Lowering The Standard

‘Eddie’ at The Standard goes to more depths of political hypiocrisy and cynical racial stirring with Key gets what he wants at Waitangi.

But Key was working on a plan – to stoke up racial dissent at home.

That’s a claim for which you can have no evidence so can be seen as a speculative attack – are you trying to use Waitangi Day to stoke up more of a racial divide?

These people may not be racists themselves but they’re perfectly willing to use racism to win power.

Who’s trying to win power with this post? Using racism.

Is this the sort of thing Fran O’Sullivan was referring to when she wrote this?
“Most posters won’t sign their names to their comments because they are frightened they will be held responsible. They are frankly cowards.”

And the inevitable response:

[lprent: Do you want me to write a post on the subject? While I am at it write one entitled “United Future and it’s fools”. Frankly Fran and you are just talking crap. There is nothing that prevents anyone from writing these posts that just join the dots. You should know – the crap you wrote on your blog and here is full of it. Whaleoil just makes crap up. Live with it.

But don’t attack authors. There wasn’t anything in your comment about the topic. It was a straight attack on Eddie. Banned for 4 weeks. ]

It wasn’t an attack on ‘Eddie’, I don’t know who ‘Eddie’ is, nor what party (or union) ‘Eddie may be associated with. For all I know ‘Eddie’ could be a committee.

I  referred to direct quotes from ‘Eddie’ so the claim that it was nothing about the topic is ludicrous.This is a standard hypocritical response from commenters – and chief moderator – at The Standard where they don’t address the issues being debated, they simply attack the messenger, and threaten and censor by banning.

lprent isn’t anonymous, but the way he uses his power to censor, ban and abuse is as cowardly as anything that goes on at The Standard.

Go ahead and write a post Lyn, it will be quite one-sided now you have banned me. It will thrill your fans. And show you for what you are to anyone else. You can stop people commenting, but you can’t stop people seeing how you operate.

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