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While Cricinfo is the go to place online for following cricket there’s better opportunities for discussing games. Twitter and Facebook are busy with big game comments.

How did New Zealand’s political blogs deal with yesterday’s cricket?

Whale Oil:


The Standard:

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How. Tragic. Is This?

I’m about halfway through a month long ban at The Standard but the obsessive dissing of a few resident stalkers continues without me.

A week ago I posted Norman versus Key, collection versus surveillance which was transcript and video link of a question time exchange in Parliament. It’s something I commonly do with the aim of making things I think might be of interest more easily findable and available.

It turns out that Glenn Greenwald found the post and included a link in a post of his at The Intercept.

By itself, common sense should prevent any of these governments from claiming that sweeping up, storing and analyzing much of the Internet — literally examining billions of communications activities every week of entire populations — is something other than “mass surveillance.” Yet this has now become the coordinated defense from the governments in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It’s nothing short of astonishing to watch them try to get away with this kind of propagnadistic sophistry. (In the wake of our reports with journalist Nicky Hager on GCSB, watch the leader of New Zealand’s Green Party interrogate the country’s flailing Prime Minister this week in Parliament about this completely artificial distinction.)


Whether I agree with the point Greenwald is making or not doesn’t matter, that he found a use for the post is good to see.

And his post has been reposted by various people half a dozen or more times. Including in part by at The Standard in Surveillance newspeak.

So this is how blogging works, information and opinion is built on links.

Despite being their promoted post yesterday their post didn’t attract much comment. And the first comments weren’t about the substance of the post at all.

Several numpties had a hissy about there being a link to a post here in the Standard post, and two even went to the trouble of providing alternative or anonymous links so people could avoid linking to here.

One Anonymous Bloke 1

Fuck! I just followed a link to Yawns.

  • Jim Nald 1.1

    “watch the leader of New Zealand’s Green Party interrogate the country’s flailing Prime Minister this week in Parliament about this completely artificial distinction”

    Instead of the current link being used (I assume it is the link to Norman asking the PM about mass surveillance in the House on 10 March 2015), it would be an idea to refer to the link on the Greens’ website ( or directly to the link on the official website (

    • One Anonymous Bloke 1.1.1

      *Hangs head in shame at being too lazy to find those myself*

      Thanks Jim.

      • Jim Nald

        All good, OAB.
        Thanks for the heads up. I would have just clicked on to the links after scanning through the piece but saw your comment which was the first. And I got curious and ran my mouse over each link.

        So now (and I take it that it was not OAB who posted this), whoever posted the piece or a moderator can consider replacing the link :-)

  • weka 1.2

    watch the leader of New Zealand’s Green Party interrogate the country’s flailing Prime Minister this week in Parliament about this completely artificial distinction.

    Yawns alternative link,

Such is their apparent animosity towards me. I have no idea why they are so obsessed.

But how pathetically petty is that? That’s the degree some Standardistas go to try and shut me out of anything there – except that it just draws attention to me and highlights their pettiness. And it makes the Standard appear to be a petty blog.

And their efforts are futile. The author and moderators at The Standard have ignored their pleas to change the link away from here. And weka’s do-not-link link provides another opportunity to link here, although stats show that far more clicked the direct link than her alternative (which shows in stats despite her belief that it won’t).

It’s kinda ironic that the thought police at The Standard ignored the Orwellian thrust of the post and instead chose to try to control thoughts and links in yet another petty attack.

In order to remove any possibility of creating martyrs, whose memories could be used as a rallying cause against the Party, the Thought Police gradually wear down the will of political prisoners in the Ministry of Love through torture, conversations, degradation, and finally, Room 101. The methods are designed to eventually make the prisoner genuinely accept Party ideology, and come to love Big Brother, and not merely confess. After being released back into society for a short while, they are re-arrested, charged with new offences, and executed. All people who knew them forget them through crimestop, and all records are destroyed and replaced with falsified records by the Ministry of Truth. Their bodies are disposed of via cremation.

