Green democracy bum about face

The Green Party seems at times to have reverse ideas of practicing democracy.

They seem to view our democracy and parliament as something to server their amibitions and ideals, rather than them serving the ambitions and ideals of their constituents.

They are strong supporters of a List MPs only approach, claiming that the issues they champion apply to the whole country therefore apply to a country wide constituency (although I suspect if they had a realistic chance of winning any electorates they’d change that view).

That’s fair enough, under our MMP they can focus on whatever way they like to participate in parliament.

But I wonder if this approach leads them to reverse democracy, where they think everything revolves around their policies and they can cherry pick a constituency that agrees with them and then try and apply them to everyone.

Shouldn’t a whole country constituency involve representing as many people as possible? Or do the Greens have such strong belief in the their policies that they should apply to everyone?

An overconfidence in lefteousness can appear as an arrogance of ideals as they blind themselves inside their own made bubble. Where they think the people must listen to them rather than them listening to the people.

To me that is democracy bum about face.

This is further illustrated by their approach to parliamentary process, where they think Parliamentary Services are available to them to run campaigns, as indicated by Green Party use (and abuse?) of “support staff” and Greens are using taxpayer funds for CIR petition.

Here they have been seeking employees (taxpayer paid) to run an extension and escalation of their election campaign. A comment from Kiwi in America:

The issue is that the taxpayers are not supposed to be on the hook for the political campaigns of political parties aside from the transparent grants they get for campaign spending. Are you blind to, or just blithefully ignorant of, history?

The whole Labour Party pledge card rort revolved around this issue. Labour used tax payer funds meant for running Labour’s parliamentary offices (received from Parliamentary Services) for campaigning purposes – something forbidden by the Electoral Act.

The Greens are using their Parliamentary Services bulk funding (that taxpayers pay for) to pay the wages of people hired for a specific political campaign purpose – in this case raising signatures for a CIR about the partial SOE share floats. How much more blatantly political can you get?

Greens seem to think resources are available for them to campaign on their issues as they see fit, rather than to represent the people.

They seem to think a Citizen Initiated Referenda is a tool for them to oppose Government policies – I thought it was more intended as a means of citizens to lobby parliament, not for parliamentarians to lobby people to build suport for their opposing campaigns

Greens seem to me to have democracy bum about face.

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