‘Assets’ reveal Lauda Finem-Spring-Slater links

On assets and teams and Lauda Finem, Marc Spring and Cameron Slater.

Lauda Finem play with words to try to deny that they are a front for a handful of (nasty) people based in New Zealand.

We will say it once more, for the last time! Lauda Finem is a foreign based blog, it is not and never has been based in New Zealand or any of it’s territories.

Everything LF publishes we do so quite legally, no different to any other foreign news source. Moreover LF is NOT a party to any legal proceeding in New Zealand whatsoever, nor is any member of team LF, again all members live outside New Zealand, always have, always will. Nor will we be the subject of defamation proceedings in the future as absolutely everything published on LF is the TRUTH, as distasteful as that may be to those who have featured on LF

In typical irony they claim “absolutely everything published on LF is the TRUTH” immediately after telling a big porky.

They may claim that ‘team LF’ is just Antony Nottingham (ok, they don’t admit that but also don’t deny it) and their  New Zealand based operators are not members but ‘assets’.

Here’s an example of Lauda Finem referring to their ‘assets'”

Funnily enough when we had one of our assets point out Fishers mistake to Slater and tweeted it during the lunch break Slater got stuck into Fisher.


Here’s another example:

LF obtained the services of probably Australasia’s greatest investigative asset over the weekend for free…well somebody paid for his services, but it was not LF!!.

Just after that they refer to “New Zealand Justice Campaigner Dermot Nottingham” and anyone who has read through Dermot Nottingham and Lauda Finem – detail will recognise that’s probably not a coincidence.

And another: Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slaters bad dream – climbs into bed with arch nemesis Matthew Blomfield  4 September 2014

In the recorded telephone conversation, between Blomfield and Spring (below)…

Marc Spring, one of Slaters many sources, a man who was prepared to go public and stand by Slater in court…Spring and others who had turned LF assets has assisted in obtaining reams of evidential material which LF has yet to publish.

Lauda Finem openly admit  Marc Spring, one of Cameron Slater’s ‘sources’, as an ‘LF asset’ who has “assisted in obtaining reams of evidential material which LF has yet to publish”.

In an earlier post: TVNZ, John Hudson, Matthew Blomfield and the Ruawai Property Scam – Part One 17 December 2013

In our last post on Blomfield we evidenced that he had likely either colluded with journalists or in the alternative mislead journalists. Having had a little time to review a fraction of the material we, like Slater, received recently…

This makes it fairly clear someone (in New Zealand) has been supplying both Slater and Lauda Finem with material.

Back to the previous post:

In doing so Blomfield had knowingly laid one of those false police complaints against Mr Marc Spring, in fact it was the second in two years that Spring had been subjected to, both of these complaints designed to intimidate Spring.

As is becoming evident, Lauda Finem et al claims of being harassed can mean the opposite. This is true in my experience, and last week’s Court of Appeal judgment revealed “Mr Blomfield’s application for a restraining order against Mr Spring was successful in the Auckland District Court. In delivering judgment, Judge Dawson noted that the relationship between the two was “toxic”. The Judge proceeded to find that text messages sent to Mr Blomfield by Mr Spring constituted harassment under the Harassment Act 1997. A restraining order was accordingly made against Mr Spring and remains in force until 9 April 2016.”

LF managed to collect additional evidence of this fact, Blomfield’s true intention, by covertly recording a telephone call that Blomfield made to Spring…

How would LF, who claim none of their ‘team’ have ever lived in New Zealand, covertly record that telephone call?

At the same time Slater was communicating with Blomfield he was also chatting with one of our mutual sources, fishing for additional information on none other than Warren Powell, an action that seemed very suspicious. The source immediately contacted an LF operative and explained what had been unfolding in Slaters Skype texts…

A ‘mutual source’ again. However Slater doesn’use the term ‘asset’, he talks about ‘team’. This email is in the Lauda Finem post:




It seems clear from a number of posts at Lauda Finem that Antony Nottingham doesn’t like Slater. Slater is correct in saying the lauda Finem attacks against Slater’s wife were disgusting (like many LF posts). And he has also been the target of similar, like this in the same post as the emails:

So is Cameron Slater a candidate for filthy Maggot cunt of the year? In the absence of a plausible explanation from the fat-boy himself we here at LF certainly think so. Can Cameron Slater really be trusted to keep his sources safe? We here at LF think not.

But it is also clear from this that there is no honour amongst this lot, they are all vicious, even amongst themselves. The hapless Slater almost looks good in comparison to those who have been using and abusing him.

Back to Lauda Finem’s claim:

Moreover LF is NOT a party to any legal proceeding in New Zealand whatsoever, nor is any member of team LF, again all members live outside New Zealand, always have, always will.

