Shearer correct calling for Super debate, so far wrong approach

David Shearer is again calling for:  “a genuine, open and honest discussion about how we can continue to afford to provide New Zealanders with financial support when they retire.”

I agree with that. It needs to be a wide ranging cross-party and inside-outside parliament discussion.

But how genuine is Shearer? In his latest call for discussion he also says:

“It’s not good enough for John Key to say that he’s worried about governing for today and somehow the future will look after itself.”

If Shearer is genuine about the need for non-partisan debate he needs to leave the political point scoring out of his “requests”.

No response from Shearer

And Shearer doesn’t seem willing to engage in genuine discussion on Super. Several times I have emailed him offering to join him in a campaign for Super discussion.

I have had one reply from his office:

“I am writing on behalf of David Shearer , Leader of the Labour Party,  to acknowledge your email.”

A Labour MP has also said they have passed on my offer to Shearer.

He has not yet  replied.

So I am publicly offering to join David Shearer in initiating cross-party, cross-media discussions on the future of NZ Super.

I await his response.

Pete George
027 327 3468

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