Fascinating choice for Labour

The Labour leadership race is down to two distinct choices (presuming no one new joins the fray).

Davids Cunliffe and Parker were looked on as representing similar constituencies within Labour and on the left. A choice between just those two would have been a bit like Tweedledum and Tweedledee. With the inclusion of the Shearer option, and now that Parker has withdrawn, that leaves a choice between two very different camps.

David Cunliffe has a track record and experience on his side, and also seems to have the support of the Labour establishment. His personality is quite different but he is widely viewed as represnting a continuation of Labour of the last decade.

David Shearer has a track record in the wider world but is very inexperienced in politics. Some see that inexperience as a clear disadvantage, but that lack of ingrained political sameness is what attracts support from many people across the spectrum.

The good thing about the contest as it stands now is that it is forcing people within the Labour party to have a good look at disitnctly different candidates and distinctly different directions for the party.

It is up to those inside Labour to decide between the safer similar approach with a potentially polarising candidate, or a bigger risk with a relative unknown that has more immediate popular appeal.

This is a huge choice for Labour. The biggest certainty is that they need something different to reverse the malaise of the last few years. They have over a week to decide what approach they think will be best.

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  1. robert

     /  10th December 2011

    whoever wrote this is SO MISINFORMED……….all be it their own silly opinion……….and obviously not a labour supporter, Cunliffe is a man who will set us apart from the rest & with clear mandates for the future, Shearer is a newbie but with plenty of experience in World affairs…………he will need to be guided (politically) at first, but has the Ability to become a powerful force within the party.
    Lets hope the labour caucus chooses the man no -one in the national party wants to lead LABOUR, as CUNLIFFE will wipe the floor with Keys Pizza.

    • I think you may be the one ‘misinformed’ – Cunliffe should in theory have been hot favourite to win this contest as soon as Parker withdrew, but instead he seems to be struggling to get the numbers he needs in caucus.

      If Cunliffe becomes leader his biggest challenges will be to work to gain total support from his own caucus, and from the many voters who have deserted Labour. That will take a lot more than running a negative campaign against National.

  2. robert

     /  11th December 2011

    Actually after the labour meeting in bromley CHCH, it was said that Cunliffe has not once scored a point against English in the Fiscal debates…………..so for that he is a faliure, as they say. it looks more likely that they will choose the humaitarian leader who is rising rapidly within the caucus, & has a BOLD NEW VISION for LABOUR. Im over it all already, & plan to move to Australia, so I can 1/find a job, & 2/ earn real money that goes further………..NZ is a sinking ship, filandering about with ideology that will never be taken seriously, and all for the driven ambition of NEO CONS that seem set on destroying any equality that took 9 years of work, in every aspect of society, except their own upper echelon.
    Corporate greed, Child Poverty, the environment, Housing, & education will all be High on the agenda in 2014 when people will be more informed of the damage that has already been done…………Opps too late again……………Long live democracy.


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