Have pro PPL people helped condemn it?

In a slow news week the instant answer mainstream and social medias made Paid Parental Leave a big issue. It didn’t take long for options for halting the bill to be examined and publicised.

Did this hand National the NO option on a plate?

Yesterday Bill English said that National would veto the Paid Parental Leave bill at the third reading. That’s as good as a death sentence, perhaps a year before the execution.

How much of a factor have political pundits and media (MSM and social) been? Have pro PPL pundits precipitated the bill’s futile future?

Perhaps it was inevitable. A bill that imposes significant costs on the Government budget will probably always struggle to get throught, especially in times of major fiscal restraint. And the political media and blog punditry can’t help themselves from trying to find and demand instant answers.

Could it have worked any differently?

What if the bill had been drawn during a busy political news time and was mostly ignored.

In time it would have been introduced to parliament, and quite possibly voted to the committee stage. More time, the pros and cons being discussed and weighed up without political promotion and emotion.

Nine or twelve months later it may have made it to the third reading, possibly similar to it’s introduced proposals, possibly modified with different costs and an extended phase in timeframe to allow for a sluggish economy.

By the third reading, probably next year, the economic outlook may be looking much better. Starting to nervously eye the 2014 election and with less justification to be miserly National may have found it very difficult to stand in the way of the PPL.

Yesterday the punditry, pushing for their usual instant answers, made it easy for Bill English squash the PPL. All he had to do was claim tough times with a very tight budget. Next year National may have found their position much more awkward.

But the impatience of the MS and social medias handed National a NO option on a plate.

It probably couldn’t have happened any differently, you can’t control mass media and stop them launching into potentially counter productive publicity, it’s just what they do.

But we can all play a part in the end result. And often it’s not what we wanted.

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