Budget – wait until Friday

So it’s budget day.

We’ve already seen a string of early announcements from the Government. As is normal.

The journos are guessing and analysing those guesses. And they’ve been talking up “public interest” stories about people and families who might hope for a lottery win type policy dream.

DPF at Kiwiblog is talking about how he will scan the numbers as soon as he can fit it in and explains his Budget coverage.

As does Keeping Stock: Budget Day – 24 May 2012

At the Standard they are franticallytrying to talk things up and talk things down, making condemnations in advance in scathing reviews and previews. Yawn.

This drip feed of anticipation will continue for the morning and early afternoon.

And then the creeping tweets will begin, followed by the breaking news headlines telling us what we already knew,  with a few new tidbits. There may even be a relatively big surprise or two.Sort of.

This will continue through the day. And it wull be uberanalysed through the evening.

And I’ll keep a bit of an eye on it but won’t get too excited. Bill English doesn’t spend it all in one day.

Tomorrow morning I’ll get up and have a look around, and I should start to find the useful analysis done after the excitement has calmed down, the more considered opinions beyond the headlines.

Bill English will sound boringly sensible, John Key will be relaxed, David Shearer will try to sound like he knows something, and Russel Norman will claim chicken to National’s egg.

David Farrar at Kiwiblog will have some considered comments by then. And Eddie at The Standard will be saying he’d told us so already, National are naff, Key has to resign, English should return to Dipton, and he/she probably won’t say anything about David Shearer but may mention another David who ight comment on financial matters.

The Government will keep borrowing and the Opposition will keep criticising, the blogs will keep buzzing and bellowing and belching brickbats. And I’ll chug away on just another day.

A useful number to remember is 1/366.


  1. Quentin Todd

     /  May 25, 2012

    What is 1/366?

    • One day of a leap year. There’s much media focus on budget day but it’s only a part of a whole.