Support building

Getting ordinary people in person and on Facebook behind us is easy, they readily identify with and pick up on what we’re offering.

Politically interested people more often have an initially negative reaction, but with discussion and explanation that can often be turned to at least respect for what we’re doing, and increasingly open support (and more behind the scenes). For example:

Rex Widerstrom:

David Garrett asks:

Pete George: Been an MP have you? A City Councillor? A member of a Community Board? School Committee?

Ah I see… evidence of moral decay as a prerequisite for office 😉 Seriously though, if Pete had pushed himself forward for any and every office going I’d immediately flag that as an indicator that he’s probably not worth voting for.

I don’t know what he has done, but hopefully it’s something in the real world, like earning an honest living or running a small business; perhaps struggled on the dole for a bit; maybe played up a bit as a youngster rather than emerging from the womb with his eye firmly fixed on the public teat.

If you knew anything at all about politics you wouldn’t be deluding yourself you can start a one man party and take a seat first time up… That IS you isn’t it?

No it isn’t. Pete is trying to start a political movement which will be responsive to the will of its grassroots membership – unlike any of the present parties (the Greens come close in some respects, but not others). He’s advertised for other candidates and he’s standing himself with a view to generating publicity for the idea.

I do hope you took the time to read and understand the material you were required to consider as an MP, as you’ve clearly missed the entire point of what Pete is endeavouring to do.

[Disclaimer: Pete has sought, and I’ve privately offered, some advice (for what it’s worth) and broadly support the principles of what he’s trying to do. The commitment to grassroots control is the closest I’ve seen anyone get to the Founding Principles of NZ First since they abandoned them in 1996]

David Garrett:

Pete George: I was too harsh…call it Sunday Morning Dyspepsia…

Good upon you for having a go…but be careful what you wish for mate!
Rex Widerstrom:

“If Pete George succeeds in attracting even a handful of such people, and getting them elected, it will change the face of politics in NZ for the better.”

Incidentally Your NZ is not a “one man band” – I started it but we have widening support, and we appointed an acting party leader Jason Ashley last week who among other things will manage the list formation, is contributing to this blog and is promoting the party.

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