Who’s taking over New Zealand?

I’m a bit puzzled.

Fears are often expressed on blogs about conspiracies of a group to take control of New Zealand, and force us citizens to live under their laws, customs, beliefs. and sexual practices.

When Maori take over New Zealand, and capitalists take over New Zealand, and homosexuals take over New Zealand, and Muslims take over New Zealand, and liberal secularists and atheists take over New Zealand, who will rule?

I understand it’s possible we could get a sudden rise of liberal gay Maori capitalist politicians but I don’t see how they can be atheist Muslims.

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  1. nasska

     /  October 10, 2011

    Yes & no PG. Each of the groups you cited make protest & noise out of all proportion to their numbers & worst of all are usually successful in their often spurious claims. Instance the Maori & their ceaseless bleating over historic wrongs & the way gay/lesbian special interest groups seek equality but arguably end up better off than the average citizen. Outside of NZ, Muslims have virtually taken over parts of Britain & the continent & the results of elected representatives caving in to pressure groups should worry any thinking voter.

    Because minority groups provide subject matter for the MSM & revelations about the ‘oppressed’ attract readers/watchers & therefore advertising dollars the only forum left to the average Kiwi is blogs. Not all opinions expressed are necessarily valid but many are.