Lie 1 – Spring still lives in Auckland as far as I know. In fact I’ve been told he may be spending quite a bit of time at Dermot Nottingham’s house.

Lie 2 – Lauda Finem stated “Marc Spring, one of Slaters many sources, a man who was prepared to go public and stand by Slater in court”. And there is also evidence that Spring is a party to other legal proceedings.

Lauda Finem and Cameron Slater may use different terms but it seems clear that an LF asset is the same thing as a Slater team member.

Regardless of their semantics one could wonder whether people like Marc Spring are assets or liabilities.


Rachinger public apology

Ben Rachinger has been pressed to at least apologise for sending pictures of a journalist that ended up being published by Lauda Finem.

He responded on this on Your NZ yesterday:

I’ve already acknowledged to JW as much as I can say. I don’t see that relitigating it in public for white knights helps her. She can raise the issue in public as she sees fit.

Insofar as Slater received the pictures and forwarded them to Lauda Finem?

That’s a whole basket of can’t comment. For obvious and very good reasons. A lot of people have been up to some very dodgy stuff. In some cases, criminal.

What I’m supposed to have done is unethical but not illegal. What Slater has allegedly done?

That’s definitely criminal :-)


This morning in what appear to be authentic tweets:

Unconditionally apologise to for sending pictures to who then sent them to . Worst thing I’ve ever done

I have no excuses for what is extremely shithouse and immoral behaviour. I can only make amends by writing and by taking Slater down.

Would like to say that my ex had no knowledge of any of pics. She’s her own person. We don’t speak anymore. Onwards to literary infamy! :)

Ben has said he is writing a book.

He can confirm if these tweets are from him but to me it looks authentic.


Whale Oil connections

A week ago a post appeared on Lauda Finem that revealed substantial personal and family information about a regular commenter here, ‘Mike C’.

This may have seemed “out of the blue” to some people but it obviously would have taken someone some time to trawl the Internet to source the material. It’s really quite creepy. The same sort of thing has happened to me.

It’s possible this despicable personal attack is the result of a long standing grudge. On a post here in response to the Lauda Finem post Mike C commented:

However … Spring stepped over the line by putting photos and information about my extended family members in the Lauda Finem post.

And for that … I will never forgive Spring and the Brothers and Belt and Juana.

End of Story

It may or may not have been Spring who actually did the post but he’s a part of this group – and he was the first to draw attention to the post by putting a link to it in a retaliatory comment. It seemed at the time that he threw a hissy at Mike C, hit the post button at Lauda Finem and then linked to it, but it may have been a ‘Team LF’ effort.

Last year Mike C was a regular commenter on Whale Oil, but apparently fell foul of Cameron Slater, Pete Belt and Juana Atkins (Slater’s wife). I don’t know details and most of this has probably been deleted off Whale Oil. Like many people Mike C was banned from Whale Oil, and then started commenting here at Your NZ.

Mike C has been a critic of Whale Oil and those involved there, and also of the Nottingham/Spring cabal. Both groups are closely related and have  records of choosing targets based on very little (sometimes they attack totally innocent people as @Laudafinem did in the weekend).

Some of contents of the Lauda Finem post certainly look to have been at least tipped off by a person or persons with far more than a blog observer’s knowledge.

Mike C also commented:

I never had any bone to pick with the Brothers Grimm and Spring at Lauda Finem until they began attacking this Blog several months ago.

My mention of Juana Slater is valid … because she wrote my full birth name in here a couple of months ago.

Slaters Wife is part of this entire equation … I can assure you :)

It is correct that Juana (Atkins, who comments and authors as Spanish Bride) had already outed Mike C. It happened here:

Mike C

October 2, 2015  / 6:55 pm
Belt should be worried about what people can dig up and publish about him :)


 /  October 3, 2015  / 1:18 pm
[Edited – I initially held this comment aside until I had time to deal with it properly,Spanish Bride, what you did is dirty, as anyone who is familiar with how blogs operate would well know. You may do things dirty at Whale Oil, that’s your choice, but it’s not acceptable here.

What Cameron, and others, and now obviously you, seem to do is dish the dirt out in big dollops but if anyone challenges you on it you react badly and instead of addressing criticisms you resort to attacking those who criticise. If you can’t take criticism I suggest you give up blogging.PG]

It was a provocative comment from Mike C but it didn’t deserve that sort of response from Atkins.

I deleted the details but have a copy of what Atkins posted as evidence. That looks to have been done with calculated retaliatory and malicious intent.

It wouldn’t be hard to see Belt as being complicit in that hit.

And from October 3 to last week would give someone or some people enough time to trawl the ‘Net and dredge up extensive personal details of someone in preparation for a Lauda Finem hit job.

