Targeting policies

One law for all?

One benefit for all?

One job for all?

Or are we moving into a new era? The comfort blanket policies of giving a lot of people benefits and tax credits are very costly and very easy to abuse. Is targeting the biggest problems a better approach?

Obviously some policies should be universal, like most laws, National Super, maternity and infant health benefits. others will get better results – and benefit those that need and deserve the most benefits.

National are drip feeding policies leading in to the election. Two have targeting written all over them.

The Green Paper on Children is suggesting ways of prioritising money and efforts on the most vulnerable children in New Zealand. And now National have announced another target:

Welfare reforms to start with young people

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett today said the National-led Government’s welfare reforms begin with a fresh approach to working with vulnerable and disengaged young people.

Will we see more targeted policies released prior to the election? And, as a National likely, will the targets be dealt with in their next term?

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