The state of the leaders

John Key: Still leader and still popular

Phil Goff: gets credit for his campaign and preventing a rout but still a bad result. He hasn’t been able to lead Labour and some in the party have let him down as a result. Should offer his resignation as leader but should see out the term to help Labour at least try and rebuild after a disastrous first term in office.

Metirea Turei: has raised her game and helped raise her party. Her real challenge will be to demonstrate if she can mature from idealism to realism with aims and policies.

Russell Norman: has raised his game and helped raise his party. His real challenge will be to find a way of getting Greens into government. This isn’t going to happen in the next term. Needs to keep building Green credibility but if he keeps showing up Labour too much he won’t have a major party to go into coalition with.

Winston Peters: pulled off yet another political miracle with help from the media and luck. He’s a born campaigner but will find it difficult to lead an inexperienced team and maintain enough energy and relevance to last out three years with support intact. His success will really depend on some of his fellow MPs really stepping up, and quickly.

Pita Sharples: hanging in there with mana intact but needs to find a way of making the transition to new leadership.

Tariana Turia: still there but needs to make this term worthwhile as she tries to help the Maori Party on a new path.

Don Brash: his last Act? Has already resigned and destined to political history as expected after Act disaster.

Peter Dunne: did well to hold Ohariu but will find this tougher next time especially if Labour find a strong candidate. His challenge is how to reinvent United Future as a credible alternative party.

Hone Harawira: his challenge will be to find a way of being erelevant and effective as a sole MP party and keep interest and support in the Mana Party.

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  1. Pauleastbay

     /  27th November 2011


    Winston is relevant to Bellamys and Wellington late opening bars only. He is a born bludger the only difference this term is he has Williams to go on the piss with.

    An absolute farce

    • But it’s a farce chosen by a sizable dollop of the country.

      I doubt Peters will be able to sustain much of a crusade for the next three years, and anyway he and his MPs are simply alternatives to a few more Labour MPs and/or a sprinkling of other small party MPs.

  2. Pauleastbay

     /  27th November 2011

    The dollop were the ones that should have just stayed home.

    The quality of the NZf MP’s is simpy startling, Wiliams and an ex-weatherman as two fine examples.

    When is the count for change and the preferred system coming out

  3. nasska

     /  27th November 2011

    Even although your personal bottle of victory champagne may survive for another occasion good on you for giving it a go. NZ would be poorer if it didn’t have people prepared to back their views with the effort required to stand for office.

  4. Good on you Pete for having a go.

    • Thanks nasska, Monique. The notable aspects of Dunedin North were the abysmal turnout, the drop in Labour party support and the surge in Green support which uis being generated out of the University.

      Personally I’m very pleased with where things are at. Sure I’d have like a few more votes but a hundred here or there would not have changed anything. But I’ve set up the framework for developing much stronger Dunedin political action, it’s been very well received and that will continue.

  1. Election result in Dunedin | Your Dunedin

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