The no plan plan – plainly plonkers

Opposition parties – Labour and Greens seem to have a joint plan – to keep trying to portray National as without any plans. They have continued this from their election campaigning.

Government has no plan to reach goals – Opposition

Opposition parties are dismissing Prime Minister John Key’s targets for the public service, saying the Government has no plan for actually delivering on them.

Mr Key on Thursday outlined a new set of goals for the public service and announced the merger of four Government agencies into a new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The Labour Party says the Prime Minister’s rhetoric does not match the reality.

The Green Party says it is not possible to reduce the crime rate or improve educational outcomes by sacking staff.


I don’t now if this will be successful, but I think it will struggle – probably through to the next election unless the Oppos change their plan.

Just a few hours after Mr Shearer made his speech at the Wellesley Hotel in Wellington, Prime Minister John Key was making his to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. It was delivered with the confidence that comes from office.

Mr Key and his party have a plan; they have detailed priorities.

It doesn’t help when the ‘no plan’ plan is contradicted by reality – things continually actually being done by Government.

David Shearer touched on it a couple of timesd in his speech yesterday.

“And the honest truth is that the economic plan New Zealand is following at the moment has more missing from it than it has in it.”

“Everyone in this room knows the difference between a woolly plan and a rigorously-tested and well-conceived one. I want to arrive in government on Day One with a detailed plan that will actually achieve a shift to a new, job-rich, high-value economy.”

It’s a bit loopy complaining about what the Government is planning to do (anyone remember asset sales?) and at the same time saying they have no plans. While currently expressing no plans of ones own.

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