Mallard retirement – 2040?

Trevor Mallard indicated yesterday he is mid way through his career.

Trevor Mallard
17 May 2012 at 4:00 pm

Me final term who suggested that ? Midpoint of career more like it. Was involved in discussion in relation to one of my predecessors Walter Nash yesterday. Good precedent.

Mallard was first elected to parliament in 1984, twenty eight years ago. Doubling that would see him retire in 2040, when he’s 86 years old – the age Walter Nash was when he died in office. Nash was in parliament for 39 years and included a term as Prime Minister. If Mallard stays on as promised it would mean his career would span 56 years.

This means there’s plenty of time to find Mallard to serve defamation papers.

It appears that voters haven’t yet been consulted on their intentions for the next three decades.

Labour stalwarts hoping their party can recover and rebuild have not commented.

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  1. RightNow

     /  21st May 2012

    28 more years in opposition for Labour then. He should be called Trevor Albatross.

  2. I really can’t stand Mallard, he is a bully and holds the Labour party back. Someone please find him something else to do with his talents, like being a prison guard or a seal-clubber.


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