In a day where The Standard demonstrated some of it’s stupidest – and then kept repeating their stupidity – this would have to be one of the funniest and least self aware exchanges.


What a bunch of dicks you lot are.
Twisting words to suit your own means. Don’t pack a sissy next time Paddy G does it then.
Grow up dick heads

  • One Anonymous Bloke


    This started with Racist George’s attempt to twist my words: my comment at 6, his response at 6.1.

    He fell right into the obvious trap I set for him in return, and the community had a little fun at his expense.

    I think you protesteth too much, lady.

Racist George’ is one of the many ongoing attempts at trying to do I’m not really sure what, and ironically started from the deliberate twisting of words (which is a very common pastime there).

The obvious trap is that some there like OAB keep opening theirs and keep falling in it. Why? Following their blog master’s example.

In response to Aaron asking “Iprent, why do you feel the need to be so offensive?”

I like being offensive when I answer a comment that I find offensive in some manner. I call it the reflective principle.

The Standard – where you can be proud of being offensive. When they’re not being offensive amongst themselves they complain about how offensive John Key is. Really.

Calling all this infantile is probably unfair to infants.

I’ve been diagnosed with Aspergers

It can be quite funny what you come across being discussed by others online, especially when it’s about you.

They had a wee group session on mental health at The Standard today, starting here.

Rhinocrates started with some detail on Narcissistic Personality Disorder and then concluded:

His behaviour is pathological, he never argues sincerely or in good faith but compulsively. It’s purely about point scoring for him and every response is a point for him, so it’s just shadow boxing – or wrestling with a pig.

Also it is tedious and to read and trivialises genuinely important topics (except when interesting facts about marine biology pop up).

You’re only feeding his illness, he is irrelevant and therefore there is no purpose or anything to gain. For your own mental well-being, surely you have something better to do?

So I have an illness, and they all think they’re sane of course.

But even funnier was Sacha Dylan who seems to take himself seriously in the political and social commentariat (with a special interest in censorship of anyone he deems insane).

Yes, most mentally ill people aren’t as annoying. Takes some effort.

I do suspect Aspergers as I’ve said to Pete – but it’s the *behaviour* that needs to be focused on. Doesn’t really matter why. The impact on community health is enough reason to take corrective action.

I have a detrimental effect on the “community health” of left wing blogs apparently. Can’t have that, can we.

Of course “it’s the *behaviour* that needs to be focused on”. They’re all good when I leave them alone.

The Standard will remain like Bedlam on steroids even if they manage to confine me to a padded cell.

Thanks for your diagnosis Dr Dylan. Have you done a doctorate in politics?

Apologies to anyone who has or is involved in anything to do with Aspergers. I’m not taking the piss about people who actually know something about Aspergers, just those who think they can diagones it on a political blog. If Sacha had any sense of decency he’d apologise to you.

UPDATE: Sacha has chosen to respond in safety at The Standard knowing I can’t respond to him there.

Aw, how sweet. Pete is annoyed with me:

You can’t even diagnose annoyance Sacha. I’m laughing at you, as are people who actually know me (Lynn should be able to confirm that I showed no sign of Aspergers when we worked together). It’s a bit funny, but it’s pretty sad for The Standard supporting that sort of thing.

Prentice and Presland onto dirty Sepuloni conspiracy

Many left wing activists have an obsession with ‘Dirty Politics” that seems to warp their perception of how political news comes out.

Lynn Prentice posted Carmel stood down for possible conflict of interest which seemed to be complimenting Labour’s appropriate reaction to the Sepuloni stand down pending her mother’s court case on aleged benefit fraud.

But then in comments he turns it into a potential conspiracy.

Of more interest, as pointed out above, will be when the political arm of the National party became aware of it from the WINZ staff, and who they told. After all we have the horrible Paula Bennett and her attitudes to spreading private information from WINZ to reporters as an example.

OIA time…

And Greg Presland also sees dirt.

Yep and the question would be if the relevant Minister was advised under no surprises and if so on what date.


Lets all dump on a relative for political advantage.


Lets see what the OIAs come up with and what the Minister was told. This particular form of behaviour (leaking info to the media for political advantage) happens far too often for it to be a random event.

Besides the timing is exquisite. I would believe it was random if it happened shortly after a court appearance but this one happened the day before. So there will be a big media crush at court today and breathless reports of what happened so the story will dominate for a second day.

