TDB Current Affairs

Martyn Bradbury has been hinting at a new media venture for a while and today he revealed what it would be – a current affairs thing going up against TV One’s Seven Sharp and Three’s Story.

TDB will announce next week a new 7.01pm Current Affairs show to go head to head with Story and 7 Sharp. It starts at 7.01pm so you as the viewer can look at the right wing shit served up on Seven Sharp and the right wing crap served up on Story and quickly realise there is NOTHING intellectual going on there and you can swap over to watch us at 7.01pm.

The 4th estate have abdicated their obligations to democracy, it’s time for the 5th estate to step up and do what they can’t.

We can either blame the media or be the media.

Details next week.

I’m not sure what the thinking is behind trying to compete with two existing sort of current affairs shows. There’s more affairs in another 7 o’clock show, Shortland Street, and more viewers.

Bradbury’s Twitter profile sounds a bit manic and a bit optimistuic,

Martyn Bradbury

Martyn Bradbury


Editor- The 5th estate has an obligation & responsibility to overthrow the 4th estate for dereliction of duty. If you can’t join them, beat them.

Improving the 4th estate by overthrowing it seems like a novel idea. Just imagine getting all our news of Bradbury because all the alternatives have been overthrown.

Having a media that understands how great they are is one way the fanatics think that suddenly everyone will vote for their politics so we will get a proper government.

I thought The Daily Blog was supposed to be the next big thing but that was going to win the 2014 election for Internet-Mana wasn’t it? Perhaps Bradbury has learnt from what went wrong there.

Martyn Media, Whale Oil Media, I guess they could be marvellous but I’ll save judgement until I have tuned in at 7.01 pm next week. I wonder what day it will be, there’s cricket on Monday.

Bradbury does hysterical

Martyn Bradbury sounds hysterical in Key U-Turn on Waitangi Day.

Key has played all of this very poorly.

Telling NZers they would get a say on the TPPA in Parliament.

Deny the deal is being signed in Auckland.

Deny the deal is being signed at SkyCity.

Start a fight with Maori over the TPPA by signing days before Waitangi Day.

Threaten to not turn up at Waiting Day.

Then having to u-turn on that decision because not turning up would be so damaging.

All Key has done is ensure the protest is massive, and that’s what National are trying for now, knowing they can rally redneck support if events turn ugly.

Key going to Waitangi Day will be based on how Police treat protestors tomorrow. If it’s heavy handed and there is anger at the way Police behave, Waitangi could erupt.

That post isn’t well supported by comments.

Dreams and screams of riots and revolutions over the last few days seem to be addling his judgement. Not for the first time.

Also at The Daily Blog Chris Trotter is hoping on the revolution.

If protecting our national sovereignty and defending our democracy become the battle-cries of the 2017 General Election, then the entire neoliberal project will be threatened.

So, march tomorrow/today as if your independence and your freedom depends on it – because they do.

For Independence and Freedom: March against the TPPA! Or something.

There are a number of signs that the TPPA is being used as a means of winning the election next year with a left wing revolution.

The anti-asset sales strategy didn’t work out very well last term.

Key, TPPA, riots, Waitangi and civil war

Rhetoric about John Key, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreeement, and the Treaty of Waitangi and Waitangi Day is rising to absurd levels.

Are some left wing activists seriously trying to talk up riots, civil wart the revolution? Or is it just nutters going nuttier than usual?

It’s not unusual to see Martyn Bradbury going over the top.

Dear NZ Police – about the TPPA 4th February protest

Dear NZ Police.

You suffer as much as we all do from this Government’s lack of social funding. You pick up the failures of our mental health system, education system, social welfare system, prison system and alcohol culture.

You do it all with ever decreasing budgets.

The TPPA will act as an upper house of our Parliament and with the growth of corporate monsters like SERCO, it’s only a matter of time before their failed social experiments get forced upon us here citing the TPPA as their entrance point, and you as a Police force will be left to clean up the ever expanding societal meltdowns.

So if your commanders give you the order to attack on 4th February remember two things.

One, you are as impacted as the rest of us by signing this TPPA.

and Two, the world will be watching.

Which side are you on boys?

It’s a bit alarming to see Chris Trotter getting involved (although this is also at The Daily Blog):

Let’s Not Lose Our Tempers: If Key wants a riot outside Sky City – don’t give him one

I’m suspicious. Because John Key is not prone to making tactical blunders. Which raises the worrying possibility that the readily predictable consequences of his decision – mass protest action outside Sky City, with a high probability of violence and property damage – may be exactly what he wants to happen.

