Wilted with wolf wail wantonness

Eddie at The Standard continues to make claims that mostly sound very dubious or at best exaggerated:

Nat Civil War: Collins faction turns on Key

This included statements around a story that someone else was writing Whale Oil’s posts. I (and others) expressed some skepticism and suggested that “Eddie is a bit cheeky accusing others of ghost writing.” He responded with some very flimsy justification that Whale has since refuted.

I’ve responded at The Standard (copied here):

[look mate, the value of a blog like this is not just the non-msm analysis of events but the insight into things that don’t make the msm. As Farrar, interestingly, pointed out the other day on the topic of the ACC scandal, the really interesting stuff is never in writing; there is no physical proof to present..

But there is credibily behind what is being said about it, or not. People who have a history of apparent exaggeration tend to get viewed with skepticism when they write what appears to be exaggerated claims with no evidence.

Now, you don’t have to believe every bit of insider gossip you read, you would be a fool to do so, but dismissing anything of that nature on the grounds of lack of hard proof is also silly.

Dismissing everything is silly, but accepting without question is sillier, especially when it’s said by the opposition. Every bit of insider gossip should be also viewed with a lot of skepticism. Some will be true , some of it exaggerated or slanted, and some will be false.

As for whether the posts could be scheduled -they refer to Thursday’s poll and Slater said he was going away on Friday. So he would have had to write all those posts in the one evening.

That doesn’t seem incredible, you can write quite a bit in an evening.

Also, he said post volume would be down because he wouldn’t have time. And one of the posts refers to being in Havelock North. Lusk is based .there, I understand. Eddie]

You stated “Lusk writing as Whaleoil” based on this? That’s not insider information or gossip, it’s a fairly flimsy assumption. And is turns out, quite probably a false assumption.

Otane and Putorino
by Whaleoil on April 8, 2012

Yesterday I spent the morning writing blog posts…apparently you can’t hunt and blog at the same time…in the afternoon I went back to the vineyard at Otane I was at yesterday and spent the afternoon shooting waxeyes and starlings again.

Before that I picked up some supplies in Hastings.

While Whale could be lying and fabricating a detailed story that seems quite plausible. If you build one story around an easily refuted fact it raises the skepticism factor on the rest, if unsubstantiated.

You’ve made many statements as claims and accusations on the ACC/Pullar story. Some may well turn out to be correct (a Winston Peters scattergun ratio maybe) but I think there’s good reason to expect a low hit rate.

Wilted with wolf wail wantonness.

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  1. Vaughan

     /  April 8, 2012

    It is well known that Cameron Slater hates Michelle Boag. Boag bet his father convincingly in the National Party presidential elections in 2001. John Slater was humiliated and that upset Cameron to see his Father so affected. He has had a personal vendetta against Boag lasting more than a decade.

    It is also well known that Cameron Slater had problems with his insurance claim around 2009. He got depressed, his insurer covered him for a while, he got kicked off claim and the insurance company ultimately stopped paying him. Slater ended up losing his house and became a WINZ beneficiary. Slater flat broke had only one option left – to blog about his own insurance problems hoping they would settle. They didn’t – the insurer choose to ignore him. Slater now awaits his time in court. Maybe Slater is jealous of Pullar because Boag got her insurance claim sorted whereas he didn’t.

    Slater loves Judith Collins who he acknowledges is a very good mate. He wants Collins to be the next Leader of National and Prime Minister of New Zealand. He’ll do anything to promote Collins, including trying to destroy John Key and those associated with him in the process.

    Combine Pullar’s insurance success, an ACC claim gone wrong under Collins ministerialship, and Boag’s presidential campaign success against Slater’s father and you have a toxic emotional basis for Slater’s ultimate revenge to assist Collins.

    Add in Slater’s tendency to lie and fabricate stories e.g., where recently he’d denied communicating to Phil Kitchin only for correspondence to emerge, and anything is liable to happen.

    Slater will happily destroy some in order to promote others. From day one Slater/Lusk ran anti Pullar Boag stories to promote and protect Collins.

    After all isn’t that what the Slater/Lusk dream team is all about?