Abstaining from Telecom

The Telecom Abstain campaign is awful, really awful – and the problem is it’s awful for rugby and it’s awful for the country.

If Telecom don’t pull this campaign I’m going to bring forward my cellphone replacement  (I have to change next year anway) and abstain from Telecom.

UPDATE: Inevitably the campaign has been ditched – All Black abstinence ads ditched 

The telco’s chief executive Alan Gourdie, in a leaked email to staff, said it would not be proceeding with the campaign.

“It’s been a torrid 24 hours in the glare of public spotlight, as well as in that of our own team’s views and opinions. Nothing like a full and frank exchange of views!”

Before the campgain kicked off, it became obvious to all that Telecom misjudged public opinion, he said.


One telco staffer today said: “I too am disgusted at this ridiculous ad, already in my call centre some staff have had to field calls from angry customers who want to disconnect all services”.

“I just wish the marketing [department] had run a poll with the staff to see what they thought before rolling the campaign out – everyone would have been against it.

“Makes me want to work elsewhere, everyone is so embarrassed about it.”

I wonder how muchbrand damage has been done in the meantime.

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