Davison: time to talk (Euthanasia)

Sean Davison has written a  letter to the editor of ODT, repeating that it’s a time to talk, and thinks it’s also time for a law change.

Time to talk about dying

One of the main reasons to publish was to open the public’s eyes to the issues surrounding the deaths of our loved ones and encourage debate on a change in the law. Society is now embracing issues that have previously been uncomfortable to deal with such as sexuality, homosexuality, contraception, Aids, abortion and drug abuse.

These are no longer taboo subjects for dinner table and classroom discussions and this opening up has surely resulted in a better educated and more understanding society.

I believe we are now ready to discuss the complex issues around death and dying. By openly discussing these issues, it also helps prepare us for death and may make us less afraid. Death is something we all must face.

I believe there is public support for a law change and I hope our politicians will take notice. New Zealand has led the world in social and cultural reform. Now I believe we are ready to lead the world in dealing with this complex issue.

The issue of voluntary euthanasia is a challenge to the whole human race and is one of the greatest challenges facing our humanity.

It is a challenge to get the right balance of free choice of how people die while protecting them from pressure to make a decision. It cam be a very emotive topic, but one a modern society should be able to handle sensibly.

Labour MP Maryan Street’s End of Life Choice Bill is still being worked on, and once in the members bill ballot would have to be drawn if it was to be dealt with by Parliament.

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