For the List and the Leadership

Your NZ has been set up to provide an umbrella structure for independent people to get active and create a real alternative. It is designed based on what many have been saying we need, on blogs and in person, without ideological restrictions. We need something different to the same old.

I’ve been working on multiple parts of the project but want to focus on Dunedin and the Dunedin North electorate, so I intend to get others to run the whole party and the party list.

We have advertised on Trademe for party list candidates – this is about to close – and have had interest, advice, support,  assistance and membership from around the  country as well as from Australia and Switzerland.

The time has come to get more people to step up and get actively involved.

If you have been keeping an eye on what’s happening and have thought of joining in then now’s the time to do it. We’re interested in:

  • more for the party list
  • party leadership (democratically selected from within the party)
  • more candidates in selected electorates
  • electorate or regional communication hubs – see
  • active promoters

We’ve talked. And talked. Now it’s time for action – we can create a real alternative.

Please email or ring on 027 327 3468 and make a difference too.

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