Class size revision – Super next?

Hekia Parata and National have done the right thing by listening to the cacophony of opposition to and advice on their attempted class size re-arrangement.

They reverted to common sense. It would be good if they could now patch up Government-teacher relatinships and work together towards the best options and outcomes for the kids.

Now National have shown they can listen and readjust their policies, maybe they can have another listen to the huge wall of opinion urging them to look at the Super issue.

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  1. robertguyton

     /  8th June 2012

    Reverted to commonsense? Where were they then, in fairyland? They were trying to ram their ideological programme through the education world and only stopped when the public bristled and looked to tear Parata and Key’s throat out. Commonsense? No, Pete. They retreated in fear, having changed not one whit. They won’t learn either and we will have to do it again and again. Asset sales next. You and Dunne will be loathed for your actions here.


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