Media found out somehow.

Apart from the presumption of innocence until proven guilty for both Sepulonis and Bennet (you do understand that concept don’t you?) – what’s the problem with how the media found out?

Should all stories with political connotations be run by a committee first to determine the timing of publicity so no one gets any political advantage?

Why is this becoming a story now a problem? If it hadn’t come out until after the court appearance what would be different?

Apart from Little and Labour acting after the event rather than proactively. I’d have thought the timing was good for Little and Labour.

But Prentice and Presland (and others) are now promoting the Sepuloni story as some sort of dirty political conspiracy.

Is this just a reflection of how their obsession with ‘Dirty Politics’ has overwhelmed their view on political media coverage?

Or are they trying to blow up a smoke screen around the Sepuloni story?

Presland said one thing I agree with:

Weird …

So far I haven’t seen any sign of Labour trying to create a counter controversy so this consopiracy promotion may be confined to The Standard.

And I’ll ask again – why is the timing of this news (one day before the court appearance that would have raised public attention) hitting on Labour?

Donghua Liu timeline and National versus Labour donations

Greg Presland has posted The more complete Donghua Liu timeline at The Standard. An incomplete quote would be pointless so here’s the whole new timeline.

The Herald yesterday ran a story about how Donghua Liu gave the National Party $25,000.  My jaw dropped when I read this.  Readers of that particular article were assisted by the provision of a timeline.  But it was really scanty and I though that I should augment it so that a greater appreciation of this very sorry incident could be given.  A lot of this information is derived from this excellent post by Frank Macskasy.

April 11, 2003:  David Cunliffe sends a pro forma letter to Immigration asking when a decision concerning Donghua Liu’s permit application may be granted.

March 6, 2007: Donghua Liu claims he purchased a bottle of wine for $100,000 at a Labour Party fundraiser on this date.

2012:  Liu’s company Roncon Pacific Hotel Management Holdings donates $22,000 to the National Party.  This donation is declared in National’s 2012 Party Donations return.

August 2013: Prime Minister John Key and National Party MP Jami-Lee Ross have a private dinner at Donghua Liu’s home. The Herald claims Liu donated later that month $25,000 to Mr Ross’s election campaign through the “Botany Cabinet Club”.

December 2013: Liu is arrested on domestic violence charges.

January 31, 2014:  Parliament’s register of pecuniary interests which is meant to include gifts valued over $500 does not include Donghua Liu’s apparent gift of $25,000 to Jamie Lee-Ross’s election campaign.  Genuine donations to an electoral campaign do not need to be declared.

March 2014:Herald reveals Maurice Williamson lobbied ministerial colleague to give Liu citizenship against official advice and Liu’s $22,000 donation to National.

April 30, 2014:  National Party Secretary Greg Hamilton files a Party Donations Return that does not include the Donghua Liu donation of $25,000.

May 1, 2014: Mr Williamson forced to resign as a minister after Herald investigation reveals he telephoned senior police officer about Liu’s domestic violence charges in January 2014. Prime Minister John Key said he recalled “seeing Mr Liu at various functions, including a dinner as part of a National Party fundraiser.” He does not mention that the private dinner was at Liu’s own home.

May 9, 2014:  Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse learns of the existence of the Cunliffe letter.

May 10, 2014:  Adam Bennett reports that Williamson had lobbied three different Immigration Ministers to relax the business migrant scheme entry requirements.

May 11, 2014:  Key’s office is informed of the existence of the Cunliffe letter.

May 26, 2014: A copy of the letter is given to Key’s office.

June 16, 2014:  Jared Savage posts a story claiming that Liu donated $15,000 to the Labour Party according to a party source.  His OIA application for information from Liu’s immigration file is declined.  He refiles an urgent application seeking correspondence from any MPs concerning Liu’s immigration application.  Brooke Sabin also files a similar request.

June 17, 2014:  Tova O’Brien asks Cunliffe if he advocated on Liu’s behalf at all and his response is “nope”.

June 18, 2014:  The Cunliffe letter is released.  The timing  of events that day is very revealing:

12.10 – Labour Leader’s office told of letters, and told OIA will be mailed in 1 hour.

12.30 – Office of Immigration Minister (Michael Woodhouse) told OIA being released, with letters.