Marc Spring is known to work closely with Slater on some things. Last week’s Court of Appeal judgment shows an obvious relationship between Slatyer and Spring in the claimed defamation by Matthew Blomfield, and  I’ve seen some vile stuff in other court documents involving the two of them.

This adds weight to the view of quite a few people that Lauda Finem has been used by Slater and co as a means of dishing dirt that is too nasty (if that’s possible), too legally risky or too financially risky to post at Whale Oil.

They seem to be a very spiteful and vengeful bunch.

Whale Oil – pro-ISIL Islamaphobic hate site

There are important issues around some extreme Islamic groups and their use of their interpretation of religious texts to justify horrific violence and atrocities – as the Islamic Council of New Zealand pointed out in a media release in response to the Paris atrocities,  “No true divine faith teaches violence” – or at least it shouldn’t.

But the extremist Muslims are aided in their aims of religious division and fear by over-reactions and suggestions of extreme responses from Islamaphobes. And Whale Oil seems to have become an Islampahobic hate site.

They have been running a daily string of ranty posts against all Muslims. They have become promoters of ISIL aims, apparently ignorant of the damage they are trying to cause.

It’s sad to see this happening on a prominent New Zealand website but that’s what is happening.

Yesterday Whale Oil had the following posts that target Muslims and Islam.

  1. Face of the day
    “Members of the Muslim community, the Muslim ‘family’ in France did massacre French civilians and they did do it in the name of Allah. Stop sugar-coating the unpleasant truth Susan. You are fooling nobody.”
  2. How gun control helped the French avoid a massacre…oh wait
    “We are in a war with Islam. They want to destroy our civilisation and replace it with theirs. We need to fight, hard.”
  3. Islamic Council says there are no Israeli victims of terrorism
    For the Islamic Council to ignore that while crying crocodile tears of sympathy for Paris and Lebanon shows just exactly what we are dealing with here.
  4. Key confident our Islamic refugees won’t be those kind of “refugees”
    “Meanwhile we need to re-think Islamic immigration in this country…seriously. As in halt it for now. There are plenty of Christian Syrian refugees we could take. They should get priority.”
  5. We are at war with an ideology, not a nation state, and the enemy lives among us
    That headline says enough.
  6. French start bombing ISIS stronghold in Syria – let’s call it a good start
    “Next, we need to hunt down all the Jihadis who are already in Europe.   No mercy.   No touchy feely.”
    As if that’s not already being attempted. It’s not as easy as an annihilation aiming armchair warrior thinks.
  7. Is the latest Paris attack Europe’s “Pearl Harbour”?
    “Western governments have systematically disarmed its populace under a social contract that promised to keep the people safe.   This social contract is clearly broken when people who have no interest in guns are starting to think about having one – it’s the first sign that a population is living in fear and it does not believe it can rely on the government.”
    “If you want peace, prepare for war.”
  8. I don’t want to appear ungrateful for their support, but…where are the men?
    “Yes we can defeat them, but so-called moderate Muslims need to assist and that means the menfolk too.”
  9. Not could or would or might happen, but when
    “At the moment Muslims are a small percentage of the population, but as that grows so too do the problems. Once Muslims reach 5% of the population then real trouble starts. At the moment there are around 46,000 Muslims in New Zealand or around 1% of the population”
  10. Knock me down with a feather: NZ academic speaks truth about Islam
    “These people are out to kill us.  Clearly.   There is some hard proof of this.
    And the only way to stop them is to kill them before they kill us.”
  11. FIANZ spokeswoman Dame Susan Devoy needs to read this
    “It’s brutal, but so is Islam. When people like Dame Susan Devoy are more concerned over the hurty feelings of one group of people than over the acts of terrorism that have hurt many more then you know we have a problem in our society.
    To defeat Islamic terrorism we need to cut off their money, then we need to cut off their heads.”
  12. Polish Foreign Minister lambasts the ‘crazed leftists’ and liberal elite hand-wringers over Paris
    We are in a war and tossers on tumble-weed blogs might like to dream that we are not in a war, but unfortunately for him and our civilisation our enemies think and act otherwise.Hugs and cuddles aren’t going to cut it. Bombs, bullets and boots are what it is going to take to end Daesh.

    Countries have borders for a reason, to keep the enemy out, we have armies to enforce those borders and the wombles of left have been encouraging a border-less society. I wonder though how that is working out for the people of Europe as they come under siege from an alien culture.

    The sooner we realise that liberalism and terror cuddling is going to get a whole lot of us killed the sooner we can set about sorting out these bad wogs once and for all.”

There is little else of substance on Whale Oil yesterday.

Now amongst all this there are some issues that are of legitimate concern. But that is overwhelmed by the onslaught of division and hate mongering. ISIL will be pleased with this, they are succeeding in part.

It’s possible to combat ISIL and terrorism without promoting terror, division and hate.

