Blogger MP?

My candicacy for the election has pretty much grown out of my involvement on Kiwiblog over the last few years – that’s why I started here in the first place. Ideas and ideals have grown out of discussions here.

An electorate seat is a long shot, that will only happen if I can convince local voters to change habits of a lifetime without the help of much media – something revolutionary for the city doesn’t seem interesting to them, and I’m not in to pashing blondes in bars.

I think there’s a realistic chance of me getting in on the list, depending on where I end up on the list, the vagaries of a month rushed campaign and the whims of voters.

If I do succeed I want to continue what has started here and keep in close contact with the blog constituency. I think it’s a valuable new way of keeping in touch with people who have some interest in politics. My aim is to become a blogger MP (compared to MPs who try and dabble in blogs).

The potential power of blogs in politics has beenb demonstrated this week with the video surveillance issue. Much of that debate has been blog orientated. Of course the level of MP involvement with blogs depends on whether people who use blogs are interested in close contact and influence with an MP.

From what I’ve seen and learned the best way of doing it is a multiple blog approach. Having my own blog is one part of it, but maintaining an active involvement on other political blogs makes sense to me as well. Kiwiblog is an obvious forum to continue with – if DPF doesn’t mind. I’d select maybe one or two others to focus attention on, plus Facebook.

Any ideas or suggestions on this approach?

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