How bad is Maorification?

Act/Ansell have raised the issue of Maorification. They are correct that this is happening, and some people aren’t happy with it.

But to be fair it can’t be looked at in isolation, Maori are only one of many groups lobbying for their own interests and the interests of their constituency. They compete with many others. We have:

  • Maorification
  • Whitification
  • PIification
  • Asianification
  • Corporatification
  • Greenification
  • Aucklandification
  • Agriculturification
  • Environmentification
  • Healthification
  • Drillification
  • Socialification
  • Homosexualification
  • Justicification
  • Prisonification
  • Earthquakifaction

– and I’m sure there are many more. What can we add to this list?

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  1. Polynization – Polynesian cultural colonization
    Pasifikanization – Assimilating differing world views into a unique Pasifikan perspective

  2. Ning Nong

     /  15th July 2011

    Big bumification – people with big bums taking over the country making us eat all that KFC


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