What’s wrong with Kelvin Davis

Kelvin Davis failed to win Te Tai Tokerau, despite being backed by the networks, resources and big name supporters of a major party, despite being actively promoted by other political parties, despite being rated as an up an comer in parliament.

What went wrong, and what’s wrong with the loss? Here are some possibilities:

  • Labour Party woes were too big a millstone
  • Davis is now a twice failed electorate MP rescued by the list
  • It’s possible Davis wasn’t hungry enough for the win as he was safe in parliament regardless
  • Harawira just has too much personal and family support in Te Tai Tokerau
  • Harawira’s electorate wants to be the focus of their MPs efforts and not be over-ridden by party interests.

Dover Samuels gave Davis some first term advice when he entered parliament – keep quiet and learn. I think a full three years (or two and a half to date) is far too long for that. Sure as a new MP you have some ropes to learn, but you also have a duty to the electorate to work for them.

Unless you are sitting comfortably on the list building a party career and don’t have and electorate that deserves your strong representation.

I think Kelvin Davis is a good guy and could become a good, possibly even a great MP, eventually. But he is hindered by an old party that misuses the party list to suit itself (so it thinks), not it’s constituents.

Get out there and actively work for people Kelvin. Your party should support you, not dictate to you and hold you back.

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