Breaking news, Key resigns

First, the breaking news.

It started last night at the top of the TV3 news bulletin, where they revealed a video clip of Key speaking in 2008, before he was elected Prime Minister. Duncan Garner claimed that Key has been misleading New Zealand over the past four years with this speech that no one knew about.

Highlights from Key’s 2008 ‘no job cuts’ speech

This news breaks new ground in a suspiciously timed rehash of something from the term before last.

Surreality TV at it’s finest, but is the news model broken?

And from The Standard, in an unprecedented (since the previous day) plea  – in a post so impassioned it would make a wolf cry – ‘Eddie calls on John Key to resign.

Key’s laundry list of broken promises

Written By: – Date published: 10:58 pm, March 14th, 2012

He must resign. Surely. Here is Key, speaking to the PSA in 2008, making very specific promises about public service jobs, tax cuts, and asset sales that helped him get elected. Promises he has since broken. There’s no excuse. He wasn’t blind-sided by events. He made these promises never intending to keep them.

Key is refusing to comment but if the man has any ethics he’ll resign.

Comments echo. Sayeth the baying bitches of blogs.

So John Key resigns, he resigns himself to having to put up with occasional dramatic society sideshows while he works on perfecting his grin of gratitude – to the media that diverts from the serious stuff, again.

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