And then there’s more extremes like this from :

John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha. Are You Going To Let Him?

On the 4th of February 2016 two days before Waitangi day. John Key intends to sign the TPPA. The treaty will allow international corporations to usurp most of New Zealand’s sovereignty. It will deregulate the financial industry, allow corporations to sue our government for loss of profit if we don’t let them run rough shod over what is left of our fragile ecological systems and destroy what is left of our social support systems.

It will also destroy one of the most important social documents and contracts of this country: the Treaty of Waitangi.

And John Key knows this. The ruling elite knows this and they like the idea! What is more, most Pakeha who identify with the ruling elite rather than face reality and realise they are part of the 99%, like that idea too!

And it’s an easy fault line for the 1% to aggravate the 99% into an all out civil war between Maori and Pakeha and here is what is being done to make sure they get what they want.

  • The signing of the TPPA in Auckland two days before Waitangi dayguaranteed to incite a heated emotional response.
  • John Key intending to attend the Commemorations at Waitangi Marae which is the mother of all shit stirring exercises.
  • Opinion Pieces in major news papers inciting racial division and Mike Hosking pandering to the basest of prejudices as ususal!
  • Releasing information about riot police being trained to deal with political unrest to inflame emotions.
  • People inciting violence in comments on political blogs to make sure the people who own those blogs can be arrested or made redundant as part of the aggressive political fringe loonies when they try to inform people.
  • Putting up the rag touted as the new flag to inflame emotions.

And here is what is traditionally done to make sure unrest will arise even if the people keep their cool:

So if anything gets stirred up it’s going to be all John Key’s fault along with a compliant police force.

It would be frightening to see this sort of thing openly posted and promoted if any of these loons could be taken seriously.

This NZ Herald report has fed the fanatics.

TPP: Police undertake riot training

New Zealand Police have been undertaking mass riot training ahead of the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Auckland next month.

The trade agreement, that has sparked widespread controversy due to its closed-door negotiations, will be signed by international diplomats on February 4.

Dozens of large-scale protests have been held across the country as the five years of negotiations for the deal came to a close in the US last year.

The Herald understands that increased riot training – officially known as public order training – has been taking place ahead of the signing, as police prepare for more possible civil unrest.

Police Association vice-president Senior Sergeant Luke Shadbolt said that the TPP signing was the focus of annual public order training.

The Herald understands that the training goes over and above previous annual training, and involved more staff on a “mass” scale.

Bryan Bruce at it too:

Is Divide And Conquer The New TPPA Strategy?

Almost seems like they are trying to talk up some sort of Springbok Tour uprising.

It didn’t just happen

A misleading Martyn Bradbury headline: That thing Key promised was unlikely to happen with the TPPA just happened

Beyond the spin that NZers would have a say about the TPPA, beyond the lies of how much money it will make us, beyond the fact it’s an American geopolitical strategy to counter China in the pacific – is the terrifying reality that the TPPA opens NZ up to foreign corporations suing us if domestic law costs them money.

Key say’s it’s unlikely to happen – it just did.

Except that it didn’t just happen under the TPPA.

The thing that is happening between Canada and the US is under the North American Free Trade Agreement and has nothing to do with the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, which hasn’t yet been signed or ratified and hasn’t come into effect yet.

Bradbury goes on to sort of acknowledge this…

…by signing the TPPA and having it ratified by the necessary members John Key is signing away our ability to pass domestic law without costing us millions in legal fees and opening us up to potentially massive damage claims from unscrupulous corporates.

But as we know Bradbury’s frantic ranting is hard to take seriously. He is in the ‘trade deal bad’ and ‘corporation bad’ club.

I wonder how many members of the unions who support The Daily Blog (presumably financially) owe their employment to corporations?

And I wonder how many of them owe their employment to trade deals?

I suspect the jobs of some members of the Rail and Maritime Transport Union are at least partly reliant on imports and exports that happen because of trade deals.

Riots and “a sub state, not a nation”

Martyn Bradbury is hitting the new year with a bang – or is it another whimper of hot air?

He claims that if the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is signed there will be “no point voting in any election after it”as New Zealand “will effectively be a sub state, not a nation”.

