Christchurch, laments


Shake September
shocking major
lives, unscathed
by timing favour

February jolts
disaster struck
amassed in grief
suburbs amuck

June strikes again
more damage done
hearts in despair
beneath square one

Christ! The ‘church, resolve and mortar, crumbles again…

(c) 2011 Pete George

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  1. I really feel for the situation of the people of Christchurch, and from 300km away I can’t fully feel the level of difficulty, continual preying on their minds of what has already happened, repeatedly, and what might come next, or not.

    I have quite a few connections with Christchurch, like many of us, and all I can do is listen when they want to talk, and hope like hell the upheaval subsides for them soon.

    From a distance, and only having felt distant waves of the largest quakes, it’s hard to appreciate the continual affect on people’s lives, the apprehension of every creak and rumble, whether it comes from underground or not, and the perpetual assessment of safety risks whereever they are and wherever they go.

    Even if they want to go out and “relax” it pervades, which pub looks the safest, don’t sit too close to the window, keep a clear path to the nearest exit etc etc etc, the anxiety hovers always.

    Back to basic survival instincts, a constant awareness.

    It’s hard to know what distant friends can do to help.


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