Gareth Morgan on environmentalism

A pertinent post from Keeping Stock: Gareth rips the Greens

Gareth Morgan has given the Green Party the most extraordinary of bollockings; TVNZ reports:

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Gareth Morgan has taken a swipe at the Green Party and some conservationists.He says that the majority of New Zealanders see them as “lefties”, “extremists” or “nutters,” which in the long run is holding back their cause of protecting the environment.”We still have a Green Party that refuses to go into coalition with National. What the hell is that about? Is this a party concerned with conservation? Or is it a far-left group using conservation as a Trojan horse for another agenda?”
Morgan asks a very good question here. We’ve long suspected that the Greens are little more than a whole lot of agendas thinly disguised as a political party. They leap on every bandwagon going.

Gareth Hughes is a prime example. He’s the Greens’ social media king. He’s always tweeting about going to a meeting on fracking here, and going to a meeting on asset sales there, and we can only wonder at the size of his carbon footprint. It seems that he has been seduced by the riches of free travel (actually, it’s travel paid for by you and we) and other benefits available to him.

And sometimes he goofs. He was bragging on Facebook and Twitter the other day about attending a protest at Parliament; you know the one; the People Power Ohariu one, where perhaps 40 people turned up. He was oddly silent when we enquired politely why he hadn’t posted a photograph, as he often does.

Morgan was not finished however:

At Forest and Bird’s conference, Face up to the Future, Morgan also took aim at some conservationist groups he calls the “green extreme” or “loony left”.In particular, he says that their opposition to mining and fracking is not evidence-based, and fails to consider employment and the economy.”If you’re pro-conservation the problem here is you’re increasingly being regarded as anti-economic growth. That is not a constructive position to take. It needlessly alienates huge numbers of people,” Morgan said.

He’s dead right; we know what the Greens are against, but what are they actually FOR? And sometimes their statements are awfully confused; Green MP Eugenie Sage illustrated that precisely yesterday in the same story:

The Green Party says it considered a coalition deal with National, but the parties are incompatible on many environmental issues.”We’ve seen National’s agenda to sell off assets, to have a drill it, mine it, irrigate it resource extraction policy. That goes to the heart of nature. The Green Party is about a sound economy based on a healthy environment,” Green Party MP Eugenie Sage said.

Quite how the sale of a minority shareholding in several state-owned enterprises is an environmental issue is completely beyond us. The again; we don’t look at the world through Green-tinted glasses!

But Gareth Morgan is dead right; for all the good work that they are doing, they are a long way from becoming a mainstream party, and the old story of the Trojan Horse should be a very sobering reminder to us all.

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