Perhaps this illustrates that Bradbury is a sub activist who is giving up on democracy because few vote for what he wants.

If he wasn’t generally impotent there could be some concern about him trying to talk up riots – TPPA to be signed SkyCity 4th Feb – is it time to riot or protest?

Our resistance to date has been focused on protest. If we are serious about protecting NZs economic sovereignty, maybe we need to recognise protest now must become civil disobedience if we are to shut this down.

And shut it down we must.

It is most likely going to be signed at SkyCity – now is the time it plan, plot and organise to shut this down. If this deal gets signed there is no point voting in any election after it as we will effectively be a sub state, not a nation.

Waitangi Day 2016 will be worthless if the TPPA is signed – every single believer in our sovereignty must converge on Auckland on the 4th to shut this down.

The time for confrontation is now.

Bradbury and other activists have been protesting and campaigning against the TPPA for years without success.

Now he seems to want to escalate protest to confrontation, civil disobedience and rioting.

This might be concerning if it wasn’t for the likelihood this rant for riot is a dud that will bomb. It’s not the first time that Bradbury has posted about rioting.

February 2015: Will ‘Social Housing’ evictions be the riot spark in NZ?

Thousands of State House tenants the Government deem as too rich will be evicted. That’s Police and Bailiffs having to drag tenants out. Social media will make these evictions flash points.

One of the interesting bits of info that turned up looking at the recent Queen st brawl was that much of the posturing had been done on social media between both factions of the gangs involved, imagine if that transmission turns from organising fights to stopping mates being dragged out of their homes? Hundreds of young people descending on Police dragging people out of their homes from suburbs they regard as home.

Live streaming of evictions and calls to defend them have all the ingredients for a resistance to explode out of control of the Police.

State House evictions could cost the Government far more than they are prepared for.

He appears to be hoping or promoting social media initiated “flash points” and “resistance to explode out of control”.

Rioting doesn’t look like a recent interest of Bradbury’s. Back in 2011 at Tumeke (pre-Daily Blog):  Could a riot happen in NZ?

Seeing that social alienation and poverty create the conditions ripe for riot, shouldn’t we in NZ reflect upon the draconian austerity measures our own Government are adopting?

Canterbury University academic Bronwyn Hayward believes the tensions igniting the UK are simmering here in NZ and Winston Peters goes two steps further and really drives the point home that our staggering youth unemployment rate is a genuine danger and breeding the ground in which these riots erupt.

The Rugby World Cup has all the ingredients of a riot on Queen street brewing.

The promise of democracy is that you can look into the face of your child and know they will get a better deal than you did. When democracy can’t promise that because the economy has been crashed by corporate greed, people riot. It happened throughout the 1930’s post the 1929 collapse and it’s happening now. 

You reap what you sow.

Bradbury sows hot air and hopes of revolution. With hot air there is little that can be reaped.

Awards and choking on a Minto

There’s been a lot of frothing over the New Year honours.

‘Natwatch’ at The Standard: Sir Lynton Crosby and Dame Paula Rebstock

The British Conservative Government and the New Zealand National Government have both rewarded their friends with titles.

Martyn Bradbury at The Daily Blog: Honours List is dishonourable – TDB Honours list 2015

We need a ‘People’s Honours’ list for those who have challenged the state – not those who have acted for the State.

And John Minto at The Daily Blog: What’s that? – choke, splutter! – Dame Paula Rebstock???

If you choked on your muesli at the news Paula Rebstock has been made a Dame in the government’s New Year’s Honours list then join the club.

Rebstock’s award is confirmation of the highly political nature of our national honours system.

In giving an award to Rebstock John Key is giving the finger to us all.

A look through the main awards shows a vastly disproportionate list of addresses from Remuera and Parnell and other well-to-do suburbs. National is hard at work rewarding its biggest supporters.

It’s curious that there have been no comments on Minto’s post and only two on Bradbury’s.

It may be true that the main party in power tends to favour people on it’s side of the political spectrum with honours.

But what we don’t know is who turns down honours offered to them, we only get to find out about people who are offered honours and accept them.

It may be that people from “from Remuera and Parnell” put more value on status symbols like flash properties and titles so are more likely to be offered them and accept them.

Bradbury lists his own ‘TDB Honours list 2015’ which includes:

  • Helen Kelly for services to humanity, cannabis reform, worker rights and being an incredible human being.

