MPs on ‘gotcha’ politics

I am contacting all MPs and asking the following:

Do you support “gotcha” politics where attacks and accusations are made to try and damage parties and to discredit and potentially end the careers of fellow MPs? Yes/No?

A comment is welcome. This will be published online.

NOTE: The question refers to what is beyond holding Government and parties to account, it is negative politics aimed at scoring political points and inflicting political damage regardless of the personal consequences and regardless of the reasonable democratic process.

Voters elect MPs and choose preferred parties. It should not be up to party strategists and dirty tricks operatives to try and determine who they want to be forced out of their place in our House of Representatives.

I will post all responses here.

Name Party Yes/No Comment
Adams, Amy NAT
Ardern, Jacinda LAB
Ardern, Shane NAT
Auchinvole, Chris NAT
Bakshi, Kanwaljit Singh NAT
Banks, John ACT
Barry, Maggie NAT
Bennett, David NAT
Bennett, Paula NAT
Blue, Jackie NAT
Borrows, Chester NAT
Bridges, Simon NAT
Browning, Steffan GRE
Brownlee, Gerry NAT
Calder, Cam NAT
Carter, David NAT
Chauvel, Charles LAB
Clark, David LAB
Clendon, David GRE No Personality driven politics  based on personal attacks is seldom helpful and can further alienate people from the political process..  There is a responsibility to reveal and critique behaviour that does not meet the standards that people might reasonably expect of MPs, but in general we should seek common ground where possible, and debate policy differences otherwise, but steer clear of point scoring and denigration.
Coleman, Jonathan NAT
Collins, Judith NAT
Cosgrove, Clayton LAB
Cunliffe, David LAB
Curran, Clare LAB
Dalziel, Lianne LAB
Dean, Jacqui NAT
Delahunty, Catherine GRE
Dunne, Peter UF NO Most certainly not. There is plenty of substance in the issues to be debated, without descending to gutter politics.
Dyson, Ruth LAB
English, Bill NAT
Faafoi, Kris LAB
Fenton, Darien LAB
Finlayson, Christopher NAT
Flavell, Te Ururoa MAO
Foss, Craig NAT
Genter, Julie Anne GRE
Goff, Phil LAB
Goldsmith, Paul NAT
Goodhew, Jo NAT
Graham, Kennedy GRE
Groser, Tim NAT
Guy, Nathan NAT
Hague, Kevin GRE No Certainly not as an end in its own right, although it is important to hold Government and Members (particularly Ministers) to account for their behaviour. For example, it was legitimate to expose Ministers who misused their credit cards or used parliamentary travel for personal business interests. It was legitimate to expose a Minister who intervened inappropriately in the case of a friend dealing with a department that was accountable to him. It would not be legitimate to publicise the fact that an MP was having an extra-marital affair, as this would have nothing to do with that MP’s performance of his or her role.
Harawira, Hone MAN
Hayes, John NAT
Heatley, Phil NAT
Henare, Tau NAT
Hipkins, Chris LAB
Horan, Brendan NZF
Horomia, Parekura LAB
Hughes, Gareth GRE
Huo, Raymond LAB
Hutchison, Paul NAT
Jones, Shane LAB
Joyce, Steven NAT
Kaye, Nikki NAT
Key, John NAT
King, Annette LAB
King, Colin NAT
Lee, Melissa NAT
Lees-Galloway, Iain LAB
Little, Andrew LAB
Logie, Jan GRE
Lotu-Iiga, Peseta Sam NAT
Macindoe, Tim NAT
Mackey, Moana LAB
Mahuta, Nanaia LAB
Mallard, Trevor LAB
Martin, Tracey NZF No
Mathers, Mojo GRE
McClay, Todd NAT
McCully, Murray NAT
McKelvie, Ian NAT
Mitchell, Mark NAT
Moroney, Sue LAB
Ngaro, Alfred NAT
Norman, Russel GRE
O’Connor, Damien LAB
O’Connor, Simon NAT
O’Rourke, Denis NZF
Parata, Hekia NAT
Parker, David LAB
Peters, Winston NZF
Prasad, Rajen LAB
Prosser, Richard NZF  No  See below
Robertson, Grant LAB
Robertson, Ross LAB
Roche, Denise GRE
Ross, Jami-Lee NAT
Roy, Eric NAT
Ryall, Tony NAT
Sabin, Mike NAT
Sage, Eugenie GRE
Shanks, Katrina NAT
Sharples, Pita MAO
Shearer, David LAB
Simpson, Scott NAT
Sio, Su’a William LAB
Smith, Lockwood NAT
Smith, Nick NAT
Stewart, Barbara NZF
Street, Maryan LAB
Taylor, Asenati NZF
Tirikatene, Rino LAB
Tisch, Lindsay NAT
Tolley, Anne NAT
Tremain, Chris NAT
Turei, Metiria GRE
Turia, Tariana MAO
Twyford, Phil LAB
Upston, Louise NAT
Wagner, Nicky NAT
Walker, Holly GRE
Wall, Louisa LAB
Wilkinson, Kate NAT
Williams, Andrew NZF
Williamson, Maurice NAT
Woodhouse, Michael NAT
Woods, Megan LAB
Yang, Jian NAT
Young, Jonathan NAT

Richard Prosser:

No I don’t support it.

Whilst there are, by definition and indeed of necessity, always going to be
differences of opinion and philosophy in politics, it behoves us as Parliamentarians
to play the ball and not the man (or woman), and to address such differences, and
attempt to influence policy, through reasoned debate and by keeping an open mind,
and above all by having regard to the wishes of the voting public and the best
interests of the nation.

While we may not agree with the views or positions of any particular Member or
Party, it has to be remembered that most MPs enter Parliament with genuinely held
beliefs and with honourable intentions, and we owe it to the future of our
Parliamentary democracy to respect that fact.

Beyond holding Members and Parties to account as regards their current and intended
actions, and their present and past indications of character, we have a duty to be
fair in our dealings, and to conduct our affairs in the dignified manner which the
public has a right to expect.

Best regards

Richard Prosser

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