Women and Act

How well does the Act Party represent women? Is it mostly a party of dis-empowered and frustrated old men?

If you don’t support Act are you a cowardly irrational gutless soft mother lover?

In his latest outbursts John Ansell has been blunt about his views on Act and women.

In short, [ACT’s] catchment is men and women who think like men. Not men and women who think like women. ACT is the party of the strong father, not the soft mother.

(By strong father I include strong women like Rand, Richardson and Thatcher, and by soft mother I include weak men like Key.)

Maybe that’s why Rodney Hide had to be rolled, he pandered to “soft mothers” with his dancing and re-marriage and triping around the world with his partner.

Ansell continues to reveal his  gender views on Kiwiblog.

The women who support ACT are not squeamish about speaking bluntly about rational issues (including racial issues). I respect them very much.

In short, they’ve got guts.

More typical women are less rational and more emotional. They’d rather preserve relationships than rock the boat. Is that not true?

If it were not for the female vote, Don Brash would have become prime minister in 2005 and we’d be a much more prosperous country today.

But women, by a reasonable margin, preferred to cuddle the various minority groups and spend more of other people’s money on welfare that to take the hard economic decisions. These ‘soft mothers’ voted for short-term gain and long-term pain.

The ‘strong fathers’, also by a reasonable margin, voted for short-term pain and long-term gain. The rational (or should that be Brashional) approach.

Now of course I’ll be branded misogynist as well as racist. But again, I’m just pointing out the simple truth.

The soft mother model doesn’t seem to be universal. In Britain, women ‘got’ Margaret Thatcher’s bold approach (a woman who thought like a man if ever there was one).

But in New Zealand, when it comes to strong policies that actually allow the country to move forward, the girls let the side down. Three terms of Clarxism was not a rational answer to any rational question.

New Zealand is awash with parties that represent the female view of the world: Labour, the Greens, the latter-day Nats.

But only ACT represents rational women and rational men. The party should not be ashamed to say so.

So the 98.3% of people that don’t currently support Act (and the TV3 poll won’t have been influenced by the Acting out over the weekend) are, according to Ansell:

  • Cowards
  • Soft mothers
  • Irrational
  • Gutless

Effectively Ansell is saying that Act represents REAL MEN and everyone else are sissies, and worse.

How much of this is an Ansell only view?
What is the wider Act view on women (and sissy men)?
What are Don Brash’s views on women?

Or does any of this matter now?

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