12.49 – Jared Savage is emailed OIA.

12.53 – Brook Sabin – without a paper-trail of how he got the letters (but direct from Minister’s office?) – publishes his story on the letter.

12.57 – Whaleoil references Jared Savage’s OIA about the letter.

1.00 – John Armstrong publishes call for Cunliffe’s resignation due to letter.

1.06 – David Farrar refers to Jared Savage’s OIA.

2.29 – Herald publishes Savage’s story online.

Geoff posts “Reliable sources have also told me that Donghua is still donating cash to National too. (Any journos reading might like to ask Jamie-Lee Ross about this)”

June 19, 2014: Josie Pagani puts the boot into David Cunliffe and regurgitates National attack lines about “Gocha politics”.  Michael Woodhouse denies telling Key about the letter, then says that officials from his office briefed Mr Key’s office on the letters and then by 7 pm that day his office said the minister himself told Mr Key’s office about the letters and his office also gave copies of the letters to Mr Key’s office.

June 22, 2014: Herald publishes exclusive story claiming that Donghua Liu had bought a bottle of wine at a Labour Party fundraiser for $100,000 and donated more than $150,000 to the Labour Party.

June 25, 2014:  Herald publishes a further story stating that the $100,000 was not for a bottle of wine but the total of all donations to Labour.  $50,000 to $60,000 of this was the cost of hiring a boat trip Liu’s concrete company which Labour Minister Rick Barker attends and $2,000 was a donation to the Hawkes Bay Rowing Club.  John Armstrong publishes a column saying Cunliffe managed to survive “his own self-inflicted body blows last week”.  No mention is made of his previous column.  Use of the phrase “fucking joke” peaks on social media.

June 27, 2014: the Herald publishes an editorial Cries of bias will not stop reporting and readers take the opportunity to pour scorn on the editorial.

November 2014: Mr Ross returns the $25,000 donation to Liu.

February 2015: Electoral returns to reveal the $25,000 donation.

The claim that this donation was for Jamie Lee Ross’s electoral expenses appears to me to be contrived in the extreme as it meant that the donation, unlike the previous donation made by Liu, did not have to be disclosed the day before Williamson resigned.  I am sure that Liu did not care or even think about the difference.  And why should any electorate seek donations when they were receiving a $24,000 cheque from head office?

If any media is reading this they should ask is who the cheque was made out to.  And which account it was banked into.  And why this particular Cabinet Club payment wastreated differently to other Cabinet Club payments as well as the previous Liu donation.

And you want to know the really funny thing?  There is no evidence of a donation to Labour or of Labour breaking any rules to help Liu.

Except that Greg doesn’t appear to be laughing about it. He actually says he’s more than a bit mad about it but I’ll leave something more for you to see at the link if you’re interested.

I’m not certain about all the details but there’s some very fishy stuff in relation to the donation to Lee-Ross and it’s subsequent return over a year later. And in relation to the still unproven donation to Labour.

BLiP and the list of Key’s lies

For some time ‘BLiP’ has published a list at The Standard of what he calls lies made by John Key.

I haven’t taken a close look at the list but it’s been pointed out that some of the claimed lies are fairly subjective.

Recently a number of people at The Standard discussed raising enough money to publish the BLiP list in a book, hoping to have a similar impact to Dirty Politics. It evolved into setting up an online list.

For the record it’s worth having an idea of what BLiP’s political leanings are. A couple of comments made yesterday. The first one:

There are so many pluses for Labour in running for Northland I kinda feel compelled to keep my trap shut about things until after the by-election. It seems to me that even if Ritchie McCaw himself were to stand for NZ First and if the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key were to put up a half-boiled turnip, the brassica would still romp home in Northland.

Might as well give Willow-Jean and her local crew another work out in preparation for a more likely opportunity further down the road. No need either to let the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key and NZ First have all the photo-ops carefully managed to detract from the really important things going on.

I have no doubt we will, sooner or later, see Willow-Jean in Parliament where, given the current assortment of blokey-bozos Labour has fronting for it, she will stand out.

Also, I think she can do great things for Northland standing on a platform which, perhaps, focuses on a quite narrow range of issues that really matter to that constituency.

She could, for example, bring attention to the need for our children to live in homes free of violence and contrast that with the sort of culture the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key is fostering with its warmongering on behalf the boys down at The Club.