One Anonymous Bloke and Weka are unlikely to get anywhere near Government control but they seem to see themselves as the Thought Police of The Standard, trying to eliminate all record of me or YourNZ.

That’s tragic. Especially for The Standard’s credibility as a serious forum for the left.

Weka Farm rule 1

Weka is a regular at The Standard who often takes major offence at anything she deems to lean towards sexism or racism, so you might thing she is a champion against prejudice and discrimination.

But she’s a selective champion against discrimination, and hypocritically chooses to actively discriminate against people she disagrees with (I guess) politically.

I’ve been happy to let Shane post here, he wanted to get information out and I support anyone trying to do that whether I agree with them or not. I like to promote free speech and informed discussion.

Shane links to his post here from elsewhere, including The Standard. When he started doing that he was jumped on and lambasted by a small but vocal number of regulars there, simply because of the association with me. Some of them said they were interested in what Shane wrote about but wouldn’t follow the link because it was to here.

So Shane set up his own blog and started provided a link to that as an alternative for those who were too bloody minded to come here. But even that isn’t good enough for Weka.

Today Shane posted at The Standard:

My last blog post on medicinal Cannabis for a while, this time not based around pain, but the Anti Nausea and appetite stimulating effects and their positive impact on a patient suffering from HIV

Alternate address for those not fond of beige.


Sorry, but have stopped reading until the entanglement with Pete George is gone. By all means post on his site too, but when you link like you do, here of all places, it’s a distraction and plain rude (I suspect you don’t fully understand the extent of the trouble PG has caused here).


To this day I am still blissfully unaware sorry. I only sign in to write my piece, then i’m out again until next week…


I think it’s been pointed out to you a number of times. My comment isn’t about you posting at yawnz, it’s about how you link here. Your choice of course.

Weka doesn’t seem very blissful but she is unaware of the trouble her active intolerance of others might cause. It’s not just or necessarily because she disagrees (as demonstrated by this pettiness against Shane), with me it seems to be little more than she decided long ago that I was someone who should be shut out and shut up.

Of course everyone can choose to themselves which links to follow but Weka’s obsession with trying to discourage anything to do with me is bizarre.

But it’s not uncommon at The Standard, they make an art form of discouraging any participation or association with any voices they want to shut out and shut up.

I believe Weka is a promoter of the Green Party. She gets support from within her wee Standard clique but that association doesn’t do any credit to the Greens amongst the much wider audience who read The Standard.

Weka Farm rule 1: Discrimination is forbidden unless I don’t like them!

The Standard down again

Your NZ has offered their bloggers a space on our platform until The Standard gets back online.

(Well, TDB did this yesterday so why not.)

The Standard crashed on Thursday evening and stayed down overnight. Lynn Prentice worked late to recover his pride and glory.

But it is off-line again this morning. There’s a lot of work involved in running a blog, and when you also self host as at The Standard then a lot rests on one person’s available time and efforts.

So if anyone from The Standard wants a place to vent in the meantime they’re welcome here – hey, they can even moan about me on my own turf, I won’t turf them off.

Silence on the Sepuloni case

Last week (25 February) it was announced that charges had been laid against the mother Labour’ spokesperson for social development Carmel Sepuloni. Carmel was stood down from the role.

The Labour Party has stood down its social development spokesperson Carmel Sepuloni – following charges of benefit fraud being laid against her mother.

Labour Party leader Andrew Little said the charges against her mother meant Ms Sepuloni had a conflict of interest in the social development portfolio.

Mr Little said she would remain Junior Whip and remain at number seven on his front bench.

Ms Sepuloni had assured him she did not know her mother was facing charges until today, he said.

Yesterday the court case was reported, which included guilty please from Sepuloni (senior) and her partner.

Mother of Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni admits $100K benefit fraud

The mother of Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni and her partner have admitted 23 benefit fraud charges totalling nearly $100,000.