I think it would be fair enough for Helen Kelly to get some sort of honours recognition. I don’t know if she was offered anything or not but it wouldn’t surprise to me if she had greater priorities at the moment.

And I wonder if Bradbury, Minto, and others complaining about those who they think were deserving of honours missing out, nominated anyone. That’s how people get to be considered for honours.

Here’s how it works: NOMINATIONS FOR HONOURS

Nominations may be made by any person or persons by completing a nomination form.  Nomination forms and information on the honours system are available from the Honours Unit, Members of Parliament and Electorate Offices.

Bradbury claims disputed – dirty politics?

The sun rose this morning and Martyn Bradbury made some claims about Labour and the Greens, and Greens and National, that have been disputed – some say he is wrong.

Bradbury has been promoting Labour and their conference over the weekend. Like co-Daily Blog stalwart Chris Trotter he seems to be manic depressive on politics.This was one of Bomber’s very enthusiastic phases, so much so that  Shayne McLean @NZGTMedia tweeted:

@BowalleyRoad meanwhile Martyn Bradbury looks like Labour has given him an Apple laptop to match the one Dot Com bought him

That refers to his of colluding with party operatives for money – is he being used by Labour in some sort of attempted ‘dirty politics’ two track strategy as described by Nicky Hager in his ‘Dirty Politics’ book? Chapter 1 The Rise of the Bloggers, Page 16:

The idea that Key, as party leader, would be presented as friendly and positive, while other people did the attacking.

Slater and Ansell understood this tactic because they had been working together closely on precisely this sort of arm’s length attack campaigning in the previous months.

Slater wrote back saying “If the Nats won’t attacj [Labour] then let us, but we need some cash to do so…I can put together a consortium of bloggers to attack…

Bradbury was posting conference reports on over the weekend. On Saturday he said:

Beyond all the nice words in public about the Greens and NZ First there are private mutterings. At this Conference, Labour were going to tell New Zealand who their preferred political partners would be so that there is no confusion about what form of coalition government could be formed post the election, but those plans of transparency were put on hold when the Greens and NZ First refused to agree to that announcement.

Inside NZ First, the Ron Mark faction who are closer to National than Labour don’t want to commit and within the Greens, James Shaw doesn’t want to lose the strategic edge he’s created by working with National.

In Notes on the Labour AGM Danyl at Dim-Post disputes this:

I don’t know about New Zealand First but I checked with the Greens and no such approach or proposal was made to them. I guess Labour are still seething about the Red Peak thing and prevailed upon Bomber to write this. It’s not true.

Danyl helped James Shaw in his campaign to become Green leader so I presume he has contacts high up in the Green Party.

Green supporter Weka also commented on Bradbury’s claims at The Standard:

There’s a few probems with that. One is that we only have Bradbury’s word that Labour had intended to make an announcement re coalition partners and that NZF and the GP refused. I’d like to see that corroborated somewhere else (Bradbury’s stance on the whole GP/National thing doesn’t make any sense, he also hasn’t backed up his claim and I think this makes him a biased and unreliable source on this issue).

If it is true, we’d also need to see the reasons that the GP refused, they might have been quite valid.

The other problem is that Bradbury is expressing opinion that Shaw can make the GP form a coalition with National, but it goes against all the evidence. Please have a look at my link above for an explanation of why it’s not Shaw’s choice, and how it would be extremely difficult for that to happen even if Shaw wanted it (which he doesn’t). It would require a nationwide change of stance amongst the membership including going through a remit process at least one AGM. Have a go at explaining how you think that might happen, because I can’t see it.

When you make factually incorrect assertions as you did with your first comment, you damage the left. What you said is almost word for word a right wing dirty politics meme aimed at undermining the GP and thus preventing a left wing govt. Is that what you want? If you can back up your statements, please do so, but I’m afraid ‘Bradbury said it’s true’ doesn’t count in this case.

And Joseph commented on The Daily Blog:

Highly unlikely, because the Greens public position is still to govern with Labour. This position was confirmed during the recent leadership contest where both Shaw and Hague said they did not support forming a govt with National. Someone spinning you, Martyn?


As I said on Martyn’s blog, I think it is flat out false that the Greens rebuffed Labour and he is being spun by someone. The Greens position is firmly to work with Labour to form a govt and James Shaw stated in the recent leadership campaign that he did not support forming a govt with National. He would not be leader now if he’d said otherwise. It is the Party that makes the decision on coalition choices and they are clear on this.

