Epsom assaults on democracy?

Electorate wheeling and dealing seems to give some people the shits.

Act: John Banks, great white hope for Act to keep a foot in the door of parliament.
National: Paul Goldsmith, who says he will campaign for party votes (nudge, wink to Act)}
Labour: David Parker, previously Dunedin based,” not expected to threaten”.

It would be really interesting if Winston Peters chose Epsom too, he will be wavering between the publicity and finding a seat he thinks he has a chance of being competitive in.

This is electorate politics, MMP style, parties maneuvering and dealing amongst themselves. More on this at Kiwiblog – Marginal seat deals.

There will be more accusations this is making arrangements to circumvent democracy, but that’s rubbish.
There’s nothing to stop parties working together on any electorate arrangements they want to. Their choice.

Democracy means the voters of each electorate can decide for themselves what candidates they want to support, and what parties they want to support. If the voters of an electorate don’t like the party arrangements they can show that in the ballot.

It will also bring back up claims that John Key will tell Epsom voters how to vote. Key can say what he likes, it’s still free choice for the voters.

Brash can tell electorates how to vote, Harawira can tell electorates how to vote, Peters can tell electorates how to vote, Goff can tell electorates how to vote, hell, I’ll even try that. But it’s all up to the voters.

The voters have the power in Epsom.  Voters in other electorates could also take more power for themselves instead of just auto-voting in a safe seat.

You can make your electorate count rather than giving a free pass to a party parrot..

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