Should Dunedin North elect a spin doctor?

This really saddens me but I guess it’s not unexpected.

Dr Clark is expected to win Dunedin North easily (I’ll be trying to convince the electorate it can do much better). I’d really like the Dunedin North MP to be someone who will work hard for the electorate. This is a further indication Dr Clark is going to be a devoted party man instead. As posted on Red Alert:

Dunedin cuts – CYF spindoctors stretch truth

Dr David Clark is the Labour candidate for Dunedin North

My previous posts about the cuts to frontline child protection services in Dunedin have attracted a response.  Unfortunately the response is clearly the work of CYF’s spindoctors.

I am saddened to see CYF dodge questions regarding front line job-cuts in Dunedin.  The CYF spokesperson describes Otago and Southland as having “more social workers per caseload” than other areas, and talks about deciding whether vacated positions will be filled – according to workload in the region.

This is classic doublespeak.  As positions are vacated in Otago and Southland, they are not being replaced; a straight shooter would call this job-cuts.  Frontline positions are being axed. Vulnerable children are at risk.

Tragically, need for CYF services is in high demand.  Our stagnant economy has put increased pressure on Dunedin families.  Can CYF confirm they have as many front line staff in Dunedin now as they had a year ago?  Or better still, provide credible evidence that our most vulnerable children are no longer at risk?  Of course they can’t.  This makes me angry.  Under National’s direction, CYF are spending money on spindoctors.  That money should be spent on staff at the coal-face.

A dizzy post – Dr Spin is already learning his party craft.


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