I can’t find any response from Bradbury on this. He has in his conference review Labour Party conference 2015 – winners and losers he has reiterated his claim of Greens working with National:

Identity Politics – the inability for identity politic activists to debate the issues in a way that doesn’t cause allies to become enemies and alienate the broader electorate has seen identity politics put on the naughty step for some time out.

It gives the Greens some room to move on those issues but that could also erode the strategic edge the Greens have by pretending to work with National.

He seems to be trying to shame the Greens into shunning any contact with National and devoting themselves to becoming an obedient add-on to Labour’s election ambitions.

Is Matt McCarten using Bradbury here?

After Bradbury’s over-enthusiastic (paid for) promotion of the Mana Party and then the Internet Party last term perhaps Labour should be very worried about his association with them.

Especially if he makes things up, or is a ‘dirty politics’ repeater of misinformation fed to him from within Labour.

Bradbury is a political mercenary (similar but different to Cameron Slater) but apparently is not yet recognised as potentially toxic to Labour.

Ironically one of his first conference tweets:

Which journalist will be the first to now misrepresent what Annette King said as a ‘sugar tax’

Has Bradbury misrepresented the Green’s relationship with Labour? If so did he dream up his claims or was he fed them? If he was fed them, by whom?

Blogs on first day of Labour conference

The Standard has been oddly quiet about the first day of the Labour conference. Anthony Robins put up a post in the early afternoon yesterday – Labour’s conference which quoted a couple of preview comments and then said:

This year’s conference has more “closed” (media excluded) sessions than most. Some of the media are a bit miffed about it – they need copy to file poor things. I would have gone for more open sessions myself, but it’s Little’s first conference as leader and he’s playing it cautious. No doubt the media will find something to fill the column inches with.

I’m not at conference this year, and lprent is overseas, but some Standardistas are going so no doubt we will get reports. Have a great conference all…

There was some pre-conference discussion – very mixed and a significant amount was not very complimentary.

Greg Presland commented:

Stephanie Rodgers and I will both be there and will no doubt report on things that we can.

I also expect numbers to be down. I know quite a few people who will not be there for various reasons. Palmerston North is more out of the way and after last year there is still a bit of fatigue.

Some of Ad’s recent posts indicate the importance of making sure that things ramp up next year and I think the Party needs to think about doing things for activists to increase enthusiasm.

Colonial Viper:

Holding the Conference is Palmerston North doubles or triples the cost of attending from regional areas of NZ like Otago, as compared to holding it in Auckland. Which means that ordinary people can’t get there. The Labour Party of the 10%.

Presland later:

I just arrived and the mood is remarkably upbeat. Numbers are apparently much stronger than some have talked about with 500 being mentioned.

Little else was reported from the conference.

A very late comment from Leftie:

Just read a very positive report on TDB by Martyn Bradbury, who has, in the recent past, been no friend of the Labour party. Worth a read, look forward to more reports on the conference.

So no report on the conference from The Standard yet but there’s one at The Daily Blog.

Labour Party Conference 2015

By Martyn Bradbury

It is the 99th Conference of the NZ Labour Party and instead of looking excitedly towards their 100th birthday as the oldest political party in Parliament, Labour, after one of their worst election results ever, face deep existential questions about their political relevancy, what they actually stand for and how they will woo voters back to voting red.

But that links to Waata News:

Labour Party Conference 2015
Friday 06 November 2015

It is the 99th Conference of the NZ Labour Party and instead of looking excitedly towards their 100th birthday as the oldest political party in Parliament, Labour, after one of their worst election results ever, face deep existential questions about their political relevancy, what they actually stand for and how they will woo voters back to voting red.

The shadow of last years electoral meltdown has strategists, political gurus and polling shamans all desperately searching entrails to make meaning of a result that seemed counter intuitive to every crazy twist of what was easily the weirdest election ever undertaken in Aotearoa.

It is this above all else that haunts Labour.

How do you appeal to an electorate when the majority of that electorate voted for John Key DESPITE all the filthy tactics of National’s Dirty Politics, DESPITE using the Secret Intelligence Service to falsely smear Phil Goff months before the 2011 election, DESPITE mass surveillance lies and DESPITE abuses of political power not seen since the Waterfront lockouts. Helen Clark was crucified for signing a painting she didn’t paint, yet here we have the PMs Office colluding with spies to smear opponents, handing sensitive information to far right hate speech bloggers and allowing the security agencies of America to have access to everything any of us do online.

