What’s the best way to influence MPs?

– that’s the heading of a Dim-Post topic.  It closes with this astounding revelation:

A staffer for a senior politician writes:

Without a doubt though, the best way to influence an MP is through face to face discussions. However, it is incredibly difficult to obtain a meeting even with the lowliest of backbenchers.

You either have to be somebody or you have to know somebody. This option is not available to ordinary folk.

Ultimately, if you want to influence an MP you need to know how their office works or how Parliament works. So if a person was serious about getting something done ones best bet would be to enlist someone who knows the inner workings of Parliament. Again, this isn’t an option available to most people though.

Well, not so much a revelation, but an admission of  how distant MPs have become from their constituents. I think this is terrible, especially for electorate MPs, and is exactly what Your NZ is addressing.

What’s the best way to influence MPs? Vote in MPs whose primary objective is to be available to ordinary folk.

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