It’s far easier (although still very difficult) to fight against tens of thousands of Islamic fanatics largely contained in a small part of the Middle East than to make enemies of one and a half billion Muslims and try and deal with a self inflicted massive escalation.

Slater and Cook versus ‘ex-cop and security company boss’

Filling in the gaps that Whale Oil leave out.

Today Stephen Cook, who is descibed on Whale Oil as “multi award winning journalist and former news editor and assistant editor of the Herald on Sunday”, has posted what many will recognise as potentially another suspicious looking hit job – EX-COP AND SECURITY COMPANY BOSS FOR THE HIGH JUMP.

But as is common at Whale Oil and should be uncommon in journalism, there are pertinent facts that are not disclosed.

The ex-cop and security company boss, Paul Thomas Staples, also appears to be an ex business partner of Cameron Slater.

From Liquidators First Report: PSCS Limited (In Liquidation) Previously known as CDP Security Limited:





SlaterLiquidator3So there’s some serious issues there, with both Staples and Slater listed as the directors.

Cook reports:

Over the past two decades, Staples has worked mainly in the security industry. Wherever he’s gone trouble has followed with reports of illegal business practices, general mismanagement and companies not being registered for tax purposes with IRD.

With Slater as a co-director, something Cook conveniently didn’t mention. Cook promises:


Perhaps he will be more open in that.

I’ve been sent a document detailing an investigation of business relationships between Staples and Slater, including business failures. The fact that this has not been disclosed in Cook’s article is interesting.

Why the hit job on an ex-business partner? Why has Staples been charged, having incurred substantial tax debts, while Slater seems to have escaped scrutiny by the courts?

Slater may have found a legitimate way of avoiding charges himself, but outing the ex-cop and security company boss – and ex-business partner – seems odd, unless there is some ulterior motive other than just news reporting.

Also included are details of Cook’s association with methamphetamine, which some people may consider relevant to his actions, credibility and judgement. I don’t know if this association is only historic or is still current, but it explains why he is a “former news editor”..

The investigation (supplied information):

On 1 October of this year, Cameron John Slater released a book entitled “Dodgy Unions”. Whale Oil carried advertisements for “Author Cam Slater’s New Book: Pre-Order Details.” He must have been a bit concerned about sales because he got his good friend Pete Belt to write a glowing review of the book on Amazon, under the name of “B. Edwards”. He was caught out very quickly, and apparently it was all a bit of a joke. However, Amazon do not appear to have found it very funny.

Apparently,  ‘Dodgy Unions’ will be “the first of many planned books that allow [‘author’] Slater to explore subjects in far more depth and provide far more analysis” than ‘journalist’ Slater is able to do on his blog.

One can perhaps hope that author and journalist Slater does not too much flying, as it seems ‘pilot’ Slater may not be beyond the realms of his ability to confer a range of professions on himself.

There is a tendency, latent in us all perhaps, to promote those things we would like people to know about us, and not tell people the things that we are not so proud of. For example, it is unlikely that a person would sit down with someone they have only just met and say, ‘in 2005 I lost all my money. I lost it because I made stupid decisions and I ended up hurting lots of people and it was really embarrassing and sad.

You particularly don’t want to make an admission like that if your name is Cameron Slater, author, journalist, blogger. Slater comes across as pretty aggressive and if it was to come out that much of what he has called people to account for, he has actually done himself, it might cause him a few credibility problems. Or perhaps not, because it does seem that he feels able to hold people to standards of behaviour that he doesn’t require of himself.

Nevertheless, what’s done is done, and thanks to the internet it’s very hard to hit the erase button.     

So, back in February 2001 a company was formed called, somewhat ominously, Corporate & Domestic Protection Services Limited1. The company director was listed as Paul Thomas Staples and the shareholders were Sanctuary Trustee Limited2 and Lalovaea Limited3.  Mr Staples was the majority shareholder in Lalovaea Limited. From what I have read about Mr Staples on the Whale Oil website it is clear that Slater and he are no longer on speaking terms, to say the least.

Fast forward to 2004 and we find that the company known as Corporate & Domestic Protection Services Limited has been placed into liquidation, on or about 9 January. The liquidator’s first report4 tells a pretty bleak story. The liquidator, Grant Bruce Reynolds noted that the company failure “was due to a large overdue account owing to the Inland Revenue Department…”  He then goes on to talk about the amounts owed to creditors which are $516,908.85 preferential; $117,176.98 secured; and $52,132.88 unsecured. Making up a total debt of $686,218.71.

On 19 January 2004 a Receiver is appointed. The Receivers’ First Report5 basically says Scottish& Pacific Business Finance Limited are a debenture holder and that they intend to realise that security. The report is furnished by Price Waterhouse Cooper and includes an updated list of creditors: $407,519.00 preferential; $134,420.00 secured; and $82,589.00 unsecured, giving a new total of $624,528.00.