How do you come back to an electorate who simply shrugged to all of that and turned a blind eye to National’s corruption?

You start by trying to work out why they turned that blind eye. Many NZers who voted for Helen now vote for John – why? This middle class now earn more from their property speculation than they do from their actual job. Labour’s challenge is to try and convince someone who has this year alone earned 24% in untaxed property valuation to vote with their social conscience instead of their wallet.

That’s a very difficult job.

After rambling on he concludes:

These long suffering Labour members and Union affiliates are still waiting for a policy platform that speaks to their aspirations right at a time when Labour are trying to attract voters with very different words and values. Maori flocked back to Labour in 2014 – where is their articulation of political interests? Women within Labour are still being scolded for pushing for greater representation because of the way it gets sold in the media and Trans rights aren’t on any agenda.

How will the stake holders within Labour promote progressive policy that don’t isolate the middle class property speculators Labour are trying to win over?

Things to look for will be how Labour respond to the TPPA now the text has been released, how well Andrew Little performs in his speech and how much patience supporters, members, volunteers and affiliates are prepared to give a Labour Party that can’t work out if they should be planning a celebration or funeral after 100 years.

So just questions from Bradbury.

But he has a post actually at The Daily Blog. The headline is odd – Why Brooke Sabin highlights the media ban – Labour Party Conference 2015 after hours  – as is the opening few paragraphs about Bradbury trying to find a late evening place to eat.

I add these details because the Labour Party Conference 2015 has surprised me. I thought I was turning up to give a political party the last rights. I was wrong. I can tell you the Labour Party are still very much alive and still very much focused on winning 2017.

I’ll go into details on how they intend to do that tomorrow, but the factionalised fighting has ended, the Caucus has united around Andrew Little as leader and Little is developing into a leader who can challenge Key.

I’m not sure how he has managed to determine that in one evening of a party packaged event.

In the past my excitement for Labour was over what I hoped they could achieve rather than what they could actually do, this time around I feel there has been a major change behind the scenes in areas Labour needed to change to become an effective machine.

But all of that for tomorrow, let me just point out the breathless Brooke Sabin report on the TPPA. Brooke says Labour were blindsided by the release of the TPPA text – that’s simply not true, Labour were aware far earlier in the week that the text was likely to be released and Little’s 5 bottom lines still stand, it’s looking more likely that Labour will turn the TPPA down than support it if the issues around asset sales to foreigners stands. You wouldn’t know that if you had watched TV3 on Friday, and Brooke’s report shows exactly why Labour are so keen to tighten media interaction at the conference.

Bradbury has very little to say about the conference except for satisfying his hunger and a comment about the TPPA – Little said something about that in his speech last night but Labour have not highlighted that in their social media.

So not much has come out. Does “Labour are so keen to tighten media interaction at the conference” apply to members and their social media interactions?

UPDATE: Greg Presland has put up a post this morning at The Standard, also with an apparent media focus: Which Labour Party Conference is Brook Sabin at? although he does begin with a bried conference report:

Day one of the Labour Party has passed. Numbers are damned good for a provincial centre, over 520 registered delegates not counting observers. The mood is upbeat with some very good speeches last night, a well deserved gold badge for Maryan Street, and much emphasis on the importance of activists in what we do for the party. And last night was marked by much laughing and singing and the occasional imbibing of liquid refreshments and despite suggestions to the contraryStephanie Rodgers and I did not eat all the pies.

He then digresses and like Bradbury complains about Sabin’s pre-conference item on 3 News.

He then discusses Labour and the TPPA in general terms:

Obviously the Labour Party needs to go through a process to make a final decision. I am not breaching any confidences by saying that some within caucus are supportive of free trade.  And I am confident that further analysis of the investor state resolution procedures will also trigger the breach of another of Labour’s bottom lines that “Corporations cannot successfully sue the Government for regulating in the public interest”.

I don’t expect a final response soon from the party. I doubt that it can make a final call on the protection of Pharmac because as far as I am aware that detail has not been released and is in a still hidden document. And the bottom line on meaningful gains for farmers in terms of tariff reduction and trade access will need to be assessed properly although the Dairy Industry’s initial response suggests that the gains are marginal at best.

Not much out of the conference there. He then closes with another complaint about the media and “poorly designed spin trying to create the impression of a crisis”.

