Cunliffe rebellion?

After David Cunlife’s “visionary” speech yesterday there’s been some interesting comments emerging atThe Standard, where they seem to be very split on Labour leadership, with a definite Cunliffe faction and lukewarm support for Shearer.

Some of the comments:

“I understand there’s another speech coming up from David on the economy and the environment.”

“Make sure you are there for the next one. It’s going to keep electrifying the base, and at some point these kinds of these will be launched into broader audiences as well.”

“Cunliffe is the defacto Leader of the Labour Party.”

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter in this context because Cunliffe just crossed the line. He is either now officially challenging Shearer or he has just betrayed the activists that have so much faith in him.”

“Cunliffe is miles away from the path being set by the current leadership. This is Cunliffe challenging the status quo.”

“What Cunliffe has done here is define a position. This places pressure on others in Labour to consider where they stand in relation to it. At the same time, it undermines attempts to sidestep revealing a position by making non-committal sympathetic noises.”

“This is one speech, but it’s the speech we’ve been waiting for.”

For Cunliffe to start promoting his own “vision” it suggests that neither him or Shearer are pulling the strings within Labour

There’s a new “experimental” website to go with it: New Lynn Labour Party
– I wonder if the experiment is to see if “Lynn” is required or not.

Uncoincidentally, “top Auckland Labour Party official, Greg Presland, who blogged last Wednesday praising David Cunliffe” is also the same person promoting the website.

About: This is the campaign website for New Lynn Labour and David Cunliffe. It is a prototype at this stage so we can try out Nationbuilder software.

Maybe using “Nationbuilder” software for an electorate website is a coincidence.

And some comment from DIM-Post:

“The speech is a critique of neo-liberal economic policy, wedded to a revisionist theory that voters didn’t support Labour in 2011 because they were a party of neo-liberalism (even though they actually ran on a very left-wing policy platform, mostly copied from the Green Party.)”

And thats why Cunliffe won’t be the Saviour.. he starts his campaign with a lie. The way he’s positioning himself looks more like Jim Anderton and Winston before they split from their respective parties.

There has been a bit of talk about whether Cunliffe might split off his own party. Maybe that’s Plan B, if Plan A doesn’t work.


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