The Receivers remain for about seven months at which point they resign and hand the company back to the Liquidators. Their final report6 notes that the secured party has been repaid and the remaining debt is now $490,048.00.

More importantly, it states that, prior to their appointment, the company’s business and related assets were sold to another company, CDP Security Limited, through a Sale and Purchase agreement (S&P) dated 7 November 2004. It makes mention of a payment of $8,500.00 received as ‘part payment’ of an amount due to the company under the aforementioned Sale and Purchase agreement.

CDP Security Limited was incorporated on or about 18 February 2003. At the time the company had 1000 shares, all owned by Paul Thomas Staples7 and he was listed as the sole director of that company.  In February 2004 we see the appointment of Cameron John Slater8.  The Companies Office register today still shows Slater and Mr Staples as directors of the company.

However, lets return to Corporate & Domestic Protection Services Limited. The Receivers have been and gone and the company is back in the control of the liquidators. The Liquidators six monthly report9 is released with the only significant change being that the unsecured creditors total has now jumped up to $662,319.97.

There is mention of a Sale and Purchase agreement between this company and CDP Security Limited, noting a sale price of $183,250.00 payable in eight even quarterly instalments and reference to a partial payment of the first instalment having been made. Further reports show that the liquidator was unable to collect any money from CDP Security Limited as the company was placed into liquidation on the 11th of November 2004.

Consequently, on or about the 8 September 2008 a final report is furnished advising that the company be removed from the registry.

Liquidation of CDP Security Limited

PSCS Limited10 (formally CDP Security Limited) was placed into liquidation on or about the 11th of November 2004. At the time of liquidation the company had two directors, namely Cameron John Slater and Paul Staples.   The liquidator’s first report11 was released on the 15th of December 2004.

It was a comprehensive report. For example, it refers to Cameron Slater as both a shareholder and director. I suspect the liquidator has made a small error in that it refers to the Frog Rock Trust as a director. I suspect that this is Slater’s Trust as he has previously incorporated a company called Frog Rock Management Limited 2001.  The reasons for the company going into liquidation are given in detail in the report. I will summarise them.

“The company CDP Security Limited was created from the ashes of the company Corporate & Domestic Protection Services Limited (in Liquidation)…..”

It notes the Sale and Purchase agreement between Corporate & Domestic Protection Services Limited and CDP Security Limited. It notes that CDP Security Limited had been actively promoting the sale of the business for some time. It referred to a new Sale and Purchase agreement, signed in October 2004. Settlement of this Agreement is conditional on another debenture holder, Nathan Finance, accepting the deal. From the report it suggests that Nathan Finance is owed circa $600,000.00. It then goes on to say that Nathan Finance accepted the Agreement, and company’s client base, unencumbered office equipment and goodwill is sold. “The sale was made to a third party that had no association or involvement with the company its officers or shareholders”.

The report makes the point that “Corporate & Domestic Protection Services Limited and Security Response Team New Zealand Limited were intermingled with CDP Security Limited”.

Security Response Team New Zealand Limited’s company director and shareholder (via a company) was Philip Ronald Jones. This is the same Phil Jones who promoted Richmastery. Mr Jones was bankrupted for various debts including a rumoured one million dollars he owed to Westpac. His demise was widely reported in the media12.

CDP Security Limited was said to have had $507,675.00 of Debtors and a 50% shareholding in CDP Monitoring Limited, a company of which Edward George Staples was the majority shareholder. I am not sure of the connection between this person and Paul Thomas Staples but you will forgive me for believing that one undoubtedly exists.

The secured creditors appear to be a number of car loans with UDC, Marac Toyota Finance etc. Outstanding wages and Holiday Pay come in at an estimated $115,751.00 and the Inland Revenue Department is owed $273,584.00 according to Slater and his fellow director.

The report then invites unsecured creditors to file a proof of debt.

Getting into the harder hitting parts of the report, the liquidator provides an opinion on the “Insufficient Books and Records” stating that “there may be grounds for action pursuant to Section 300 of the Companies Act 199313.    They form an initial view that the business had been trading while insolvent for at least six months prior to liquidation and that there is a possibility of issuing proceedings against the director for reckless trading.

The report concluded with a statement of affairs including breakdown of the Department of Inland Revenue debt, showing a PAYE total of $219,274.00. The total deficiency as regards to Preferential Creditors Registered Charges, Unsecured Creditors & Shareholders was recorded at $1,140,118.00.

A final liquidators report was released in April 2014 for CDP Security Limited (in Liquidation). It was basic and summarised it said that they had collected $77,955.11 from the sale of assets and from debtors and that this money was used to pay liquidators fees and other costs relating to the liquidation.

