This used to happen. They used to write posts against journalists, I know because I was one of them that they used to write posts against. It has happened in and around the beehive for a long time.

Prentice tried to shift emphasis to something that hadn’t been brought up and looks like an add-on explanation. In the context of the discussion the emphasis should be:

Scott Campbell: I won’t drop anyone name in it. But the beehive under Helen Clark were writing posts on The Standard. This used to happen.

Will Prentice address that claim?

The Standard reinventing itself?

A curious post at The Standard makes a number of suggestions for substantially changing the blog in order to become a major player in changing the Government.

Guest post: What now for the Standard?

A guest post by Ad where he advances some challenging thoughts on how the Standard could improve.

Does it strike you that one of NZ’s very few leftie institutions (either party or media) to come out of the 2014 election unscathed is The Standard itself? Let’s roll that little aniseed ball around our mouths for a moment.

Unscathed? I wonder how many potential voters The Standard encouraged to vote left versus deterred from voting left.

Television may still wield the sharpest media chainsaw in this rainforest, but the medium that will rebalance our entire political ecology is the one best suited to hand-held devices. A modern truism, with consequences for The Standard.

This sounds fanciful. Social media is changing how some people do politics but the vast majority of people can’t be bothered with politics most of the time and many still ignore politics and elections all the time.

The Standard is most powerful leftie instrument in New Zealand. No union now has as much power as The Standard (regrettably).

Overstating their power and influence a tad. Power within a blog is quite different to political power.

Less unsuccessful than The Daily Blog perhaps.

I suspect the Labour Party and the Green Party in particular would argue with “The Standard is most powerful leftie instrument”. Mana activists would too.

The Standard was a strong supporter of making David Cunliffe leader of Labour and was involved in the so-called coup attempt that failed. And they were powerless to prevent Cunliffe’s exit from the top job.

Their power didn’t seem to have much positive influence in the election. In comparison two leftie get out the vote campaigns actually at least tried to do something, as did a number of protest organisers.

So it would make sense to make it a vital part of the Labour post-election review.

It seems a bit late for that, the review must just about be complete.

The Standard is to Labour what Whaleoil is to National.

They are quite different, several party activists versus one self-interested campaigner. A number of people actively involved with the Labour Party are also actively involved at The Standard. Cameron Slater acts more independently with his own political and business ambitions.

I’m sure reading that feels like getting your legs waxed.  Left and right and MSM can now see the power of blogs – what they have done and can do. This day was coming – it’s time.

The power of blogs tends to be overstated by some bloggers.

Continuing as is, however, the Standard will become to politics what TransportBlog is to transport: preaching in a narrow conversational base from the converted to the converted.

It is already p[reaching in a narrow conversational base from the converted to the converted, and actively ostracises and expels anyone deemed an enemy to the narrow conversational base of the converted.

And therefore changing nothing. The Standard must march its banner out of home, or remain a media adolescent.

I want to put it right out there: The Standard can take the next step in New Zealand’s political order, and it should.

I did not start it, and am not an editor, so my comments are highly presumptive. But here’s my points for the Wittenburg Door:

1. Article authors should have expertise. Qualified authors will then be broken into the MSM with immediate quotability and echo. The Standard need not presume to contain debate within its amateur and largely anonymous ranks. Named authors will confront MSM dominance head on and become new media figures. Then let all commenters pour in.

At least one current author is not very happy with being judged as inexpert enough, Bill: “But, but, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to preen and pose in the shadow of a glib and glossy piece of manufactured packaging? Ah -the glow of reflected sheen! Bring it on! (Then please. Pass the sick bucket over here.)”

2. The Labour Party and the Green Party should be jointly invited to make The Standard their default online dialogue from MPs to members and to the world. Kill their own sites. Become the dominant portal for the future coalition. The Standard brings activists together like no other media in either digital or analogue worlds. That latent political potential now needs converting, I think with both Open and Members-Only sections. Not saying it will be easy.

I’d be very surprised if the Green Party would be keen on making The Standard their default online dialogue.

And I doubt Labour would either, unless they could control it, and we know how well that worked at Red Alert where they even banned Labour members.

