Sorting out Super – what now?

We should start the discussion now. National may choose to stay out of it for now, but they will have to join at some stage.

Suggested progress:

  • Involve all willing parties and any groups and organisations with an interest in the future of NZ Super in discussion and proposal of policies.
  • Open it to wide public discussion.
  • Gather as much information and opinion as possible.
  • National and United Future have a Confidence and Supply commitment to public discussion on flexi-super – this can be used to develop the Super debate further.
  • In time for next election campaign have a commitment from all (willing) parties on the future direction of NZ Super and a timeframe for dealing with it.
  •  Include NZ Super in parliamentary business early in the next term (first half of 2015)

Let’s make it happen. Starting now.


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  1. I have two concerns: Why now for this change in age legibility? It would seem that the change in demographics has made this a political charged debate. Fair enough. So what statistics will help us? Mapping this is a priority if not done already. I will see what I can find.

    The second concern: Why is there such a resistance to both sides of this debate? It would seem to me that there is a fear in government over spiraling costs of maintaining Superannuation. Fair enough. But Flexi-Super would make this problem painless because it would be spread out more evenly. Maybe someone from an economics point of view would like to share the point of spreading the money.


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