She might also talk about how women need, once again, to demand that their complaints to police are (a) believed and acted on, and, (b) that there is a government in place which will ensure that, rather than deny them justice due to institutional misogyny which results in violent offenders casually strolling out the country or, as ridiculous as it sounds, holding powerful positions in the law and order arena. You know, little things like that

Good luck to her, I say.

It’s fairly obvious he isn’t an impartial observer. (Or maybe BLiP is a she, it’s hard to be sure with pseudonyms it’s hard to be sure about gender, and credubility).

And a second comment:

The permutations possible when considering the depths to which the John Key Dirty Politics Machine will dredge are vast. I wouldn’t put it past the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key’s henchmen to have stitched up a deal with Winston.

The Dirty Politics Machine would then just have to encourage Labour and the Greens to stand aside in order to bring NZ First into the Cult’s coalition without having to spend a cent.

Winston, who’s getting on a bit, could, just about, name his price while the collective cheering from his supporters emanates from rest homes across the country.

And recently a post by BLiP: Labour’s Betrayal Continues begins:

At a time when oversight of New Zealand’s spy agencies is needed more than ever,  Labour’s betrayal of New Zealanders continues unabated.

And concludes:

Rather, Labour appears to have abandoned both its founding principles and, ironically, to have deserted the application of any real “intelligence”. Instead, Labour has joined the Brash “mainstream” to take part in the all-consuming but ultimately futile game of continuously chasing MSM polls by appealing to the lowest common denominator. Its a slippery slope. Studious observers can see already that contempt for New Zealanders and cynicism is dripping from both Labour and the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key in equal measure. To keep up in the perpetual polls, the game of “Beehive Idol” will require more betrayal because it becomes far too risky to attempt anything new or anything which might startle the judges. Come 2017, when that contemptuous and cynical betrayal is even more apparent, why would the “lowest common denominator” Labour is apparently trying to reach bother voting for Andrew Little over John Key when the choice essentially comes down to choosing Pepsi or Coke? Might as well go for what you’re used to or, if it is a choice of either Pepsi or Coke, why bother voting at all? This won’t stop any adherents of the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key from voting, of course. With this in mind, what ever gains Labour makes for putting the boot into the Greens and, yet again, betraying New Zealanders, will be short term.

It might well be in Labour’s best interests to cut the crap now and go into coalition with the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key. It would be the honest thing to do and might even temper some of the back-logged neo-liberal excesses still to be rolled out. At least then New Zealander will know where the boundaries lie and who actually is working to oppose the implementation of the wider neo-liberal ideology. Recent leaders of the Labour Party – Andrew Little, Phil Goff and David Shearer – certainly aren’t.

Meanwhile, the National Ltd™ Cult of John Key’s Spy Czar, Christopher Finlayson, has appointed one of his underlings, Deputy Solicitor-General Una Jagose, as Acting Head of the GCSB. Don’t know much about Una but lets hope her concern for the rights of corporate tax payers is reflected in a similar concern for the rights of all New Zealanders. Seems doubtful, though. Her primary function at Crown Law lately has been mitigating any legal risk the government may put itself at. What a handy skill set to have in her new position. With the ISC and GCSB now firmly in his pocket, John Key can be ensured that whatever legal risk there is in spying on New Zealanders can be completely eliminated from any new legislation his “Five Eyes Club” has planned for us.

Here’s the beginnings of discussion to publish the list. And the following day the discussions continued:

Hi BLiP, if you’re around this one’s for you.

Yesterday we had a discussion about doing some crowd funding, a give a little campaign was suggested, to publish your chronicles of Key’s lies.

The motivation for this and benefits of publishing such a book are outlined in this thread, starting here:

It’s your work we’re talking about so your thoughts are required before we go any further.

I think it could be done and should be done. It’s time there was a public response to the media’s lack of holding Key to account, in a post Dirty Politics NZ. We can’t leave it to opposition parties to do all all the work. As NZer’s, ordinary people, we can also hold a mirror up to the govt.

After some discussion  ropata:rorschach has gone ahead and set it up online.

I have gone ahead and created a wiki site:

BLiP’s list will go here:

It needs a lot more work, feel free to jump in, or write your thoughts in this thread.

