‘Disappointment’ over National War Memorial protest

Not surprisingly there’s “disappointment” over the National War Memorial being desecrated for political protest. I’d use a different word.

From Newstalk ZB:

There’s disappointment over a political protest in Wellington this morning.

A group opposed to the Government’s partial asset sales programme tied a banner to the National War Memorial that said ‘No Asset Sales.’

The Memorial’s Curator Paul Riley says it wasn’t the right location for the protest.

“It’s a sacred place the National War Memorial and it certainly is not the place to go around putting banners on scaffolding for a political cause. We’re trying to put security measures in place now to prevent it happening again.”

Mr Riley says the banner was pulled down just after 7am by contractors working on renovations to the building.

Wellington police have been notified of the incident.

War Memorials are representative of graves of many New Zealanders who fought and died for our country, and of many others who served and suffered.

It’s very sad to see a need for guarding our memorials from offensive vandals.

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