Beverley Anne Sepuloni and partner Michael Charles Rangi entered guilty pleas to the charges, committed over more than a decade until last year, when they appeared before Judge Allan Roberts in the New Plymouth District Court today.

The charges arose from neither defendant informing government agencies that they commenced a relationship in October, 2003.

The court heard that Rangi was on the dole and also getting an accommodation supplement, while Sepuloni was on a sickness benefit and getting an income-related rental rate for her Housing NZ house.

Sepuloni faced 19 charges of defrauding the State for a total of $33,856 and Rangi four charges totalling $62,351.

Carmel Sepuloni will remain stood down from the social development role until after sentencing but is expected to be reappointed.

When last week’s news broke there was a post at The Standard – Carmel stood down for possible conflict of interest.

The prompt action of Andrew Little in standing Carmel down was mentioned, and I agree that that was a refreshingly good look.

However many comments were trying to blame Paula Bennett for making the charges public – but they would obviously have come out at last week’s and this week’s court appearances anyway. Sepuloni is not a common name.


Pete got the wrong end of the stick. Obviously the thought was that perhaps Paula Bennett had been advised of an upcoming prosecution, and seeing a fairly unusual name made further enquiries. If that is the case (and it may of course not be), I hope the reporter does let Carmel know where the information came from . . .


I think it’s also possible that Bennett ordered some digging on the Sepuloni name, and went after the mother.

They went to the extent of talking of using OIA’s to try and find blame. lprent:

Of more interest, as pointed out above, will be when the political arm of the National party became aware of it from the WINZ staff, and who they told. After all we have the horrible Paula Bennett and her attitudes to spreading private information from WINZ to reporters as an example.

OIA time…

There were many comments on themes of National and Bennett being to blame for something.

And there were also assumptions of innocence. Murray Rawshark:

Standing down is the right thing to do in these circumstances, even though her mum is most likely innocent. Many cases of so-called benefit fraud arise because WINZ are so useless and incompetent.

But yesterday since the guilty verdicts were announced what has been talked about on this at The Standard?

Nothing. Nada. Funkstille. Silence.

Trotter spells out reality for Labour and Northland

Chris Trotter has posted Sorry Winston: Why Labour needs to stand in Northland at The Daily Blog.

He shouldn’t be sorry, politics is politics. Labour need to fight for their own recovery and not hand Peters the limelight in the runner-up stakes.

And the ideological worriers of the left wing blogosphere are not what successful recoveries and elections are made of.

Not that the Labour Party was ever the slightest bit interested in finding out if Winston could win the Northland by-election.

Andrew Little’s eyes are fixed upon an altogether more distant electoral horizon – 2017. He is convinced that unless his own party becomes the unequivocally dominant Opposition player, the electorate as a whole will continue to shy away from the prospect of a coalition government in which Labour is merely primus inter pares – first among equals.

In the most brutal political terms, this means driving both the Greens and NZ First right down to the 5 percent MMP threshold. To be seen as a credible alternative to the National-led Government, Labour needs to command at least 40 percent of the Party Vote, and Andrew Little must be rated as John Key’s equal.

Labour will not get there by giving every Green and NZ First Party sucker an even break.

They’d be suckers to capitulate to Winston. Little doesn’t look like a sucker, hence for the first time for six years Labour’s fortunes look more promising.

This is now the real mission of Andrew Little and his team. To find the means of both reassuring and activating Labour’s base.

It does mean acknowledging the consistent messages being sent to the party by those who feel themselves to be Labour, but who no longer believe that Labour feels itself to be them.

Standing with these voters will, almost certainly, mean that a vociferous, but much smaller, number of voters will end up walking away. Little must let them go.

That won’t please a handful of hard left would be revolutionaries at The Daily Blog and The Standard but the more massive middle vote is far more important to Labour than theirs (and they are more likely to vote Green or Mana anyway).