The Off Key website:

Welcome to “Off Key”, a record of the famous reality-altering verbal gymnastics of The Right Hon. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand.

This website is also a “wiki”: a collaborative site that anyone can edit! To join this project, just drop me an email at this address:
robertpnz AT hotmail DOT com


328 lies identified by BLiP

27 lies identified by Reddit users

20 SkyCity porkies identified by BLiP

26 diversions listed by
Idea germinated on The Standard, based on excellent work by BLiP and others, as listed here:

The list of lies begins:
Promises, Promises
1. I  promise to always be honest 
2(a). We’re not proposing to change the Employment Relations Act in a way that weakens unions
2(b). we are  not going to sack public servants, the attrition rate will reduce costs 
3. we are  not going to cut  working for families 
Oddly that links to a National media release that says “NEWS: National to keep Working for Families unchanged” and has no proof of cutting.
Changing Climate Policies
4. I  firmly believe in climate change and always have 
I guess you could claim he can’t have ‘believed in climate change’ when he was at Kindergarten but calling this a lie seems to be based on having different views about climate change and what to do about it. Disagreeing on politics would make everyone a BLiP liar.
5. We seek a 50% reduction in New Zealand’s carbon-equivalent net emissions, as compared to 1990 levels, by 2050. 50 by 50. We will write the target into law. 
6. National Ltd™ will provide a  consistent incentive for both biofuel and biodiesel by exempting them from excise tax or road user charges 
Using the term “National Ltd™” suggests an associated agenda.
Memory Faults
7. there is  no truth in Nicky Hager’s book “The Hollowmen” 
8. I didn’t know about The Brethren election tactics
9. If they came to us now with that proposal [re  trans-Tasman Therapeutic Goods regime], we will sign it 
10. I  can’t remember my position on the 1981 Springbok Tour

It’s dubious calling political statements promises and any doubt or change of position as a lie.

But claiming that someone saying “I can’t remember’ is a lie unless you somehow have proof that they did remember at the time they said something is a bit nonsensical.

What people seem to be unable to understand that something they were very strongly about was not a passion shared by everyone else. And it’s got little relevance to governing the country well into the twenty first century.

Few of the items on BLiPs list are likely to trouble John Key now unless they can be linked to something new.

Trying to discredit a politician by accumulating things they have been recorded saying that may not have complete  factual basis, no room for dispute or absolutely no chance of changing due to changing circumstances seems a bit futile to me.

One of the keys to holding politicians, whether as an opponent, as a journalist or a member of the public is picking your fights.

Nit picking ad infinitum is unlikely to get much attention or change many votes.

More on Rachinger accusations

Ben Rachinger let rip with a volley of Tweets earlier this week.  In particular he made an accusation about Cameron Slater:

I am known as someone who knows about network and computer security, in some circles. You get offered jobs. Would you like to hear about it?

I was offered $5,000 and bonuses to hack The Standard and pull out the authors list and keep a Backdoor in. I did not. Now you know.

It was hard to know whether Ben was being truthful and could back this up with evidence or if he was indulging in some mischief.

If true that would show a highly hypocritical of Slater who has complained long and hard about the illegal hacking of his data. And he has insisted he doesn’t do anything illegal.

I collated most of the tweets here – Rachinger previously – and here – Ben Rachinger versus Cameron Slater.

Since then Ben’s been quieter but made a few comments a couple of days ago:

If Slater had tweeted what I said and showed you all yesterday, it would have been everywhere. Think about the complicity of your media.

Not even a peep from the Opposition. I guess everyone wants to pretend politics is a fair ‘game’. Power isn’t a game and it def isn’t fair

Knowing the way things are twisted and spun, how else was I to get word out? You, who have listened and read, deserve better information.

And yesterday he was quoting.

And a couple more.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein

“To see a wrong and not to expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” Dr. John Raymond Baker

Perhaps coincidentally just after midnight this morning a post appeared at The Standard.

Interesting story coming up in The Herald

There will probably be a story soonish in The Herald that will be of particular interest to The Standard community.

We have had nothing to do with the coverage. We’ve just been watching events unfold on Twitter, and we’re happy to see it come out (thanks to a brave individual) via The Herald.

It could be unrelated. Or this could be what The Standard is referring to.

Slater has targeted NZ Herald in particular in his frequent and harsh criticisms of old media , and has specifically battled with NZH journalists. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see some interest returned by investigating this story.

