Phil Goff’s biggest problem

Phil Goff ‘s body language betrays him.

In most of his interviews (and yes, again launching Labour’s CGT) he looks uncomfortable with his message. He looks like he’s saying what he thinks he has to say, and not what he feels and believes.

He’s been in politics long enough to be familiar with dealing with media interviews, so it’s not inexperience.

Goff looks like he is an uncomfortable party puppet, a party that is dragging him in  directions he’s not comfortable with.

Possibly he is doing it because he thinks it’s for the good of the party.
Possibly he is doing it to try and keep his job.

Whatever it is, Phil Goff rarely looks like he really believes in what he’s saying. His mouth and his heart are disconnected.

Goff won’t win popular support unless he can run Labour how he’d like the party to be. It’s probably too late to do that, even if he decided to try and was able to carry it off . Unfortunately Goff hasn’t been able to lead. He is an uncomfortable front person of a party with it’s own discomforts and demons of the past.

Phil Goff, nice guy. Has been competent  in government roles in the past. But now he keeps appearing like a fish out of his true political water.

He’s done the best he can trying to rebuild a party that’s resisted transition. It’s hard to see anyone else in Labour who could have done any better. But Goff’s body language betrays him.

Until Labour as a whole makes fundamental changes to it’s psyche and forgets political gimmicks any leader will struggle to look the part.

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