The job of winning them back isn’t his, it belongs to Labour’s own (yet to be properly organised) ideological ninjas. On the blogs, Facebook and Twitter; over bottles of beer at the pub; or glasses of wine at the dinner-table; the labour movement’s oldest lessons must be rehearsed again and again: “If we don’t stick together, then we won’t fight together. If we won’t fight together – then we can’t win.”

I wouldn’t bank on that, the ideological ninjas in the blogosphere are blindly shitting in their own nest and driving away people interested in seeing if Labour is worth returning to.

The Left needs to accept and understand that the “we” in those sentences is directed at Labour’s once and future voters. Not the Greens’ – and certainly not NZ First’s.

That’s something the ninja worriers at The Daily Blog and The Standard can’t fathom. Successful elections are all about far more voters than them.

Sensible Standard on Northland

There’s a good by-election post on The Standard on Northland. It’s by Lynn Prentice – yeah I have a few disagreements with him at times and he’s a bit of an old school political Neanderthal but he has a lot of campaign experience.

Amongst his typical verbosity but he makes some pertinent points based on reality, against some really dumb and unrealistic whining.

Looking at the numbers and the situation I can neither see Winston or Willow-Jean Prime winning on their own even if the other was not there.

But even if there was, there are definite downsides for a political party in asking any electorate candidate to stand aside. First they may not do it and even go independent, and secondly it destroys the local electorate organisation that has to fight in future elections for party and electorate votes.

One thing he doesn’t point out is that Peters says he is vehemently against doing any deal anyway, (but it’s hard to be certain, his laid on by media appearances have been punctuated by smirking laughter).

Voters, especially on the left, make up their own minds who to vote for. A lot of the marking around with parties that are roughly on the same ‘side’ is simply offputting to voters.

Candidates and political parties should damn well fight their own corner and not expect other parties to help them. That is what the voters expect.

Voters are going to make up their own minds about their tactical voting.

If one of those two parties were my only available choice, I’d be likely to simply not vote.

Those who total up the votes from the general election and conjure out of that a possible majority for one candidate are dreaming.

Talking of dreamers there’s a few comments protesting against lprent’s reality check but they tend to be those on the fringe waiting for a fairy godmother initiated revolution.

Felix shows why all he has usually got is bitter niggling:

 Where is the advantage for Labour

This is exactly what pisses me off about the thinking of many in or around Labour. For a party built on collective action and solidarity they have no fucking idea how to behave as part of a larger whole.

Felix keeos showing at The Standard that he has idea how to behave as part of a larger whole.

There’s others with real political experience commenting. Karen:

Labour has absolutely nothing to gain by standing aside for Winston, who has no chance of winning anyway IMO.


Labour would have been tarred and feathered for doing any deals.

Jenny Kirk:

There are huge numbers of Labour supporters somewhere out there in Northland, and it is Labour’s responsibility to provide them with a good candidate to vote for.

Real Labour people find it very difficult to vote anything but Labour – whether in an FPP or MMP voting situation. And if Labour withdrew its candidate for Northland, there would probably be wholescale walkout and decades loss of trust in the Party.

Labour is rebuilding itself, and this by-election gives the Party a chance to show people what it is about, and to talk about what it could do if in government.


There is always that niggly little doubt about Winston : has he ever said what he really means, and has he ever done (other than the gold card for superannuitants) what he’d say he’d do if he had the power to do so.

There’s as much “niggly little doubt” about Winston’s reliability as there is niggly little doubt about his youth.

The media will help Winston as much as they can but that risks exposing him more and turn futility into embarrassing failure.

All those who are frantically trying to talk up a free run for Peters are likely to do is turn people off voting left. And probably off voting at all.

The Northland by-election is a good small step in Labour’s rebuilding process.

And if the frantic numpties really slowed down enough to think about things then if Labour with Willow-Jean Prime perform credibly and Peters bums out that could spell the beginning of the end of his career.