If they have looked in to it then they would have talked to someone from The Standard, probably Lynn Prentice. So someone at The Standard would be aware a story could be pending.

There doesn’t appear to be anything on the Herald yet this morning. It could be a Weekend Herald story.

Ben Rachinger versus Cameron Slater

Ben Rachinger launched into a tweet storm today that raises some interesting issues in relation to Cameron Slater, Whale Oil and Freed.

I don’t know what of this is accurate or relevant so may edit later.

B3n RⒶching3r

So only Labour and Nats are going to be on Spy Review Committee? No small parties? Ok, that’s great. Let’s talk about Labour and Nats then

I can do the story with a foreign journo and have it published in a VERY reputable and respected International publication.

This is how I imagine certain people looking at me right now

Alright. So late last year, as part of the talks to work for Freed, I was invited out to the Estate of Mr Tony Lentino, Owner of Instra.

I was introduced to Tony via Cameron Slater. Tony is a genius and quite a mans man. I like him. I’m just going to summarise outcomes.

Tony, Instra/Super Black Racing/OnlyDomainz owner, was the one who bailed out when he was raided and has assets seized.

Specifically, Mona ( wife) came to Tonys house and begged for money for her kids and rent payments. Tony, top bloke, agreed to it.

When I say loan, I mean like $250,000 loans. So Kim had money quite soon after his arrest. Did Kim sort his own guys out? Like Finn? Guess.

Everyone that hates but loves makes me ill to my stomach. Kim is a piece of shit. Nazi regalia collection, snitch…

But Kim didn’t deserve to be raided and have kids frightened. No one does, really. Which is the crux of problem. Why do we allow this? Why?

Everybody mad atcha boy Ben today.

For a deaf guy, I so enjoy some music ;)

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Frost – The Road Less Taken.

Have a good arvo Tweeps.

Cam and Co. I’ve got a collection of all your socks and puppets. Here and on your site. Grow a pair and come frontally.

Because I’ve been nice to you and that can stop right now if you want to dance. Right now. Your choice, WhaleOil and crew.

.. Seriously, you support racist and mysoginistic pieces of shit. I would enjoy it.

Alright. Gloves off because Whales using socks to come at me. I was so fair to you. That ends now, brother. Think you’re hard? Let’s see :-)

Alright so this was some of the messages I had from Whale last night.

Embedded image permalink

I am known as someone who knows about network and computer security, in some circles. You get offered jobs. Would you like to hear about it?

I was offered $5,000 and bonuses to hack The Standard and pull out the authors list and keep a Backdoor in. I did not. Now you know.

If that’s true – and it wouldn’t surprise me – it would make Slater a major hypocrite with all his complaining about being illegally hacked and claiming he doesn’t do anything illegal.

But it also wouldn’t surprise me if this is made up to try and dump on Slater.

Lynn Prentice responded:

Should have taken the money. A pile of aliases, a few real names, and redirected gmails. Would need 4 computer hack to hide

Rachinger’s response:

I’m pretty good. Would have phished and social engineered my way to the target. Totally illegal though, Mr Prentice.


Yeah right! You’d access from a 56yo old programmer on the nets and politics since before you were alive. Wrong skillset…


Why is there a redirect to Labour site on your server? Mitigate DDoS? Hosting? Genuinely curious.


But hey. If you have any hard evidence of Blubberboy offering, I’ll show you the system in exchange. Prison calls for him.


I respect my adversary though. His name is Cameron Slater and he is furious a deaf, brown kid is not afraid of him and the DP crew.

And the thread continues:

Lefties need to clean their house. Right wingers need to grow a pair and sort their elites out. Kiwis need to wake up and Stand Up.

Let’s get in even more trouble Ben. Sorry, I couldn’t stand by and let Hager be jailed. I said what I had to say.

Embedded image permalink

I’ve never met Hager. But the thought of the Govt gunning for him like this makes me mad. I’m probably going to be arrested for blowing this

It’s been a privilege/honour to go undercover to unmask them. I’ve given you enough to get started. Hopefully I see the tree from this seed.

“I must warn you that the people you’re speaking out against are ruthless, dangerous and powerful”
Yeah, and?

That seems to be it at this stage, Keep an open mind on this. It could mean number of different things.

