Labour social media censorship

I’ve had mixed experiences on the Labour MP’s blog, Red Alert. Sometimes comments disappear into a big red hole, never to be seen again.

This started happening a few weeks ago so I didn’t try posting there again until recently.

David Clark, my local electorate MP, posted his weekly By The Numbers.

I noticed an innaccurate attack on Peter Dunne so I commented with a clarification. That led to a few exchanges and I was able to respond several times.

Then comments were made repeating false accusations, including:

al1ens says:

Fact is, before the election, Dunne said he wouldn’t support the sale of the assets.

That’s false, as I had already pointed out and linked to proof of it. I tried to respond to refute, but my comments started disappearing into the Big Red Hole. I tried a simple text comment that shouldn’t be picked up by spam detection. I waited. Nothing appeared.

Other people were able to continue commenting, such as a diatribe at me including mild insults:

bbfloyd says:

@little pete… thanks go to you, and moneyk for confirming every statement i’ve been forced to make regarding that excuse for a political party….


I have tried responding, but my comments disappear as soon as I Submit the comment.

This is very poor form from Red Alert. Common blog protocol is to warn if comments are unacceptable, and advise of any edits, deletions or bans.

But this amounts to what appears to be silent censorship. If that’s the case it’s very dishonest behaviour.

And it is more concerning that I can’t comment on a blog by my own Member of Parliament (who noticeably has not partipated in the forum after making his initial accusations.

I’ll email David, and also Clare Curran who is also a local MP and has an active involvement in Red Alert, and seek clarification. There may be a simple explanation.

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