NZ First out of the equation in the 2017 election should boost Labour’s vote share and the Left’s chances.

Lprent can have the last word.

Why should Labour destroy a working organisation in the north for a near impossibility?

Standard follow-up – getting it wrong still

The Standard have moan-fests when I comment there and carry on when I’m gone. And they are misrepresenting what happened.


Banned for a month for giving TRP shit as an author. Would have gotten a longer ban but TRP was winding him up.

I made it clear I was challenging TRP as a commenter and not as an author. TRP tried to threaten his power as an author.

TRP wasn’t winding me up. I was as usual calmly pointing things out and this time chose to hold my ground because of TRP’s unwillingness to admit he’d made two mistakes, both involving making false claims. I didn’t throw a tizz like the manic mob who made mayhem until Prentice jumped into action before checking things out properly.

Murray Rawshark:

I must remember to only give TRP shit as a warmongering lackey of imperialism. As an author, he is beyond reproach.


Actually a pretty good summary of the basics of how it operates.

Yes, Prentice made it clear that authors can lie and abuse as much as they like when commenting and he’ll protect them from being held to account.

I don’t like the personal attacks because that is what drives authors from writing posts.

Well perhaps TRP shouldn’t be such an obsessed personal attacker now he has promoted himself to the power level of an author.

But you can have a go at what they write. Generally that just encourages them to write more effectively next time.

I had a go at what TRP wrote. And he chose to repeat his mistakes over and over, so that encouragement thing didn’t work very well.

You will note that when I have to intervene, I try to ensure that the commenter causing me the aggravation gets exactly the same kind of in your face unfair crap that they have been handing out.

Mega chutzpah. It was TRP et al he dish out the unfair crap, and go nuts when they’re calmly and persistently challenged and their baiting shows themselves up for what they are.

I find that this dissuades them from wanting to write that way again as well. Unfortunately they seldom seem to get the irony.

Very funny. Lprent is oblivious to how ironic he is being.

But it’s win win. I get to do what I want with other stuff. The mob gets to moan on their own for a while. And lprent still feels powerful and important.

UPDATE: and Te Reo Putaki is obviously monitoring things.

To be fair to PG, he hasn’t overreacted to the ban. Just the three posts on the matter so far today over on YawnNZ.

No, not an over-reaction, just a method. I don’t care about the ban, and I don’t care about TRP’s smugness over thinking he has won something under lprent’s protection (didn’t have the gumption to act himself). Can’t ban Google.


Weirdly, weka, PG, who claims to be not the least bit bothered by the ban, has written a fourth post on it. In it he writes:

“TRP wasn’t winding me up.”

Given that admission, I guess Lprent’s generous decision to make it only a month instead of a year should probably be reconsidered ;)

If TRP had the guts he’d do it himself rather than get lprent to do his dirty work like last time.

Blog rankings February 2015

February is a short month and the political year has just been cranking up. Blog stats at Open Parachute generally reflect this (although Your NZ hit a record high, beating the election months).

Whale Oil Beef Hooked

  • September: visits 3,716,364 page views 5,309,045
  • October: visits 2,008,487 page views 3,275,031
  • November: visits 1,776,421 page views 2,981,810
  • December: visits 1,764,050 page views 2,999,841
  • January 2015: visits 1,549,207 page views 2,771,035
  • February 2015: visits 1,697,269 page views 2,947,932


  • September: visits 695,190 page views 1,093,806
  • October: visits 373,637 page views 604,405
  • November: visits 301,119 page views 522,519
  • December: visits 278,787 page views 515,827
  • January 2015: visits 232,512 page views 447,489
  • February 2015: visits 299,472 page views 541,919

David Farrar was away on holiday in January and not posting for about a week.

The Standard

  • September: visits 429,438 page views 868,342
  • October: visits 255,449 page views 561,703
  • November: visits 194,646 page views 431,100
  • December: visits 182,211 page views 392,090
  • January 2015: 163,164 page views 356,129
  • February 2015: 189,833 page views 417,128

March may suffer unless they find someone else to obsess about in my absence (TIC).