Mike C says:

Ben Rachinger is very closely associated with Andrew Little and Matt McCarten :)

I don’t know it that’s correct or not.

This comment from Slater yesterday on Facebook may or may not be related:

I’m about done with lying, thieving, disloyal scumbags.

Slater seems to only post links to Whale OIl from his Twitter account these days. He has blocked me from following or viewing his Twitter (that’s futile).

Twitter profile:


“The social democracy of my youth has so radically collapsed”

Mandy Hager has written a lengthy post at The Standard titled A calculated feeding of the beasts within, which she introduces with:

There was a piece written in The Guardian last year by Paul Verhaeghe about the way that Neoliberalism has shaped current behaviours, titled Neoliberalism has brought out the worst in us. It touched on something I have been thinking a lot about lately: how the social democracy of my youth has so radically collapsed into our current culture of individualism, privatisation and personal greed.

Some things have changed radically over the last half century but calling it a ‘collapse’ is highly debatable.

I doubt that most people would agree that we have experienced a societal collapse – and I suspect most people would have no idea what ‘neo-liberalism’ is supposed to mean.

Most who lived through the seventies and eighties will remember that post-Muldoon something had to drastically change in New Zealand and urgent action was required, or we really would have had a major collapse.

But societal changes are not just reactions to political changes. Technology has had a huge impact on us, and major shifts started before the eighties.

The population is much more mobile now. Locally due to a rapid change to the use of cars by far more people, enabling a spreading out into the suburbs and less time spent amongst neighbours. And internationally due to air transport that has made it easy to travel anywhere in the world.

Television had a major impact on social interaction, keeping people indoors much more resulting in much less neighbourly interaction. I can remember when meetings used to be scheduled around popular TV shows.  TV also meant we started to see much more of the world beyond our suburban/village and family bubbles.

Computerisation has had a huge impact on how we work and live. I hadn’t heard of computers in my childhood but wrote my first program (on punch cards) in 1972, and witnessed and experienced the gradual changes which become rapid.

Associated with computerisation is the huge change in personal communications through telephone and then internet transformations.

And changes in health care technology have also had a major impact on our lives, helping significantly extend most lifespans.

And New Zealand has been impacted in a major way by outside forces, notably the change in trade with Britain as they chose the European Union over colonial food providers. This forced a farming rethink here and Rogernomics was a part of the reaction, not the driving force.

In many ways politics and governance has battled to respond rather than forged societal changes.

I have seen significant changes in New Zealand society in my lifetime but that’s been affected by far more than a shift in economic approach.

Mindless pack animals

A quote from the person who is always right (leftly correct):

lprent at The Standard:

FFS. Why we want to be poodles for politicians or a political party?

We are mindless pack animals like many of the fools on the right.

Never a truer word was typed carelessly.


Note the comment below mine.

UPDATE: lprent has corrected:

FFS: Why we want to be poodles for politicians or a political party? We are not mindless pack animals like many of the fools on the right.

Edit: Thanks PG. I dropped a word…. :twisted:

In response to me me asking if he meant to say it like that:

No. Definitely not. Its the damn weather and getting to sleep in this muggy summer.

Bloody hell I must be tired to have missed that.

What mindless pack animal would make a mistake like that?

Just joking, sort of – I’ll suggest it was a Freudian slip.

Odd description of a union

It’s funny where your name can pop up. A comment in a thread about unions:

How strange that an employer advises against joining a union. Wonders will never cease.

gsays, being part of a union affects much more than just your immediate work conditions. It also means you get to feed into Labour policy and get to build solidarity and organisation with other workers. These days, when government and employers want to atomise and individualise us, this is more important than ever.

Being a member of an active union is like being part of the Standard community, but without Pete George.

I can easily envisage a union without me in it. I’ve never been in a union by choice. I have felt comfortable dealing directly with my employers, or getting a different job.

But an active union being likened to ‘the Standard community’ is not a very flash look for unions. Any union member that doesn’t read Marx is blacklisted? If you disagree with the uniion head you get abused and thrown out of the union?

And then it wouold depend on whether you belonged to the right union or not. One unionist got a blast today:

[lprent: How dare you. Piss off out of my sight you pumped up small minded pathetically limp excuse for an activist. You just lost your ranting rights here for a while.

Maybe Pat isn’t from one of the Standard unions.


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