The Standard represents just a part of the broad Labour base, and barely represents any of the Green base.

3. The Standard should broaden out its targets. Check out the Australian site Crikey. It tracks its own power against Murdoch on a monthly basis. It has earnt its own swagger by taking on causes, egos, and winning.


4. The Standard needs to be reformed as a company. It needs a Board and shareholders, an advertising base that gains corporate and NGO respect, and have ambition. Have its own weekly (hell daily) editorial committee that directs theme and positioning – like grownup media do. It should seek to at least become NZ Site Number 2.

NZ Site number 2? Dreaming. NZ blog number 2? Possible.

Why attempt this at all?

Not for its own sake, but because The Standard is the most powerful non-party leftie force in New Zealand. Neither Labour nor the Greens nor the Unions nor any leftie NGO can now live without it.

Yeah, right.

Because we’ve been bitching and moaning about how stuffed the entire leftie movement is for months now, when part of the answer is staring us in the face.

I suspect Labour and the Greens could live without the bitching and the moaning that’s been happening for much longer than a few months.

Because if we leave it as is, the default policy and political content on everyone’s devices this time next year will be Television Goddam New Zealand and the NZ Goddam Herald. They have massive marketing programs to achieve this.

With continued redesign, The Standard should be the default app for all leftie cellphone users.

That’s if they can cater for the wider left and not their own narrow interests – and not abuse and drive away anyone deemed not left enough as they do now.

And those identifying as ‘leftie’ are only a small segment of the voting population.

With redesign of its author system, The Standard can break more stories than Whaleoil.

They will have to find new authors who have the time and ability to do this. Unpaid?

With relevant clicbait, more videos, and more comedy, we can broaden beyond the political anoraks.

That would make it a very different site.

Let’s use this site to help get from We Lost to We Can Win, by doing and altering media our way.

I believe The Standard can and should be the primary media voice for installing and then critiquing the next leftie government. But The Standard needs to accept its own power.

Political activist media.

It is time for The Standard to Put On The Ring.


The post seems to be supported and endorsed by blog management. Mickysavage:

I suggested to Ad that he should write a really provocative post on TS because we need to have a good discussion on things. Ad did this with bells on. He is a free independent thinker and also a committed progressive.

He put the ideas out there for us to consider. Address the ideas …

And lprent:

I’d point out that this post is just a guest post. It has been the subject of some backend comment and discussion between authors. We’re now throwing it out for commenter viewpoints. But think of it as a preliminary discussion paper from one angle…

So The Standard seems to want to seriously consider re-inventing itself.

‘The lost sheep’ commented on “freedom of comment and expression”:

TS is miles ahead of any other political blog in terms of the excellent format, constant updating of articles, and  IMO.
If blogs are to become genuinely significant, TS has given itself as good a chance as any of being influential.

Ad commented:

One thing I really enjoy about TS is the strength of the moderation.

I would never ever want to lose that.

Colonial Rawshark:

+1 Tight moderation encourages better and deeper political and personal expression…it’s vital.

But lprent had already demonstrated how freedom of expression sometimes works at The Standard, ‘higher standard’ had commented:

And you call Whaleoil delusional ……………..

This got a standard moderator response:

[lprent: Where exactly did Ad call Whaleoil (a blog or even Cam Slater) delusional, or even use that word in a comment? I did a quick hunt without success. Banned 2 months unless you can come up with an instance. You either just attacked an author with a lie, or alternatively you just made a comment imbuing a machine with intelligence. Either get my irritation levels up. ]

An author (Bill) actually agreed with the comment that unleashed a typical lprent ban:

And in lieu of wasting more time responding to this tosh – what both Higherstandard and Pascal’s Bookie say at comments 6 and 7.

Seriously reinventing The Standard would need reinventing lprent’s moderation style. Freaks don’t give up their power easily.

“Them or Us” Standard

In contrast to the often silent censorship at Whale Oil – see Addressing Slater ist streng verboten – message control at The Standard is far more open and amusing (in a sad sort of way). But the intent is similar – to shut out opinions or people that challenge their blinkered views.

Pretty much anything I say at The Standard will be attacked just because some there either don’t like me or simply don’t want me involved in their wee domain.