The Daily Blog

  • September: visits 504,304 page views 813,779
  • October: visits 210,877 page views 347,647
  • November: visits 160,716 page views 259,736
  • December: visits 126,534 page views 203,1264
  • January 2015: 116,155 page views 188,868
  • February 121,994 page views 205,870

Note: not all blogs supply Open Parachute with site statistics, notably Public Address and Pundit.

These are all half or less than their election peaks. ‘Whaleoil Staff’ have posted:

February is always the last month of slow results.  We’re all enjoying the last of the warm weather, and the end-of-day daylight before the clocks go back again.   Various days off with anniversary days and Waitiangi day.  Add that to a short month, and we never get to see the number we expect to see.

Not so here.

Your NZ is more modest overall but is going up. We would easily make the Open Parachute top ten if WordPress stats are equivalent (there’s debate about that). The trend looks good:

YourNZstatsFebruary2015YourNZ (WordPress stats) to February 2015

Time will tell whether the record high in February is a temporary bump or if it’s a trend upwards.

So thanks to all those who come here to read my news snippets and musings, and thanks especially to those who join in the discussions. This is a team effort – your involvement helps me look forward to getting up at five in the morning to add a wee bit to the political discussions.

Open Parachute sitemeter rankings:

Andrew Little and The Voice of Reason

‘The Voice of Reason’ was a regular commenter at The Standard for years. That was highly ironic considering that he  was consistently on of the most vindictive lying abusers of anyone deemed a political enemy at The Standard.

A few years ago TVOR changed his name to a Maori equivalent, Te Reo Putake.That’s an insult to te reo.

(And incidentally made a mistake indicating he used multiple pseudonyms at one stage).

This came up recently:

Te Reo Putake might mean the Voice Of Reason but for God’s sake, his is the voice of insanity

The Murphey:
Is it possible to be a ‘voice of reason’ when one’s bias is so openly illustrated via fear a fearful and scared perspective in his commentary’s ?

Te Reo Putake:
Yes, it is. I chose the voice of reason to wind up righties. As you can see from travellerev’s comment, it still works beautifully.

That’s about as stupid as ‘Redbaiter’. Another indicator:

If I can be the voice of reason for a moment, I hope that Standardistas won’t gloat over this news, after all innocent until proven guilty and just because he’s a hypocritical bullying piece of shit doesn’t mean that, ha … stop it, musn’t laugh … ha, ha, ha … no, really … ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh lordy this is too good , ha ha ha ha, not able to be company director if bankrupt, ha ha ha, Freed dead in the water ha ha ha ha …. sorry, I’ll be back when I’ve composed myself. Now, what was I saying?

There’s more irony in that than at Taharoa. Especially “hypocritical bullying piece of”…

Te Reo Putake on Little’s leadership win:

Pretty pleased with this result. Well done, Andrew. And well done to the other candidates, too. I hope Andrew asks caucus to elect Jacinda deputy. It would be the right move.

This election shows that NZLP now has a mature internal democracy, and that we can elect our leaders in public, rather than in the boardroom. A lot of the credit should go to Moira Coatsworth. The democratisation process she has lead has gone a long way to making the party a more enjoyable place to be.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post that said if Andrew ran, he would win. I’m going to go for the second leg of the quinella; Andrew Little will be NZ’s next Prime Minister. You read it here first, Standardistas!

“That we can elect our leaders in public” indicates that TRP is a member of ‘we’. He also attends Labour Party conferences – “Conference is going to be great fun, whatever happens. I’m looking forward to attending.”