It appears that Labour is trying to keep divisive issues like the TPPA subdued at their conference and will continue their appeasement of both sides of the TPPA fence.

Little’s speech on Sunday may give a better idea of where Labour currently stand on trade deals.

“What we are witnessing in real time is a growing Police State”

Martin ‘Bombastic’ Bradbury posted Why the latest details on the Police harassment of Nicky Hager should lead every news bulletin

The true scope of Police harassment directed at Nicky Hager should send a deep chill through each and every NZer.

What we are witnessing in real time is a growing Police State with all the casual fascism of a book burning around a BBQ.

There’s certainly cause for possible concern and certainly scope for clarification about how banks may hand information over to the Police, but that seems to be a tad over dramatic.

The Police have also understood the deep negative egalitarian anti-intellectualism that infects the NZ psyche. The desire to hold the powerful to account is perceived by this culturally cringed rump of NZ as being a smart arsed stirrer who simply  by their ability to string together a coherent question makes them a target for ‘oh-you-think- you’re-smarter-than-me’ styled resentment.

The cops know this and know that their extraordinary harassment of Hager will be ignored by the mainstream media and will be seen as just desserts by rump NZers who still think the biggest issue with Dirty Politics is that Hager used stolen e-mails.

He ignores the fact that the Herald published  Police got Hager data without court order yesterday, except that he then quotes from it. Radio NZ and Newstalk ZB also reported on it.

…this is clear evidence of the NZ Police bullying and threatening companies with adverse legal ramifications if they don’t hand over information on a  journalist who had embarrassed the aGovernment – note, not one bloody search order or warrant has been signed, this is just the NZ Police using threats.

I haven’t seen any evidence of bullying or threatening, and Bradbury provides none.

This abuse of police power to attempt to arrest a journalist who embarrassed the Government should lead every news bulletin in this country, but because our mainstream media have deteriorated into clickbait entertainment banality, the ramifications of this type of abuse of power aimed at journalists holding the powerful to account isn’t explained to voters.

No wonder National are still polling near 50%.

He also provides a visual link of national to the Police actions.

David Fisher in the Herald article also provided an indirect of National to Westpac releasing information to the Police.

No wonder Internet-Mana polled 1.42% in last year’s election (I think Bradbury was confident of them beating the 5% threshold) and is nowhere to be seen.

The problem with all these conspiracies is that important issues get drowned by dodgy dramatics.

Police versus The Daily Blog, free speech and censorhip

A clash between bloggers and business, with claims of heavy handed attempts at censorship – from a blog renowned for censoring comments.

On Thursday Martyn Bradbury posted overdramatically The NZ Police would like to have a word with me.

In this media landscape where progressive voices challenging authority get strangled off on a near monthly basis, hearing that the NZ Police are suddenly looking for you gives one a slight cold shiver up your spine.

I’ve just been contacted by friends that the NZ Police are keen to speak to me*. A Detective no less. I’ve been asked to meet with the Police tomorrow at midday to discuss this blog by John Minto.

Mr Talley and his rich friends certainly seem to have a lot of pull to be able to get Detective’s to contact blogs wanting a chat about negative coverage.

I will state here so there is no confusion, I will not censor or remove John’s blog from this site.

I  won’t be intimidated or threatened or pushed around by monied industries who make workers lives a misery.

I will explain that in polite language to the Police tomorrow.

If you don’t hear from me after midday Friday, I’m guessing it will be because I’m under arrest.

Welcome to the new world of intimidation.

Welcome to Bradbury’s same old dramatics.

He refers to another Daily Blog post, by John Minto, where he refers to someone as “butcher of meat and workers” and repeat’s a Mike Treen comment accusing a company of being “reactionary corporate murderers”.

And Minto calls on a boycott campaign.

Consumer products from South Africa were targeted. Companies importing South African wine were picketed and normal business disrupted while people were urged to boycott the likes of South African guavas and dried apricots.

Consumer boycotts themselves are difficult to make economically effective but coupled with a little bit of creative shopping their effect can be dramatically multiplied.

People would go into supermarkets with their car key and quietly puncture the bags of dried apricots and scratch the labels on the wine bottles to make them unsaleable. People would also take packets of dried apricots from the shelf into their supermarket trollies and deposit them at the bottom of the deep freeze under the frozen peas.

