Clamouring for the execution of Nick Smith

I haven’t looked at the Nick Smith ACC issue in any detail. It’s obvious he’s done something he shouldn’t have done. We’ll find out about now the latest move. Whatever the outcome, this all saddens me.

This is one of the things I like the least about our politics. It makes me think that it’s like a modern equivalent of the crowd clamouring around a scaffold, or malbonfire, or stoning. The pack of fumans turning on one of their own kind.

It’s a party of our ugly side. The thrill of the downfall seems to override any compassion.

Nick Smith, maybe you deserve something, but I don’t think you deserve to be used as today’s entertainment as you are chopped down.

Yeah, I just checked before posting, Nick Smith resigned. And I’m resigned to trying to avoid all the media and internet cheering.

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