Between December 2004 and April 2014 the liquidator did not furnish any reports so it is very hard to know what happened during that period. Reports are supposed to be uploaded to the Companies Office every six months.

This security business has been around in one shape or another since 2001, beginning with Corporate & Domestic Protection Services Limited. Admittedly, Cameron Slater’s involvement was not until he took on the directorship of Security Limited (in Liquidation). However, the liquidator believed that these companies “were intermingled with CDP Security Limited”

Collectively, from what I could access publicly, these companies owed creditors an estimated $1,826,336.71. Of that, within CDP Security Limited its reports show over $250,000.00 owed to the Department of Inland Revenue, of which most is PAYE and over $100,000.00 owed to staff. The initial liquidators report for CDP Security Limited also accounted for a $300,000.00 collection from debtors. Only $75,181.36 was collected so the final number owing across the entities can be revised to $2,051,155.35.

Curiously, after incurring debts of in excess of $2,000,000.00 and with CDP Security Limited now in liquidation, Slater starts incorporating a series of new companies. He starts in July 2005, some eight months after the liquidation of CDP Security Limited.

The first company to be incorporated in Te Aronga Maru Limited15. At the time of incorporation Slater is the director16 and holds 4500 shares. He is joined by Harold Paul Honnor as both director and equal shareholder17.

Over the next couple of months they form several more companies, all owned by Te Aronga Maru Limited. These include Tamaki Security Limited, Western Springs Security Limited, Ellerslie Security Limited, One Tree Hill Security Limited and Half Moon Bay Security Limited. Slater resigned as director of all of these companies on 1 July 2006. All of these companies have now been struck off the register. In 2005 Slater started the Whaleoil website.

Perhaps it could be argued by Slater that over this approximately three year period he was unlucky in his business relationships and the people he partnered with played a large part in what happened to him.

The Companies Act 1993 does not see it that way.

Fast forward to the present day. It would seem that the calibre of the people he is associating with has not improved very much. We have an obvious first call with Mr Stephen Cook. Mr Cook has a long history with methamphetamine, dating back to 2008 when Police entered the offices of the Herald on Sunday18.

Stephen was dismissed from his job as assistant editor in 2009 as a result. On 17 November 2008 a judgment of the High Court of Auckland was released. The case was between The Queen v Chee Hoi Lee. However within this judgment were details of surveillance.

The relevant paragraphs from the judgment read19;

  Supply to Ward Pearce and Stephen Cook  – 5 July 2008

[34] In a series of intercepted communications on 5 July, Mr Nguyen and Mr Lee both used Mr Nguyen’s mobile phone to speak to Ward Pearce and another potential purchaser, Stephen Cook. Mr Lee answered Mr Nguyen’s phone when Mr Cook rang and told him, “we’ve got it. We’ve got your things”. A telephone conversation between Mr Nguyen and Mr Pearce a few minutes later establishes, as the Crown submits, that it was intended that Mr Pearce give Mr Cook half of the methamphetamine he received. The quantity referred to is a “big one”. Mr Lee’s presence and involvement is further confirmed by his answering Mr Nguyen’s phone to speak to another customer an hour later.

[35] I am satisfied that Mr Lee was a party to the supply of methamphetamine. I am also satisfied that the reference to a “big one” is to one ounce (28 grams) of methamphetamine.

Supply to Stephen Cook  – 6 July 2008

[36] The day after the communications with Messrs Cook and Pearce, Mr Cook telephoned Mr Nguyen to complain that he had been waiting for two days. Mr Nguyen handed the phone to Mr Lee who asked Mr Cook how much money he had, “so we can get ready for you …”. Mr Cook told him he had “four hundred” which would indicate a purchase of the order of half a gram. I find Mr Lee was a party to the supply of that quantity.

[37] In a telephone conversation between Mr Nguyen and Mr Lee on 6 July, there is a discussion of various figures which can only be sensibly interpreted as referring to sums of money. I agree with the Crown that it appears from the exchange that a transaction involving $10,000 had taken place the previous night, of which $5,000 remained outstanding. Based on Detective Sergeant Sowter’s evidence that methamphetamine sells for between $8,000 and $15,000 per ounce, I infer that Messrs Nguyen and Lee had both been involved in the supply of one ounce (28 grams) of methamphetamine.

One can surmise confidently from this that Mr Cook is in fact involved with methamphetamine and that the Herald was correct in their decision to dismiss him. Nevertheless, if more proof is needed then his sentencing in 2015 for methamphetamine at the Manukau Court may provide it20.


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NOTE: the claims in this document have been backed links to public information. If there are any errors or relevant omissions please advise. As usual a right of reply applies. PG

UPDATE: Good to see a that partial disclosure is now on the post, albeit not very prominently, underneath the article:

Disclosure: Cam Slater was previously in business with Paul Staples in a security company


Slater – more despicable

I didn’t plan for today to focus on Whale Oil but the campaign there against ‘Islam’ reached new depths in their third post of the day (there has since been a fourth).