An indication of local political interests:

Iain LG is a long way from “undistinguished”. He has held Palmy against a concerted effort from the Tories for 3 elections and for one term was the only provincial Labour MP. He successfully promoted David Cunliffe for the leadership, and was elected as junior whip. He clearly has Andrew Little’s ear as well. Even more significantly, he has also built a formidable local electorate team that is easily the best in Labour for canvassing and publicity and is a model for how to campaign successfully. Even John Key acknowleged his work, commenting to Banksie in the teapot tapes that he was unbeatable in the seat.

“A formidable local electorate team that is easily the best in Labour for canvassing and publicity” may coincide with TRP taking a break from blogging before the last election, but I’m not sure that is usual behaviour on The Standard “a model for how to campaign successfully”.

And a hint of union association:

Nah, it turns out Little didn’t give PRC “a clean bill of health”. In one of the links above he’s quoted incorrectly in reference to the site health and safety committee and a second factual quote is misused to give a false impression to fool readers (including Phil F., apparently). Opinion masquerading as fact.

What is true is that the union could have done better, but as it was never told by the workers on site that there were issues and the company went out of its way to undermine safe mining best practice (including offering bonuses to workers to ignore the problems and just get the coal moving), it’s understandable.

More importantly, it was hardly a matter the then National Secretary would know anything about prior to the explosion. He was based in Wellington, running the union as a manager, not doing the organising work of the local union rep and site delegates in Hokitika.

Ironic seeing TRP criticising “he’s quoted incorrectly” and “opinion masquerading as fact” when that’s one of his trademarks on The Standard.

“Andrew and I”:

“You and Little are saying that contractors aren’t workers.”

Correct. Andrew and I both know the law. Now you know it. Isn’t the Standard great like that?

“Some how because they aren’t workers it makes a difference?”

Yep, there is a difference. Workers are paid on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly etc.). Contactors are generally paid on the 20th of the month following an invoice being sent. So, it can be up to seven weeks after the work is done that it is even due to be paid. Mind you in NZ there is a lag in payment that can drag on for weeks beyond that, (particularly in media!) so there is nothing unusual in Cohen having to wait.

You get a picture of who is behind pseudonyms over time, and that’s just a few from a short period.

This is as a commenter at The Standard but recently TRP elevated himself to become an author as well (of a blog that’s not Labour Party as lprent adamantly keeps reminding).

I thought his posts were quite good, and I thought his behaviour might change to reflect more responsibility.

But as shown in Same old TRP hasn’t discarded his dirty spots. It didn’t take much to prove that. And trying to use his ‘author’ status to threaten banning if I gave as good as I got suggests a certain amount of gutlessness.

Prentice protected and tried to excuse his behaviour – “TRP was winding you up“. So repeated lying and abuse is “winding up” and fighting back is banned, literally.

Apart from some association via the Labour Party (and union background) Andrew Little doesn’t have anything to do with what happens at The Standard.

But unfortunately what happens at The Standard reflects on him and on Labour, and often very poorly.

Little notably told John key to “Cut the crap!”. Unfortunately for him and Labour there’s more chance of Key taking his advice than Prentice and TRP.

It’s a shame that this sort of behaviour overshadows the reputation of The Standard, and it must be annoying for authors who try to do a good job like Greg Presland and Anthony Robins.

However they choose to be associated with the crap, and they choose to do nothing (openly at least) in stemming the crap. In fact Presland supported TRP on Sunday by also threatening a ban for challenging his crap, so despite his good intent as an author he’s an integral part of the problem.

And this is a problem for Andrew Little, because The Standard is the main face of Labour in the blogging world, and they continually lie and abuse and chase away anyone not deemed a suitable member of the club.

Andrew Little has so far succeeded because he often genuinely sounds like a voice of reason. Even is caucus seems to have woken up to the reality that perpetual infighting is tantamount to perpetual Opposition.

But Labour activists are stuck in a dirty rut at The Standard.

I gave Te Reo Putake a chance to reconsider his lying abusive behaviour on Sunday and he chose to re-emphasise his dirty approach rather than retract.

The crap is unlikely to be cut. They keep shitting in their own and Labour’s nest.


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