Michael Laws to be Sterilisation Selector chief?

Or just mischief.

Ratings time must be due in radioland. Michael Laws is at his attention seeking best (or worst):

Stop feckless mums having more kids

One of the great moral disasters of our time is that our society lets inadequate people have children. In fact, it doesn’t just allow the pathetic to become parents, it positively encourages it.

We do so through a social welfare system originally designed to stop such folk starving on the streets. Now we encourage the feckless and the failed to reproduce themselves.

That’s really trying to appeal to a demographic.

But oh no, it’s better to let people breed than do the right thing. Sterilise them. Failing that, pay them not to breed. Stop them from ever having children.

Laws doesn’t give details about how this might be done. Of course he knows it can’t be done in a decent society. But he doesn’t get ratings boosts from decent people.

This is the crazy consequence of surmising and supposing that having a child is an inalienable right. It is time to say, that it is not. Society has a duty to determine the calibre and character of its future generations. And that right is greater.

Laws would never put himself in a position of chief Selection Selector. And he doesn’t wear a Brown Shirt. He just promotes his brown arm, to stir up hate so he can rate.

At his most disgraceful.

Talkback doesn’t get so excited about teaching better parenting skills and family planning.

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