ACC inquiry essential

There are too many obvious problems and unanswered questions regarding ACC. Minister Judith Collins has inherited a decade or more of unresolved issues. She must surely address this with an inquiry into the management, culture, privacy and direction of ACC.

Last night TV3 had a report on ACC which featured an interview with Bronwyn Pullar.

The Eye of the Storm

Secret tapes, threats and a minister’s resignation. At the centre of the ACC privacy fiasco is the whistleblower, Bronwyn Pullar.

That confirmed some of the concerns and raised more. Eyebrows, already raised, have been elevated across the political spectrum. Demands for action have already begun.

Kevin Hague says ACC chairman John Judge should be removed after a television interview with Bronwyn…

What ACC does and how it does it has a huge impact on the lives of many injury victims.

The lack of security of private information does not look incompetent, it looks bizarrely incompetent at best. One monumental blunder might be excusable – if it is seen to be dealt with properly. But instead it seems to be a continuing line of basic balls-ups. Unless it’s worse than that.

Judith Collins needs to act quickly and decisively to address the serious issues surrounding ACC. Otherwise it won’t just be ACC “clients” needing rehabilitation, it will be Collins’ career, and the National Government.

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