Submissions against asset sales

Over the last few weeks the the Finance and Expenditure Committee has been hearing many submissions on the Mixed Ownership Model Bill. Most if not all have been against the bill and are against asset sales. There have been a lot of curious reasons against the sales.

Labour led from early on with the overworn “selling the family silver” cliche. My family has some silver we won’t consider selling, but I am currently selling some family assets, the proceeds of which will go towards reducing our mortgage.

Yesterday’s submissions saw one of the most bizarre metaphors – asset sales are like eating your last hen. Here’s a compiled list (as tweeted by Labour MP for Dunedin North, @davidclarknz)

  • #assetsales like eating your last egg-laying hen. Satisfying for a couple of meals, but stupid long-term
  • Submitter points to risks of privatisation of public goods. Cites overseas #assetsales EGs of profit maximisation and resulting civil unrest
  • Grey Power submits that there is no doubt people will die from cold because of this bill #assetsales
  • Selling coffee machine to pay mortgage on cafe #assetsales #engineroomofeconomy
  • Partial-privatisation is like partial-pregnancy #assetsales
  • Submitter: #assetsales is like selling your kidneys to get a blood transfusion
  • Submitter suggests govts #assetsales plan is akin to selling the roof to pay to fix a leak
  • @DavidClarkNZ – Maybe we need to get Maui to pull up some new land for a new country? : (

There havebeen others in the past, I’ll add more as I see there

Another tweet from yesterday:

Every time someone retweets @DavidClarkNZ into my time line, I see his profile pic and assume its a paid tweet from KFC’s Colonel

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