National sunk by Missile Boag?

National have big problems, both party internal and in Government. This is largely due to one person, long time power player Michelle Boag.

The latest leak, a letter with a list of 28 which is purported to be a `claims support’ or `advisory team’ for Bronwyn Pullar, is bizarre. It just doesn’t make sense in the real world. It looks more like an excessive and nonsensical case of name dropping. Sovereign Insurance have apparently said the letter and campaign led by Boag damaged Pullar’s case. That wouldn’t be surprising.

John Key has said list is wrong, he was never involved. Jenny Shipley said she ws not aware of any list.

Close Up said Ms Boag told them she did not remember any letter and did not remember writing to Sovereign herself. Yeah, right. Maybe she concocts lists of names all the time to try and push her interests.

Nick Smith is already a casualty of the Boag approach to power patronage.

Judith Collins has been attacked but it looks like she may have avoided being sucked in to the Michele manipulations.

It may be that the future of the current National Government is dependant on a non-MP, Boag.

If Boag has the nous to see what damage she has caused (and that the damage may get much worse), and if she has the humility to front up and accept responsibility for the mess she has made and deal with it, then National may survive this without any more major parliamentary casulaties.

That’s a big IF. Boag has never looked the type to gracefully fall on her own sword. Her arrogant power playing may end up being the Michele that sinks Key’s national.

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