Small acts of civil disobedience like this are an appropriate response to the vicious attacks on workers’ rights.

So the aim is to sabotage products with an aim to sabotage a company. I don’t know how valid their complaints against the company – Talleys – is but this looks a bit like the campaign against TV3 for reducing current affairs by canning the John Campbell show. Sabotaging TV3 would significant;y reduce television diversity and coverage of current affairs.

Then yesterday Bradbury poisted again: NZ Police request Minto blog be removed or censored 

I have spoken with the Detective handling this case. He has asked me to remove or censor John Minto’s civil disobedience blog for public safety reasons.

I asked under what law the Police were asking me to do this and the Detective replied no law, they were just asking me to do so.

I asked if there had been an official complaint, the Detective said no, the blog had just ‘come to their attention’. I asked if the Police regularly monitored blogs to see if they were breaking laws he said no but this one had.

The Detective again asked if I would remove or censor the blog, I told him that no I would not as the principle of free speech was one I took seriously.

The Detective said I would be contacted next week.

Talley’s is a company with a well known track record for maiming their own workers, adopting hunger to starve 5000 kids as a negotiating tactic and Union busting work conditions. The only public safety issues here are the way Talley’s treat their workers, not activists intent on resisting the cruelty Talley’s operates under.

The Police should be arresting Talley’s, not demanding I censor blogs.

If Minto, Treen, Bradbury and accomplices manage to drive Talleys under that puts more than 5,000 people’s jobs at risk. Those workers may not appreciate campaigns against their livelihood.

From what Bradbury has said the Police didn’t ‘demand’, he describes it elsewhere in his post as ‘requested’ and ‘asked me’.

Involving the Police in trying to moderate blog posts does seem heavy handed by presumably someone associated with Talleys.

But the accusations and language used by Treen, Minto and Bradbury are quite extreme and could be legally actionable.

Many of the comments on both posts are also extreme.

One comment, by unionist and ex Labour MP Darien Fenton is more calm and chilling.

Next thing you’ll get a legal letter threatening you with defamation. So will John. You can add it to the pile they’ve already sent to the MWU.

There seems to be a flurry of threatening legal action to try and shut down commentary, with Colin Craig still promising multiple defamation actions and Jordan Williams yesterday actually filing against Craig.

There’s serious issues here involving free speech rights and responsibilities.

People with the financial or legal means of challenging online speech could be reasonably protecting themselves from damaging and false accusations. Or they could be using an imbalance of power to threaten and intimidate to clamp down free expression.

And people like Minto, Treen and Bradbury could be bravely holding corporates and rich and powerful people to account. Or they could be maliciously trying to damage businesses and threaten jobs.

It could be a mix of all of those things.

I don’t think taking conflict to extremes wil do either side any favours.

What should Talleys do when they don’t like the ‘free speech’ of Minto and Bradbury at The Daily Blog?

They could do what many people do on blogs – respond in comments and state their own case. They could also submit a right of reply. But Bradbury and the Daily Blog are notorious for filtering comments – that’s their own way of censoring.

Which makes “The Police should be arresting Talley’s, not demanding I censor blogs” rather ironic.

Bradbury is standing up against enforced editing, fair enough for that, but censors his blog himself, I’ve experienced that myseklf and many others have claimed comments submitted to The Daily Blog never get pass moderation.

On a supporting post at The Standard – Williams sues Craig and Bomber takes on Police – this comes uip in comments:

Mike the Savage One 10

Again, I tried commenting on TDB, from a different computer, again, it is blocked, that site has been seized by the cops, I bet, perhaps with GCSB assisting.

All Progressives out there, this is damned SERIOUS, we are being ATTACKED by state authorities, this is NO joke!

  • The Fairy Godmother 10.1

    No comments on this topic on the DB since 2:53 so I guess the site may have stopped comments due to legal advice. That’s my pick.

  • Anne 10.2

    They have a technical problem MtSO. It’s been going on for about a week now. Comments are ending up somewhere in space.

It’s been going on since The Daily Blog started – comments often end up “somewhere in space”.

Talleys are understandably annoyed at comments made about them which may be defamatory.

Bradbury is understandably annoyed at the Police becoming involved in asking for the editing of posts. But complaining about attempts at ‘censorship’ when he is renowned as a heavy handed censor himself is more then a little hypocritical.

Free speech is being drowned out here by a cacophony of extreme action and extreme overreaction.


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