There was a typical example of the mob mentality recently, beginning with an implied “ban him or I’m leaving” comment – standard “them or us”. This is one of a number of ways they try to pressure lprent into erasing comment they may disagree with (he doesn’t need encouraging).

Weepus beard:

I’m not sure I can stomach PG’s and Hooton’s attempts at micro-managing debate.

If this is the future of the standard then I’m not sure I can continue. Pete George in particular sucks up so much life by inspecting the finest detail while being ignorant of the message itself that it is too exhausting to have to read.

As the thread this started proves most of the ‘sucks up so much life” happens without me needing to be involved, but I’ll get blamed for disrupting the blog. Cute but crazy.


I have faith that pg will be banned or otherwise fuck off in the foreseeable future

Weepus beard:


I guess my point is that the socially responsible side of politics (the left) is divided enough at the moment and has enough internal arguments about the way forward that these trolls, PG, Hooton, BM, fistiani, Chris 73, etc, are in no way contributing to the benefit of the cause. Our cause.

I know Sun Tzu says know your enemy but this shit is just not worth it.

If you’re not deemed to be part of “socially responsible side of politics (the left)” you’re enemy.

Murray Rawshark:

I don’t think they add anything either, and they comment in bad faith.

Of course Murray always adds value to the threads and comments in good faith.


@Weepus Beard +100…”too exhausting”…..i cant be bothered nor do i have the time


Concerted effort by all to leave his self gratifying posts alone.

He has “look at me! Look at me, i AM important” complex

She has a bit of an obsession with this line, she keeps repeating it.


I’m sick of wading through all these tr***’s
Using the Standard less as it seems to full of their nonsense.


Maybe we need to go back to responding just with Rolling eyes. That might work?

half crown:

I am all for that.

The rolling eyes campaign was enormously successful – at making them look even pettier. Next thing they will want to paint rolling eyes on our doors and make us wear rolling eyes patches (that’s Godwin’s law in action).

And lprent joins in with his message his requirement for behaviour modification – only of enemies of course.

It is a rope thing. You can’t assume that people can’t learn. Most of the time they eventually do.

So people start on the same general basis after each ban apart from ramping up their next ban length if they prove that they haven’t learnt. How they behave is up to them.

The rope is there to hang them if required. But you hope that they have actually engaged in a some thought to figure out how to avoid that same stupidities again.

PG does seem to to adapt, and has after each ban, but he keeps looking for a angle for leverage in the rules rather than simply dealing with the debate.

That’s as funny as usual and presumably the irony is inadvertent.

The troops at The Standard keep looking for angles for leverage – the often flaunt lprent’s behavioural requirements (often led by him) to leverage out anyone they decide should be excluded with little or no attempt at debate.

And funnily the thread that follows is about Russell Brown criticising The Standard on National Radio along with Matthew Hooton.

Phil Ure:

russel brown just did a major hatchet-job on the standard..on nat-rad..

hoots also said the standard is ‘never funny’

and hoots said everyone here is ‘crazy’

brown and hoots have a chortle about how brown is ‘on the enemies list’ of the standard..


[lprent: There isn’t one. There are a few people who I keep my eye on because of past bad experiences with what they do to comment sections.

However I suspect that he ran into some commenters being critical about stance he had. I vaguely remember that it was about some position he took on a film or media matter.

But curiously it now means that Russell Brown has just added a myth of an “enemies list”. Jez – what a dork. ]

There’s a number of people who are automatically attacked at The Standard no matter what they contribute.

I’m sure there is no official ‘enemies list’ but the the troops can certainly sniff out an enemy very quickly, and once an enemy always an enemy.

And they wonder why most voters can’t be bothered with politics and many don’t vote for them.

Incidentally I’m on the enemies list at Public Address too, and also at Whale Oil.

Political blogging is still dominated by last century class warfare – not surprising, as some of the prominent regulars at The Standard seem to be bitter old school political activists, with lprent leading the way.

The more of ‘us’ they excommunicate they less of ‘them’ there will be in a diminishing circle of jerks.

UPDATE: this is really funny:


Maybe lprent does have an enemies list operating.


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