In ISLAMIC COUNCIL SAYS THERE ARE NO ISRAELI VICTIMS OF TERRORISM Slater disingenuously misrepresents what the Islamic Council of New Zealand have said in a press release that condemns the Paris attacks and condemns religious related violence, and tries to turn it into an anti-Israel attack.

But the worst is his use of a photo of a dagger weilding (apparently) Muslim cleric juxtaposed with a dishonest headline and “this press release from the Islamic Council of NZ”.


That’s dirty and inciteful, especially alongside Whale Oil’s numerous other anti-Islamic posts (four so far today, the latest on refugees which states “The only strong stance is commit to destroying these scumbags”).

And that’s not what the Islamic Council said at all.

What advertiser or politician would want to be associated with anything like this?

I haven’t Slater support anti-terrorist protests nor condemn terrorist attacks like this:

Afghans march against terrorism and for a political system to secure 

The Afghan capital Kabul witnessed a historic protest on Wednesday when tens of thousands of people marched to the presidential palace. It was the largest demonstration in Afghanistan’s modern history. Demonstrators carried the coffins and photos of seven innocent people – including two women and a nine-year-old girl – whose bodies were found on Saturday.

Afghan officials reportedly said Islamic State (IS) had kidnapped these ethnic Hazara people several months ago and held them in the Arghandab district of southern Zabul province. While serious questions remain about the circumstances of the kidnapping and killings, the captives had been brutally beheaded just days ago. Their bodies were sent to their families in the Jaghori district of Ghazni province.

Of course it’s not necessary or possible to condemn all instances of terrorism when condeming specific attacks, and it’s stupid to demand it or use it as an excuse to do the dirty on someone doing the condemning.

Slater versus Fisher and NZ Herald

Cameron Slater has picked up on the story posted by Scoop and also posted on here yesterday – see Cop ‘very surprised’ by police resources for Slater investigation.

In THE MENDACITY OF THE NZ HERALD AND DAVID ‘TAINTED’ FISHER Slater refers to David Fisher as ‘a mendacious scumbag’ and states:

There is no point responding to David “Tainted” Fisher because he has an agenda and is on a mission to protect Nicky Hager and to ultimately protect himself.

That’s typical from an ongoing feud between Slater and Fisher. It’s rather ironic for Slater to call someone else ‘tainted’. Similar could be said of ‘mendacious scumbag’.

Slater picks up on a number of new and rehashed issues, including his repetitive “real Dirty Politics is now being revealed”.

But Slater makes a valid point.

What astonishes me is that the editors of the NZ Herald let David Fisher manipulate the facts and lie by omission in his articles. Why is he even reporting on these matters when he has sworn affidavits in support of Nicky Hager?

He taints the NZ Herald by his actions and his editors allow that tainting to occur.

Fisher appears to be closely associated with Hager. He has also had a long and at times very open fight with Slater (especially open on the Whale Oil side of the story).

While the Herald might think Fisher is an appropriate person to report on Hager and Slater related issues due to his in depth knowledge Fisher has at least a strong perception of not being impartial.

That’s not a good look for a newspaper like The Herald. I think they should be using someone at least with some semblance of impartiality on stories on these topics.

Fisher just feeds into the whale feeding frenzy.

Dodgy Whale – deleted post

A post at Whale Oil yesterday attacking and making accusations against a car dealer has ‘disappeared’. This is a common phenomenon with comments there, less common with posts. Perhaps they overstepped on something, or perhaps they thought better of it.


Looks like it could have been a hit job, either paid for or for a friend, that went wrong.

The updated list of posts:


Slater versus Craig and Mr X…

It’s not surprising to see Cameron Slater making the most of the revelation that Colin Craig was the Mr X in the Dirty Politics booklet attacking Slate that was delivered to letter boxes around the country. Fair enough, Craig makes himself an easy target.

Interesting that the first post on this at Whale Oil was The Nation skewers Colin Craig for his subterfuge over Mr X at 8:30 am this morning, nearly 24 hours after The Nation skewered Craig. Whale Oil has often been slow in reacting to breaking news lately.

That post almost entirely comprises a transcript of of the interview at The Nation. That looks certainly to have been copied and pasted from my Colin Craig’s ‘Mr X’ post from yesterday, incorrect spelling and punctuation included.

It’s interesting to see that Slater follows and reads Your NZ, and not surprising to see he takes content without attribution. That’s not how a journalist should operate.

Later today posted under ‘Cameron Slater’ (as has often been pointed out, it’s never certain who has written these posts) is Analysing Mr X and Colin Craig.

