Your NZ acting leader appointed

Your NZ has appointed Jason Ashley as acting leader. This enables Your NZ to be managed until membership has been built up and candidates have been chosen. In August party leadership will be democratically elected from party list candidates.

Jason will also manage the formation of the party list. Your NZ is currently advertising on Trademe Jobs for more people interested in being on the party list. Response to that has been very good.

Your NZ founder Pete George was recently confirmed as a candidate for the Dunedin North Electorate. He sees the appointment of an acting leader as an important step in setting up the structure of the party.

Pete will oversee the establishment of other electorates for Your NZ, and once that is done he will be focussing on the Dunedin North campaign. Details will soon be released of the model of interactive democracy that will be set up.

Interest in Your NZ is spreading, by word of mouth and on social networks, and is proving research that indicated there are many people ready to look for a real alternative to the established parties.

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  1. weizguy

     /  18th June 2011

    So under the ‘Your NZ’ model, what exactly will the leader do? Other than manage the formation of the party list?

    On the party list question, what will the criteria be for determining list placings?

    Lastly, once you are elected (hypothetically speaking) how long will you take to determine policy? What are the timeframes for engaging with voters? How will you set a budget?


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