Why didn’t TV3 interview David Parker?

The TV3 “Labour muzzles Cunliffe” story from the weekend continues. That’s now four days of coverage of a story about Cunliffe not being interviewd. It’s hard to imagine what coverage it would have generated if Cunliffe had fronted up. It has included:

  • an opening to The Nation on Saturday morning talking about Cunliffe being muzzled
  • the same story, and expanded, on Sunday morning’s repeat
  • prominent coverage on TV3 news on Sunday night
  • a repeat story on TV3 news on Monday night
  • an interview with Chris Trotter on Firstline on Tuesday morning

Last nights “news” did clarify one very odd aspect of the story – why didn’t The Nation interview someone else from Labour?

Row over Cunliffe’s absence on TV show

(Monday night, TV3 news)

On Wednesday Mr Cunliffe says he is interested but says it must stay on economic issues.

The Nation agrees in writing to that deal.

But Mr Cunliffe says he has to run it by the “Labour’s media and top team”.

He did and by Thursday last week – they stopped him appearing, saying David Parker was the man to speak to about Budget and economic issues.

But Mr Cunliffe says it was a team decision and Mr Shearer says it was Cunliffe’s.

“I consulted – we reached a team decision we offered our finance spokesman to talk about Budget issues it appeared to be a broader interview than economic development,” Mr Cunliffe says.

“I didn’t stop David Cunliffe appearing it was his own decision,” Mr Shearer says.

This sheds new light on what happened – it is now apparent that Labour wanted David Parker to do the interview.

Why didn’t TV3 interview Parker on The Nation?

Why did TV3 instead make it sound like Labour’s doing that no one from the party appeared.

Did Tv3 muzzle David Parker because he didn’t fit their story? Or do they have a better explanation?

I’ve attempted to get an explanatyion from TV3 but so far nothing.

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