This post hammers Craig’s “well known literary device”.

There’s also som interesting comments from “Cameron Slater’ that are worth pointing out and keeping on record.

These words will haunt Colin Craig now it is revealed that he is Mr X. He is going to have to explain to the court how his own statements here can be true and at the same time claim that he has been defamed…

This is going to lead to an easy claim of malice…

Unfazed people don’t go about causing lawsuits.

His idiocy and foolishness are now going to cost him. He has made stuff up, he has done so out of malice, and the very thing he was complaining about he has now partaken in. But the thing is he got busted. This was all a subterfuge, done in order to garner sympathy, but all based on a  pretence, a lie and falsehoods.

A liar, a flake and a political retard.

Colin Craig likes to quote the bible:

flasewitnessand George Washington:

washingtonWhen it comes to truth he should take heed of those words, and I will quote another famous person..John in Chapter 8:32:

32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

Fair enough for ‘Cameron Slater’ to throw this at Craig, but there could be a certain amount of irony involved.

Craig may not be the only one who has been playing at ‘Mr X’ type subterfuge.

WO #3: irony and hypocrisy on ‘free speech’

This is the first in a series of posts addressing claims at Whale Oil   that Google are ISIS friendly, that makes varying claims about why Google Ads ceased on Whale Oil for part of yesterday and then resumed again, that tries to raise donations to fund the ongoing operation of the blog, and that makes highly ironic claims about freedom of speech and censorship.


On October 29, Whaleoil published The only solution is to kill them before they kill us, an article covering how ISIS and other Islamic adherents bent on throwing gays off building and subjugating women are to be met by preemptive force to protect our way of life and freedoms, such as they are.

This set off a small but vocal part of Social Media.  No surprise:  exactly the same people who are always busy trying to damage Whaleoil in some way.   This time a petition was created to request the Human Rights Commission take Whaleoil to court for “hate speech“.   And as you’d expect, this was promoted by other blogs and even some main stream media journalists.  (Oh the irony).

This third post is about oh the irony of “Oh the irony”.

In this post a number of claims and comments about free speech, which are highly ironic and hypocritical given the the history of banning and censoring on Whale Oil and their involvement in trying to smear and shut up critics.

From the original post:

But our critics didn’t leave it there.  They have also been busy placing pressure on our advertisers.  

They can not just disagree with our position, we must be silenced.   The irony of fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, and so on, by denying someone you disagree with those rights is remarkable.

Fighting for freedom of speech? Yeah, wrong.


At these times, the community that is Whaleoil stands up against the bullying from those who want Whaleoil broken and to disappear.

It’s common for bullies to claim they are the victims of bullying when confronted.

More from comments, first their “featured comment”:

I don’t always agree with Cam’s views but freedom of speech is vital.

Obviously Don’s favourable comment was allowed by Whale Oil’s heavy handed censorship.


These plonkers are nothing but bullies, I don’t like bullies. I’ll put a bit in the kitty.

Someone frequenting Whale Oil who doesn’t like bullies – only the bullies they disagree with.

In reply to a comment by Pete Belt:

Which is of course censorship…by Google…who it appears are ISIS sympathisers.

Did Slater type that with a straight face? Perhaps he believes that attacks on free speech only matter when it’s his speech that’s being attacked.

He’s got the right to say whatever he likes, and to hold any opinion he likes.

All I want is for us to be left alone to do the same.

Except Belt doesn’t leave opinions he doesn’t want on Whale Oil.

We stand, we have a voice, and freedom to have that voice. Let’s keep it that way. Donation done.

‘We’ is those who have not been banned by Belt. There have been many claims that people who have donated to Whale Oil in the past have been censored and banned.

It wasn’t confined to that post, the very next post yesterday, by Spanish Bride, was Silencing Free Speech isn’t the same as changing people’s minds. This has ironic gems like:

They don’t realise that creating a hostile environment for debate enables them to intimidate and silence but it does not mean that they have changed anyone’s mind.

Many readers of Your NZ will see the high levels of irony and hypocrisy in this.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Whale Oil in action someone sent me some screen shots from Whale Oil yesterday that you won’t find there now.









It’s common for awkward questions and unwelcome opinions to disappear from Whale Oil, and for unwelcome contributors to be blocked and banned.

Now of course Slater and Belt can censor and ban as much as they like on their own blog.

But when they claim to be champions of free speech and criticise the censorship of others when they censor and ban as much as they do they deserve strong criticism of their double standards and their hypocrisy.

Belt said in his post’s update yesterday:

The Google Bot is even more merciless than I am as a moderator.

I hear many complaints about Belt’s ‘moderation’ – more like censorship, message control and propaganda enforcement – and few about the Google bot.

Free speech is as much a feature of Whale Oil as clean politics and honest disclosure – it’s a sad joke.

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