Hey David, the troops aren’t listening

David Shearer recently:

I’m not the kind of leader who believes in rival tribes playing ‘gotcha’, where bickering and partisanship are prized. Of course that’s what a lot of people look for. They want to score the game, give points for the best smart remark in Parliament. But that’s not what most New Zealanders want.

After Shearer’s big speech yesterday you’d think the Labour troops would be waxing lyrical about it.

Red Alert’s top billing:

Reflection on Key’s speech

John Key’s speech this afternoon focused on three things: setting yet another set of targets, lowering the cap on the number of people employed in the public service, and creating a new ’super-ministry’.

All of the topics at The Standard today:

Key’s reshuffle bad news for working Kiwis

The reshuffle announced yesterday effectively made Steven Joyce the new Minister of Labour.

Call me paranoid but I’m thinking that putting the Government’s bully-boy in charge of the rights of working Kiwis may not bode well for employment relations over the next few years.

Key’s speech explained

Reorganisation is busy-work for when you can’t think of anything useful to do.

Nats back down from ACC why not asset sales?

National has backed down from privatising ACC’s work account. To make it work, they were going to have to pump up ACC levies and make it pay a dividend to the Crown to make prices high enough for the private sector to compete. A sign of how weak the government is that they couldn’t push this through. Problem is, the same logic applies to asset sales.

National Standards aren’t

The predicted problems created by a “national standards” system are coming home to roost already.

Juking the stats

There’s some odd omissions from Key’s new ’10 targets’. There’s nothing hard. Nothing about closing the gap with Australia, formerly goal number 1. Nothing about creating jobs, despite 170,000 being promised. Nothing about the cycleway that was going to end the recession. It invites a closer look at the 10 targets. And then you discover, they’ll all happen anyway.

Where’s your message Dave?

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