Journalists (and columnists) Advancing Debate About Super Solutions

 Alex Tarrant  interest.co.nz Super age policies: What the different political parties say about whether to raise the Super age, and if so, when
Georgina Bond NBR ONLINE POLL: Massive support for pension age change
Should the age of entitlement for state-funded superannuation be raised from 65 to 70, gradually, from 2020 onwards?
Yes – 81%
No – 19 %
Matthew Hooten NBR John Key’s cunning super plan?
For his part, Mr Key has begun making elliptical statements of his own, saying National has “kicked the tyres” on whether to revisit the promise, hardly an indication it remains absolutely sacrosanct.
While National is formally sticking to the promise for now, government MPs and ministers no longer even bother to defend it and it is unthinkable that Mr Key is really as economically reckless as his public statements suggest. More likely, we are seeing the first stages of a gradual climb down.
David Farrar NZ Herald National’s Super problem
…the stance on superannuation is the chink in National’s armour.
Fran O’Sullivan NZ Herald Key sidesteps that old, old problem again
John Key’s Government would rather play the game of “pass the fiscal time bomb” than confront the real financial pressures that will beggar future New Zealand generations.That’s the harsh takeout from the Prime Minister’s decision to (yet again) put off the day when a New Zealand Government has to foreshadow the introduction of policies to deal with its long-term liabilities.
Jason Krup Stuff Daily Business Paying for the grey tsunami
So far, the leadership needed to steer this debate has yet to emerge from either industry or Government, leaving just two short years until the first waters of the retirement crisis start lapping at the country’s ankles.
Duncan Garner TV3 Key’s superannuation position must change
John Key’s entrenched position not to touch the age of eligibility for New Zealand superannuation is unsustainable. He’s simply putting off a decision that must be made.
Dion Tuuta Taranaki Daily News Retirement law change well overdue
While I can understand where the Maori Party is coming from in their desire for fairness, my preference would be for them to do some work on developing constructive policy which has an effect on raising the average Maori life expectancy, so that Maori could enjoy the benefits of superannuation.
Because the reality is that whether the retirement age is 65 or 60, New Zealand’s superannuation model is unsustainable.
As Shearer himself noted, there are 5.6 working people for every retired person currently living.In less than 30 years – well within the lifetime of my children – that will more than halve to about 2.5 working people for each retired person. On this basis, there just won’t be enough working people to support the retired.
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