Labour caucus or Labour circus?

I’m very surprised David Shearer has put his name to this:

In case you can’t see the fine print:

Authorised by David Shearer, MP
Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Shearer may not be the ringmaster, but he has nailed his name to the circus. He needs to be careful about which hat might stick.

It is misleading to the point of blatant doshonesty. Very unprofessional leadership.

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  1. Mad Mary

     /  26th June 2012

    The nasty nats would sell their granmother if they could.

    • Funny, at the last DN Nth election meeting I said Nats would sell their grandmother to China, it was in humourous Letterman style end to the campaign.

      But there’s been no secret recordings of English saying that’s what would happen, and not even David Shearer or Russel Norman are claiming it’s on the cards.

  2. Mad Mary

     /  26th June 2012

    Pass the lemons Pete

  3. nanageeup

     /  26th June 2012

    In Sth Dunedin what we don’t know we make up. Bugger the National toadies.

  4. ThE LiSp

     /  27th June 2012




  5. Ed

     /  27th June 2012

    The only disappointing part I could see was the lack of acknowledgement of significant part played by ACT and United Future, without whom none the asset sales could not have happened. John Key has been similarly disappointing in not pointing out how grateful he must be to those two support parties – it is almost as if he takes them for granted, isn’t it?

    • I’m sure there will be a bit of taking for granted, but when you need both their votes you can’t do that too much.

      United Future proved a point by holding National to their word of maintaining 51% crown ownership, after they tried to relax that to voting rights only.

  6. wisewoman

     /  27th June 2012

    Standing up for United Future is delusional. Saying they proved their point by making Nactional stick to 51% – what point? It’s like saying I set the body on fire, but kept the belly button because it may be useful.

    • Thanks, another weird anology for the library. Innaccurate, but funny.

      There’s not much chance of the power companies going up in smoke. They’ll still be here, as will most of the ownership, control, and profits.

  1. Now the asset bill has passed… « Your NZ

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