Richard Prosser: statement on MP ethics

MPs were asked “Do you support ‘gotcha’ politics?” where attacks and accusations are made to try and damage parties and to discredit and potentially end the careers of fellow MPs?

Richard Prosser, first term list MP for New Zealand First,  replied:

No I don’t support it.

Whilst there are, by definition and indeed of necessity, always going to be differences of opinion and philosophy in politics, it behoves us as Parliamentarians to play the ball and not the man (or woman), and to address such differences, and attempt to influence policy, through reasoned debate and by keeping an open mind, and above all by having regard to the wishes of the voting public and the best interests of the nation.

While we may not agree with the views or positions of any particular Member or Party, it has to be remembered that most MPs enter Parliament with genuinely held beliefs and with honourable intentions, and we owe it to the future of our Parliamentary democracy to respect that fact.

Beyond holding Members and Parties to account as regards their current and intended actions, and their present and past indications of character, we have a duty to be fair in our dealings, and to conduct our affairs in the dignified manner which the public has a right to expect.

Best regards

Richard Prosser

An excellent statement on MP ethics and behaviour so posted here in full. Richard Prosser links:

The New Zealand First website is currently undergoing a redesign so is offline.

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