This year along with the general election we also have a referendum on whether to keep MMP or change to another system. Whichever way you vote on the referendum, dont expect the government to listen or act.

The reason I say not to expect to much is because the government dont care how we vote on a referendum. In 1999 we had 2 referendums one to reduce the number of MP’s from 120 to 99 the majority voted in favor of this (81.47)%.  The other asked “Should there be a reform of our Justice system placing greater emphasis on the needs of victims, providing restitution and compensation for them and imposing minimum sentences and hard labour for all serious violent offenses”. 91.78% voted in favor of this.

12 years later, although ordinary people clearly want these implemented we still have a 120 member House, the needs of victims are not adequately met and we havent begun to impose minimum sentences with hard labour for serious violent offenses. This needs to change, the ordinary people of this country deserve better than being ignored by their MP’s and their government.

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